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Happy New Year

December 31, 2010

I just want to wish you a happy new year.

For what it’s worth.

Let’s make it worth a lot.

And don’t forget to screw environmentalists.

Are These Blizzard Casualties

December 30, 2010

You are just 22 years old. You’re stranded in the snow. And you’re pregnant. You think the baby is coming so you call 911. You wait. And you wait. And you wait. The baby is coming. There is nothing you can do, you are going to have it right here in the lobby of your apartment building. Neighbors try to help but nobody really knows what to do. Maybe everything will go well and it will just be a natural thing.

No. It’s not going well. It has been 9 hours since you called 911. They are finally here. Your baby is “unconscious and non responsive”. That doesn’t sound good. The lobby is covered with your blood. You are not happy but you know there is nothing they can do. It’s a blizzard. Nothing could have been done. When you arrive at the hospital they pronounce your baby DOA. What a tragedy.

Your elderly mother wakes you at 8:00 AM because she can’t breath. You call 911 but can’t get through. You get your neighbors to try also and after twenty minutes somebody gets through. Help is on the way. Three hours later, when they finally show up, your mother is dead. Another tragedy. Read about these and more here.

Were these truly tragedies, or could they have been prevented? Read this. I didn’t hear anything about a union slow down in the first story did you? My whole life I have not been fond of unions. It started with the Soviet Union. Then, after that, anything that had union in it I did not think could be good. I recall reading somewhere that one of these deaths is being “looked into”. Does that mean charges will be forthcoming, because I am sick and tired of these unions coming in and disrupting our lives. I think the charges should be conspiracy and should be leveled against everyone involved from the top levels to the guy not dropping his plow.

In defence of the guy not dropping his plow on other roads, if you do that you will wear out your cutting edge on the blade and they will be all over you for abusing your equipment. They know how long it will last so you better just stick to your assigned route, but that don’t explain not dropping it on your road. Does that sound like good business? Whether it does or not that’s the way it has been set up. Think about that at election time and pull up next to one of those pick up trucks you see running around with the union sticker on the back and flip him off. I have had the misfortune of belonging to three unions in my life and rather than help me, every one of them held me back. Think about these things next time you look for the union label. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The New Ice Age

December 29, 2010

When I was but a lad the giant brain “scientists” came out with dire reports and said that we were going into a new ice age. Here‘s a copy of that. At the time I didn’t mind the cold so much so I didn’t care. Nixon was President and hippies were kept in their place (usually jail) so I didn’t worry. Twenty years later we were embroiled in a battle for our freedom from the scam that is “global warming”. Clinton was president and hippies were in congress so I was fearing for my very life, much less my freedom.

Now, as I have stated without fear or doubt all along, the pendulum is swinging the other way and it is getting colder. A commie is President and hippies are being ousted from congress in disgrace. Al Gore has been silenced and all I want to do is sound the warning loud and clear so that there will be no misconceptions. After all, Jefferson said the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. So read this in your best high-pitched ‘from beyond’ voice, “People of Earth! There is no cataclysmic weather swing in your future! It is perfectly normal! It has happened for millenia!”

There. Is that clear? You see, the reason I am being so patronizing is because I keep seeing things that make me think the American people might be… oh, how can I put this?… gullible. No! Really! Think about it. Who got elected President? How much do we owe the Chicoms? (See that here, pushing $14 tril.) What two-bit dictator has nuclear capabilities? If I spelled that George Bush style I apologize but I’m too busy to look it up, trust me it’s a strategery. Anyway, I just keep having horrible visions of the American people huddled around some shyster (algore) hawking some kind of snake oil cure for the cold weather. It makes me want to vomit.

The only reason I mention this is because they are warming up for another round of ice age mania. See that here. From now on I will try to give you the conservative view of everything because of that thing where I found out that all libs are insane. (See that here.) So when I see that the homos in DC are planning another assault (See it here.) I will spring into action and bring you everything I have on it.

The point here and now is that you need to call your representatives and let them know how you feel on this issue. Actually I’m going to quit acting like I give a rats wazoo how libs feel. You libs out there, relax, take a break and burn a fat one. Conservatives, call your reps NOW and tell them that this just will not do and no matter how dumb the gay media portrays them they need to put a stop to it NOW. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Hurricane Or Blizzard

December 28, 2010

Honestly, from the satellite photos you often can’t tell the difference. A blizzard looks just like a hurricane from space. The rotation is there, the clouds with precipitation, the size. They’re huge, often a thousand miles across. The winds are just as fierce. The only difference seems to be temperature. And, I don’t think blizzards are as well-organized, you don’t really see the eye and then the reverse wind as prominently.

