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We Own The Debt

November 30, 2009

The American Thinker had a great piece on the national debt the other day and an interesting figure in there showed the American people being owed the lions share of the money via social insecurity and medicare. The post is called “Graph of the Day for November 30, 2009” by Randall Hoven. It showed the current debt at $11.5 trillion and the American people were owed $4.3 trillion. Foriegners only held $3.3 trillion. Gee, I feel so much better with this information. See the post below.

Through The Constitution

November 30, 2009

I hear a lot of things spit out there followed by the phrase “it’s in the Constitution”. Well, is it really? Do you know? I hold in my hand a book titled “The Constitution of the United States” and I would like to write a series of posts in which we will go through this book and at the end you will know what’s in it. I will assume that my readers are totally unaware of this document so we will start at the beginning and we will analyze it as we go.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

This is known as the preamble, defined as “an introduction to something, as a law, which states the purpose and reasons for the matter which follows”. We the People of the United States. Delegates were sent to a central location to act on behalf of the people. In Order to form a more perfect Union. This is the “Union” that is often refered to as in the Union army. Thirteen colonies bound together. They wanted to form a more perfect one than any before. Establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare. Domestic, common, general, all words for the people, all the people. Justice, defence, tranquility and welfare, these are the things they were striving for. Posterity means future generations. They wanted these things for themselves and future generations.

That’s the preamble in a nutshell. It’s one of the shortest parts of the Constitution. I will continue to keep up with current events on separate posts but I will try to hit a section a day on this Constitution series. With luck we’ll be through it by Chairman Zero’s second term. About the time he finishes shredding the original.

Your Political Party

November 27, 2009

Republican. Democrat. Libertarian. What do they stand for? Where do I fit? I can’t answer that for you. You have to answer it for yourself. I can direct you to a quiz that will help you determine it. The world’s smallest political quiz at .

I can, however, give you my take on the parties and what they mean to me. My views can be boiled down short enough to fit in this post comfortably and still get the message across. For example, the Republican Party, they stand for big business. The Democrat Party, they stand for big government. The Libertarian Party, they stand for the individual. Is that short and sweet enough for you? Oh, you’d like a little more?

Well, let’s see. The Republican party has traditionally sided with GM, GE and Wal-Mart. They counted on the trickle down theory of economics. In other words the rich get richer and the people get more scraps from the table of big business. It works ok, but in recent years they’ve been trying to follow a more Constitutionally friendly agenda. Without much success, I might add.

Now the Democrat Party is totally different while being exactly the same. Confused? Basically, the Democrat party thinks that government can solve any problem from poverty to quantum physics. They claim to be for the working class while expanding the welfare state. Am I making this clear? No? That’s because they are very contradictory. At least with the Republicans you know how they’re going to screw you. The Democrats try to hide it. But the result is the same, you and I pay more.

The Libertarian party, contrary to popular belief, is the most conservative. They actually believe what the Constitution says. They are for the individual and his rights. They do desire to remove most of the barriers in the way of business as well. However, this can create a kind of “buyer beware” sort of climate. They believe in smaller government, just enough to get the job done.

I personally, am an Independent at this point. But if I had to side somewhere it would definitely be Libertarian.

Happy Thanksgiving

November 26, 2009

I’m wishing you and all of your family and friends a Happy Thanksgiving on this day set aside to give thanks to the Lord for all our blessings. I intended to go on about many things but it looks just right the way it is.


November 25, 2009

The Climate Depot has a headline “The New Deniers”. I looked at the article it was by Marc Morano and based on a blog by George Monboit at the Basically he was saying how the climate change gang is pretending the e-mail leak isn’t a crisis and how they think it will just go away. Let’s see, evidence showing that they have been scamming the entire world out of billions of dollars and they think if they ignore it it will go away, how stupid is that?

