Maybe someone can help me, I’m having a little trouble remembering the mindset of these people who are trying so hard to destroy our country. I know I understood their philosophy at one time but you really have to twist your thinking around to align yourself with their way of doing things. Perhaps if I just talk it out with you I can bring it back. Because in order to defeat them we are going to have to understand what it is that they are trying to accomplish.

I understand that these people are not as motivated by money as we think they are, at this point they are striving for a goal, an ideal that they have had their whole life. It’s now within their reach and they are not daunted by anything in their quest to make it a reality. I can’t remember why they are so passionate about “this”, and I’m not really sure exactly what “this” is?

I think “this” has something to do with a communist utopia but I really can’t remember how it works. Does anyone have any ideas? Do they really want this country lowered to the level of the rest of the world? I know Europeans want us weaker, but who really cares what they want besides Chairman Zero? I’m tired of trying to get along with these people, now all I want to do is slap them down and take our rightful place in the world back. If you keep buying the Jap scrap and the German steel you only weaken our economy and Zero is doing enough of that with his printing press. Let me know if you figure this out.

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