Every time I get one of those e-mails about how BF Egypt is getting twenty-one inches of snow and power is out to one hundred thousand, my heart goes out to them because I have been there and I know how it is. Then comes the smug crap about how there is no sign of looters and crime and how people are helping one another. Yeah, how can the whole northeast be engulfed in a blizzard and there is so little looting and crime? I know a lot of conservatives are out there right know with a smug look on their face thinking for one reason or another that this is the case but here’s the dirty little secret. It’s just too darn cold.

That’s right. Love it or hate it, you know it’s true. maybe you just never realized it but here’s the thing, it’s a lot harder to steal TV’s when it’s seven degrees than when it’s seventy and it’s a lot easier to walk through two feet of water than two feet of snow. In addition those with the means don’t often run from a blizzard they stay put at home and try to keep their pipes from freezing and destroying their homes, so you don’t really have the vacant buildings with blizzards that you do with hurricanes. See, no racist undertone.

Now that we have that out of the way I’d like to know how many casualties there are in blizzards in relation to how many there are in hurricanes. Hurricane Katrina was made out as this giant killing machine but I think there have been several blizzards with as many deaths. The problem is I can’t tell you about them because blizzards don’t have names. Why is that? Hey? Weather type guys? Why don’t you name the blizzards? Is this a racist thing because blizzards are white? Whoa. Got you there didn’t I? Until next time, screw environmentalists.

PS: Blizzards are NOT the result of global warming. Honest.

A Little Here, A Little There

December 27, 2010

Death panels are all the rage today. Everywhere I go that’s what I hear. “They’re paid by medicare!” “Doctors get paid to consult with people and advise them to die!” “Ahh! They couldn’t pass obamacare with them in so they wrote them in the rules after the fact instead!” “Oh no! Now they can write anything in there that they want!” It was like Chicken Little, running around screaming about the end of America as we know it. Hey! Chicken Little! I got a news flash for you! This is how it’s always been.

Yeah. That’s what I said. It’s always been like this. That’s why I think Chairman Zero is the greatest President of the last century. Because of his “audacity” (pun intended) things like this are being brought out into the light of day. Do you think maybe this is what he meant by “transparency”? Perhaps he is a genius and this is his way of exposing all the corruption used by congresscritters. Now isn’t that a perplexing thought. B.H.O. Our savior.

Now we’re going to get down to grinding it out. Here’s the meat. For my entire lifetime I have watched this happen. As a youngster I was called everything from heartless to an idiot for pointing it out. But here, once again, is how it has happened for over a hundred years that I know of. The libs have an objective. Any objective. Say taking schooling away from the peasants. Now, if they just came out and said we want you peasants to quit teaching your children to read and write and do math, the outcry would be gargantuan. So they do a little bit here and a little bit there. And after a hundred years our gubmint schools are turning out idiots. Are you seeing the big picture now?

Let me see if I can put a little more shine on that. In 1910 how many children attended school? How many attended private schools? How many attended gubmint schools? Is anyone out there suffering under the illusion that gubmint schools give the same level of education as private schools? Perhaps at one time they did but that day is far behind us now. The first thing the libs did was get it mandated that all children MUST attend school. In 1910 a child could work with his father and learn a trade that would carry him comfortably through his entire life and never attend a day of school. They probably still could but that would be child endangerment or some thing.

Once they had the unwashed masses bound to their indoctrination centers (gubmint schools) for twelve years they began to whittle away at the quality of education. History changed, ever so slightly each year. Math got “friendlier”, spelling became more “phonetic”. What the heck is that anyway? If little Frank was smarter than little Jeremy the playing field needed to be leveled. Jeremy was given a B and Frank was told to ease up, slack off, take it easy. You’re making it hard on everyone. Don’t try and tell me this didn’t happen because I was little Frank. There was another sentence here describing a horrible fate for those people but I had to remove it, anyway, hippies suck!

That is the plan for education. They are doing it. They have this type of plan for everything. Healthcare, welfare, housing the whole gamut. They are trying to dumb the United States down to the level of the third world. Level the playing field, if you will. You don’t have to have suffered it to see it happening. Look around you. Here’s what I want you to do when you see it. Take it back. A little at a time. Do you save a thousand dollars by getting it all at once or do you save it ten, fifteen twenty dollars at a time? Take your pound of flesh when you can. Make the filthy hippies give it back to you. They will be extremely grudging when they have to give you what is rightfully yours so expect that. But make sure you take everything. A little at a time taken by the silent majority will bankrupt this BS. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Liberal Disease

December 24, 2010

For years I have lamented, “What’s wrong with them?”, now I know. According to Dr. Lyle Rossiter they are quite mad. Insane, if you will. I refer, of course, to liberals. For years I have suspected that homos were mentally unstable. It just seemed like every one I knew or even heard about in the media came with a whole celebrity nutbag of problems. But now here’s some actual scientific evidence that it’s true. And not just homos but the whole lot of them. That sure explains a lot.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I know we all struggle with things. God knows I am no exception to this. But we deal with things in the right way. Libs seem to want someone else to take care of everything for them (usually the gubmint) and, for the life of me, this is one of the things I struggle with. Why? Why could they possibly think that the gubmint A) should take care of things for them and B) can do it better than they could themselves? Is this a conundrum or what?

