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2009 Elections

November 3, 2009

Hoffman has a five point lead according to a study by a New York college.  A poll by Quinnipiac University says Christie is two points ahead. And McDonnell is ahead by twelve points according to a newspaper poll in Viginia. FOX News wants to know if Tuesdays vote is a referendum for Obama.

What does all this mean? If Hoffman wins where does that leave us? Really nowhere, it’s just one seat in the house. What about Christie? Unless you live in New Jersey still nothing. It’s the governors race there. How about McDonnell then? Again, unless you live in Virginia once again, nothing. It’s their governors race.

Why all the hulla balloo then? Well it could very well be a referendum for Obama. Chairman Zero and his minions at the government media outlets are saying that we shouldn’t put too much in these elections. That’s funny, that’s exactly what I used to tell my parents about those crappy report cards I used to get. Perhaps Limbaugh has something with this “manchild” stuff.

I’m also concerned about those other things going on. Zero has said that he don’t think health care will be passed this year. And crap and tax is still out there as well as various assalts on our Second Amendment rights. Maybe we should listen to Zero and his minions and not pay so much attention to these votes and pay more attention to the hand we can’t see. Remember the slight of hand here. He’s holding these elections of little consequence out for all to see while he’s shoving a¬†climate bill down our pants so it can explode later.

Please folks, even the almighty Limbaugh is caught up in this. I often write about something tonight only to hear the same thing on Beck or Limbaugh the next day. I certainly hope this happens this time because we can’t afford whatever he’s shoving down our pants. By the way, what is our newest supreme court justice up to?