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November 25, 2009

The Climate Depot has a headline “The New Deniers”. I looked at the article it was by Marc Morano and based on a blog by George Monboit at the Basically he was saying how the climate change gang is pretending the e-mail leak isn’t a crisis and how they think it will just go away. Let’s see, evidence showing that they have been scamming the entire world out of billions of dollars and they think if they ignore it it will go away, how stupid is that?

The problem is they have many influential accomplices. Accomplices that will do their best to help it go away. Not the least among them is Chairman Zero who is now attending the big soiree in Copenhagen. So, my post of yesterday was premature. They will continue to beat this dead horse until there is nothing left. I guess it falls to me and other right-minded individuals to continue to spread the word until the entire planet is aware of the snake oil being forced on them by these charlatans.

So, to put your worried mind at ease I have once again included that video depicting the annual thaw and freeze of the north pole as well as a link to the post at the Guardian 

To read the Climate Depot piece just click the link to the right.