Dr. Rossiter’s book, ” ‘The Liberal Mind’ will empower you to understand why the political madness of modern liberalism is destroying individual liberty in all corners of the world.” That is a direct quote from the web site (here) that I wanted to point out to you. I have not read this book so I can not recommend it yet, but I sure am going to.

Dr. Rossiter actually received his degree from Chicago University (now that’s scary) and is still able to function properly. See here. In addition to the aforementioned liberal shortcomings the book also ‘explains how children become competent adults able to live effectively in a free society.’ That to is a direct quote, and something I would like to read.

From this point forward I am going to conduct myself according to this knowledge. They are insane and I will treat them as such from Chairman Zero on down to the lowliest of third generation welfare recipient. Until next time, don’t relent just because they are nuts, screw those insane environmentalists.

The Golden Rule

December 23, 2010

Was there any question as to whether Rahm Emanuel would be Mayor of Chicago? Of course they said that in spite of living in DC for the last year he is a Chicago resident. See that here. This brings me to my point, do you think they would have said the same about me? Or you? Of course not because of the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule states, “He that has the gold, makes the rules.” Is that simple enough for you?

Throughout history who has kept the records? Was it the rank and file populace so that we had a real depiction of life or was it the guys with the gold? Kings, dictators, and emperors? And how do they get that gold? They fleece it from the people. Is that what they call the golden fleece? There is no other way this type of person can get the gold. Let me give you a scenario. You’re on trial for your life. You are accused of committing murder. And the judge says the trial has to be over in four weeks because she’s going on vacation. WHAT? Yeah. It’s true. See here.

Did you see the calloused way she dismissed the whole thing like her vacation was the focus of everybodies life. She said she “admonished ” them several times to speed things up. HEY! BEOTCH! I’M ON TRIAL FOR  MY LIFE HERE! These kind of things rarely happen to me because I would have made it MY life’s focus to see her working at the local car wash vacuuming ash trays until she was old and gray. Yes, take away their gold and they no longer make the rules. What? Were you suffering under the illusion that you lived in a free country or some such thing?

Get real. They give you a few trinkets. Tokens of freedom. A gun, but not a real gun like their army carries, a Sears gun that only holds seven rounds. What are you going to do with that, blow your head off before they can take you alive? The founding Fathers intended for us to be able to buy, own and carry everything the military has access to. That was the purpose of the Second Amendment. As a final defense to a totalitarian gubmint like the one we are currently experiencing.

Finally, the feds are not supposed to own land. Yeah, it’s really not something they’re supposed to be doing. Check your pocket constitution. It’s in there, specifically spelled out as to what land they can own and no where are vast tracts mentioned like the ones they are trying to control here. I believe you’ll find Teddy Roosevelt started this crap. I’m really growing tired of these treasonous…….. Well, enough said there. That would be our other trinket of freedom. We own land. Or do we? Do you really own your home? What if you don’t pay the mortgage? I believe Jefferson had something to say about banking institutions and standing armies.

OK, so you paid off your mortgage. Feeling pretty smug right now? Try not paying your taxes. As the holder of the gold I can tax you right out of that home you think you own. Anyway, that’s my take on the golden rule. If you disagree or don’t like it let me know. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

A New Republic

December 22, 2010

As you know I have been gone for a while and some of that time was spent traveling. Now I get sick as a goat on boats but I won’t submit to the degradation that is air travel unless absolutely necessary. So at vacation time, cruise I must. And I admit that I was less than delighted when I got my itinerary, but now I can say that it was fantastic. Two ports in particular will stay with me for the rest of my life. On the surface they appeared almost identical but the contrast between the two was striking to an astute political analyst.

Both were very nice with many natural assets and wonderful people but with one big difference. Gubmint. I am not one of these people who wants to go to the tourist traps and ride the rides. I have found that unless you get out and circulate amongst the people you have really not visited that country and you might as well have spent your money at Disney. The people I met worked extremely hard for their money and they were building the best they could with what they had to work with. My heart always goes out to the locals when I visit places that have been considered “third world” or “war-torn” and I always want to move there and teach them how to drill a well and wire a house. But then my attention always turns to that root of all evils, gubmint.

One of the countries is a democratic constitutional monarchy similar to England while the other is a constitutional republic similar to the United States. Admittedly I only saw a small portion of these countries but the parts I saw were very much alike and I can only assume that they put their best foot forward. The people were very much alike and the infrastructure was very similar. The countries were so similar that they shared the same name at one time. Honduras.

