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The Wall

November 10, 2009

I did not like Reagan. I did not like most of his policies. And yet, I freely admit, Ronald Reagan and his policies brought about the demise of the Berlin wall. For those of you too young to remember, the Berlin wall was an actual wall, a physical structure, heavily fortified. East Berlin was communist and West Berlin was free. The fortification was not to keep West Berliners out, it was to keep East Berliners from escaping. No one was ever killed trying to get into East Berlin but between one and two hundred were killed trying to get to West Berlin.

I am writing this for the youngsters out there. You will not be taught this in government schools or college. Go now, while you still can and search the web for information on this. Know the truth and spread it. Here is the historic speech where Reagan called for the destruction of the wall, which symbolised communism. It symbolized the “Iron Curtain”, search that while you still can. 

Here is the Wikipedia entry


November 10, 2009

Pheasant, not peasant. It’s a small, quite tasty bird. As I have said before, I used to walk out my front door and hunt. Pheasant was what we hunted. There were rabbits too but I don’t care for rabbit and if I won’t eat it I won’t kill it unless it’s a nuisance (like those filthy hippies). Although I did kill a carp one time for snoring too loud. For PETA’s benefit I’m just kidding (about the snoring).

Those were Ring-Necked Pheasant. They were plentiful then. Years later they were almost extinct. The animal rights bunch jumped right on the case and fully blamed me and my ilk for over hunting them. They called for our guns to be confiscated and every other stupid thing they could think of. I felt bad for years about killing off all the pheasant. I even donated to a program to bring in the Sichuan Pheasant to help repopulate them. Then I found out the truth.

I lived in a suburb of a large city. During the sixties and seventies there was something called “white flight”. The civil unrest in the inner cities had caused the more affluent of the populace to leave the city and build in the surrounding areas where they felt it was “safer”. My parents did just the opposite, they came from the farm to live nearer to the city for the good jobs. All the good building sites were flat and dry with few trees and low scrub brush. This is the habitat of the Ring-Necked Pheasant.

The very houses the animal rights people were living in had caused the decline of the very thing they sought to protect by taking my guns. But do you think they would listen reason and science? Thus began my contempt for the species known as the “Filthy Hippie”.