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New Hini Figures

November 12, 2009

It would appear that the hini flu is much worse that I suspected. But appearances can be deceiving. Especially when they come from this administration. As near as I can figure they must have had acorn in to add it up. Let me explain. No, too much to explain let me sum up. You’ll have to dig for complete explanations yourself.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) now reports 22 million people have come down with the hini flu. This is easily attributed to the reporting scam that I outlined earlier where the guy called in to the radio program (Beck or Limbaugh or a similar one I can’t remember which) complaining that they reported his kids with hini when they didn’t have it.

Next is 545 children dead and 4000 adults killed by hini. The children’s number is up from 170 and the adults are up from 1000. This is because of how they are defining the deaths. Under direct orders (probably, I can’t prove that. Can anyone?) from Chairman Zero they went back and took every death that they could extrapolate and changed it to hini from things such as pneumonia and similar ailments where the people died and they could say it may have been from “complications” of hini flu.

I could rant on for pages on this citing examples and skewed figures but I’ll leave that for you to determine for yourself. As for me I have only one question. America, how long will you let these common criminals continue to deceive you?