The problem is they have many influential accomplices. Accomplices that will do their best to help it go away. Not the least among them is Chairman Zero who is now attending the big soiree in Copenhagen. So, my post of yesterday was premature. They will continue to beat this dead horse until there is nothing left. I guess it falls to me and other right-minded individuals to continue to spread the word until the entire planet is aware of the snake oil being forced on them by these charlatans.

So, to put your worried mind at ease I have once again included that video depicting the annual thaw and freeze of the north pole as well as a link to the post at the Guardian 

To read the Climate Depot piece just click the link to the right.


November 24, 2009

Can you tell me why we’re in Afghanistan? Are we really looking for Bin Ladin? The same old tired answers. The Taliban, Bin Ladin, what? Certainly it’s not that we’re opposed to sharia law as we’re allowing it to infiltrate our culture. Why do we even have such an army? Someone on the radio the other day said it was mandated by the Constitution to protect us. I can’t find that crap anywhere in our Constitution.

The real answer to our middle east problems is to get the heck out. These people have been at war for thousands of years and maybe that’s why the world thinks we’re arrogant. Because we think we’re going to go in there and end all this.

The first thing I always hear when I suggest this is, “What about Isreal?”. My friends let me tell you about Isreal. It’s not Isreal that needs protecting from us, they can take care of themselves. If anything we restrict them from having their way in the middle east. Isreal is a military powerhouse not to be triffled with that would make quick work of any invading force if not for our meddling. I said ANY invading force.

Why then are we in the middle east? This question has always puzzled me since I was very young and first found out what was going on there. As long as I can remember we have had a military presence there. The obvious answer is oil but that don’t seem to be adding up. We go in there and tear up and spend billions of dollars and all we get is higher gas prices. No, oil doesn’t make sence either.

How about control, are we trying to control some thing or some one? I don’t really see that happening. Everytime we go in there we seem to lose control. No, I think that if you’ll think about it you’ll find that the only thing happening here is a redistribution of wealth.

WHAT? Well think about it.

We have made the Saudi’s very wealthy. Every street urchin there has pockets full of American dollars. Oil money. As well as Viet Nam, Korea, Japan. Need I continue? WTF? Don’t listen to Hanoi Jane and her ilk on this. Those people are so much better off than they were that it makes me sick. Go there. See for yourself. Ask them. They will tell you.

The media goes in and finds all the hard luck stories to tear at your heart but the real story is that we brought these countries out of the middle ages and into the present. Has anyone been paying attention? The best thing that can happen to these third world holes is for us to drag our big, dumb, military butts in there and stimulate the heck out of their economy.

REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH! It has been going on right under your nose for your entire life and you didn’t even realize it.


Climate Change – The Saga Continues

November 23, 2009
Not to blow my own horn, but I have been adamant about this crap since the seventies. When I was young and they were spewing about the coming ice age I recall asking someone, it may have been my Grandma, about it and they told me that it was much colder some years earlier when they were young and that this was nothing. I checked, as best you could in the seventies, and found that they were right. Later I heard of Niagra Falls freezing solid in about 1910 and I remember thinking that it really must have been cold.

Niagra Falls Circa 1908
Just so you don’t think I’m completely full of it here is photographic evidence not computer generated (unlike Algore). At any rate, the point of this post is that someone has hacked the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia and made public hundreds of e-mails where these giant brains were calling skeptics names and discussing ways to keep their lie from the people. At least they had the gonads to admit that the e-mails were authentic when confronted with them.
Now, I’m not claiming that e-mails from a bunch of lieing scientists is proof positive of the lie but it’s pretty damning wouldn’t you agree? Especially since these scientists are associated with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the very body that has been holding this whole scam together recently. I won’t bore you with the details you can read the New York Times and the New American articles below. Enjoy a freer world thanks to the perserverance of those who have fought this fight long and hard.
Now, on to gun control. 


November 20, 2009

Maybe someone can help me, I’m having a little trouble remembering the mindset of these people who are trying so hard to destroy our country. I know I understood their philosophy at one time but you really have to twist your thinking around to align yourself with their way of doing things. Perhaps if I just talk it out with you I can bring it back. Because in order to defeat them we are going to have to understand what it is that they are trying to accomplish.