The former British Honduras, now Belize, and the former Spanish Honduras, now Honduras. Of course Belize is the monarchy and Honduras is the republic. Now, as I said, these countries are very similar, but the attitude of the people reflects the gubmint. In Honduras the people were proud to tell me of the workings of their gubmint. They were proud to tell me what had recently been happening. And they were proud of their accomplishments. Wikipedia does not do it justice and I can only assume that it is because the people of Honduras have neither the facilities or the time to mess around on the internet.

Belizeans were reluctant to tell me much about the workings of their gubmint and I really only know what I read in Wikipedia and other items on the internet. Belizeans were not exceptionally proud of anything they just kept their heads down and diligently forged ahead, but they really wanted to tell me about their union. It was then that I noticed that everyone working had the union logo on their shirt. That kind of freaked me out. Is that the future in store for the United States? If you get a chance visit these countries while you still can. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Are We Net Neutral Yet

December 21, 2010

Does anybody have any idea what these jackals mean by this? And who gave the FCC the power to regulate the net so they could give it to the gubmint? I don’t recall anything like this in the Constitution, do you? Oh. Yeah. That Constitution thing again. You know when you’re doing the same thing as Hugo Chavez that it just can’t be right. Check it out here. How about that guy? His gubmint should protect its citizens. I guess because they’re too stupid to decide what they want to see. I sure am glad our Constitution doesn’t give our gubmint power like this.

I have been getting all my news from the internet for years now. I stopped watching TV news about twenty-five years ago and quit reading papers shortly thereafter when I found out that they lied. See that here. But the internet wasn’t really up and running then like it is now so I was not very well-informed for a while. However I was better informed than those lied to by the mainstream, and I took a lot of crap for it from a lot of ignorant people. As I stare at the side of Eric Holders head in a picture on the Drudge Report I wonder what a person who has only had benefit of the mainstream news for all those years would be like now.

You see, here’s the problem. The gubmint (read that liberals) see something that isn’t doing exactly what they want it to do. So, they take it upon themselves to “regulate” it as they see fit. They don’t really care if it’s constitutional or not, they just do it. Now Joe Lunchbucket doesn’t have a clue if something is Constitutional or not because he has been raised on liberal gubmint schools and the liberal Ministry of Propaganda (media) so he just follows the rest of the sheeple and doesn’t make trouble. This…is how we got in the predicament we are in now.

The problem now is that the libs are taxing beer so much that a lot of working people have had to quit or cut back on their drinking, they are sobering up, and they are starting to see that things are not as they should be. I don’t have the answer but we better find one soon or I’ll have to quit messing around on the internet and go back to having a life. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Lame Duck

December 20, 2010

Let me start by apologizing. I’m sorry for not letting you know these things, I just assume that everyone knows what I know, but I have had an alarming number of people ask me what a “lame duck” is. In politics a “lame duck” is a politician who has been voted out but is still in office. I know what you’re thinking, how can that be? Well here’s the skinny. When we have an election in November (and sometimes even earlier in the primary) where a certain liberal will be soundly trounced at the ballot box. His successor will be taking office in as much as three months, giving the current buffoon that much time to do as they please because they are already out and have nothing to lose.

Now, that in itself is pretty bad but it gets worse. These “lame ducks” become targets for special interests because they are going to be looking for work in a little while. Are you naive enough to believe that none of them have ever traded legislation for a cushy position in a few weeks? Now let me clarify something I’ve already said, the “lame duck” can be of any political persuasion but they just always seem to be liberals that are doing these things.

Another scenario is something like the case of Harry Reid. He’s old. He may just want out. Cha-ching. A one time lump sum settlement from the homo lobbyist may be just what he’s looking for to…let’s say vote for repealing Clinton’s don’t ask, don’t tell law. Are you starting to get the picture? It’s kind of like the “Girls Gone Wild” video only with politicians drunk with power. Power that they have usurped from you and I. And they know that we know and that we are going to do something about it so they are cramming as much of their decadent crap down our throats as they can before we oust them.

Now don’t despair, much of this crap can be repealed and the rest can be dealt with in other ways. But one thing you can do now is contact your own particular weird and/or lame duck and let them know how you feel. Perhaps enough hate mail will get their attention, but the best strategy is to always look at the long view when you go to the voting booth. Don’t look for the jackal that will give you the freebie now and leave you with a huge bill later. Look for the candidate that will do the right thing every time. My biggest regret is voting for a third-party candidate last round and leaving the conservative out in the wind. I know that if McCain were in charge we may not be happy but we would not be looking for refuge in other places…just in case. But what’s done is done and we move on. Until next time, screw environmentalists.