I understand that these people are not as motivated by money as we think they are, at this point they are striving for a goal, an ideal that they have had their whole life. It’s now within their reach and they are not daunted by anything in their quest to make it a reality. I can’t remember why they are so passionate about “this”, and I’m not really sure exactly what “this” is?

I think “this” has something to do with a communist utopia but I really can’t remember how it works. Does anyone have any ideas? Do they really want this country lowered to the level of the rest of the world? I know Europeans want us weaker, but who really cares what they want besides Chairman Zero? I’m tired of trying to get along with these people, now all I want to do is slap them down and take our rightful place in the world back. If you keep buying the Jap scrap and the German steel you only weaken our economy and Zero is doing enough of that with his printing press. Let me know if you figure this out.


November 19, 2009

Property values in my area went down last year. They went down quite a bit. Yet property taxes went up. How can that be? They raised the millage rate to make up for the lost revenue and they went a little farther. $15 – $20 in most cases. When I was a real estate investor that’s what we used to call a nuisance rent increase. Enough to make a them complain but not enough to make them move.

What do we get for our taxes? Does anyone really know? When I see them fixing a road or a bridge that’s something I can believe in. When I see a cop responding to a real crime that’s something I can believe in. When I see the fire department battling a fire that’s something I can believe in. These things are only a small part of the taxes we pay. I have no idea where the rest goes.

Accountability on this is terrible. Isn’t this supposed to be public record? Did you ever try to read that record? If you can find it it’s so convoluted that you can never figure out where the money went anyway. One thing you can find is salaries. Little two bit administrators knocking down six digit incomes. Some elected officials make all most as much as the President. Does that seem right to you?

The Mayor of New York City’s salary is $195,000.00 but Michael Bloomberg is doing it for$1. Richard M. Daley, the Mayor of Chicago, makes $216,210.00. The President of the United States makes $400,000.00. Joe Moore, an Alderman in the 49th ward of Chicago makes $98,125.00. David L. Brewer, superintendent of LA schools makes, are you ready for it? Are you sitting down? $300,000.00. Is running the LA school system that similar to running the United States? Are you starting to see where the money goes. I think Bloomberg has the right idea, the rest need to be voted out. When did getting elected become the path to wealth.

Acorn Districts

November 18, 2009

At last tally Chairman Zero has sent 6.4 billion dollars to 440 districts that don’t exist. Did I say that right? $6,400,000,000.00. Yup, that’s right. To 440 districts that must have been created by and for acorn as there are only 435 districts that I’m aware of. In these fantasy districts he has created or saved over 28,000 jobs. That’s adding to like $225,000.00 per job. Can I have one?

Rhode Island’s 86th congressional district created or saved almost 60 jobs for a mere $10,217,806.00. That’s $205,835.49 per job. Not too shabby. Is anybody pissed off yet? Does Rhode Island really have 86 congressional districts?

Hawaii is a big winner creating or saving 3.4 jobs with a paltry $45,639,408.00. That’s right 45 million. Only a shade over 13 million per job. Really, three Oprahs in one state. How can this be? They actually created or saved zero jobs in their 99th congressional district with only 800 large. 99th? Did they think nobody was going to look at this stuff?

Now, DC’s 99th congressional district got almost 137 million dollars. Yes, almost all of the states and territories had a 99th district. Almost all of them had a 00 congressional district as well. Oh, did I say territories. Yes I did.

Northern Mariana Islands – $44 million, Guam – $220 million, Puerto Rico – $1.9 billion, American Samoa – $1.4 million, but of course the big winner was DC with a grand total of  $2.8 billion (billion, not a typo) and all of this to districts that don’t exist. It begs the question, where did it really go? Again, $6,383,184,549.00. Anybody pissed yet? FYI, Minnesota has eight congressional districts. Are you starting to get the picture.