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The Address

December 1, 2009

I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl. Tonight Chairman Zero will give an address outlining his brilliant plan for Afghanistan. I’m certain it will be filled with strategies designed to confound our enemy and wrestle victory from them. The backdrop for this masterpiece should be stunning with all those cadets adorning his presence, he should look like a giant among them.

It’s just a shame that we have so many channels on TV now, otherwise we could have him on every one. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? An entire night with the Leader. I wonder if he’ll wear an armband like Adolf used to? They were saying that he wouldn’t be wearing any military type things but an armband with the Obama logo would be just awesome don’t you think?

I wanted to wait until he spoke to write this post but I just couldn’t wait. Besides, Limbaugh, Beck and the rest will chew it up tomorrow so I thought I’d speculate. I’m sure he’ll have the standard LBJ withdrawal date to give our enemies hope. That’s just telling them that they only have to hold out that long and then we’ll be gone and they can go back to business as usual.

We already know he won’t be sending the required troops to complete the action but how many do you think are going. Already this has Viet Nam written all over it, but do you think he can make it worse? Who’s idea was it to put a cowardly communist in charge anyway?


November 24, 2009

Can you tell me why we’re in Afghanistan? Are we really looking for Bin Ladin? The same old tired answers. The Taliban, Bin Ladin, what? Certainly it’s not that we’re opposed to sharia law as we’re allowing it to infiltrate our culture. Why do we even have such an army? Someone on the radio the other day said it was mandated by the Constitution to protect us. I can’t find that crap anywhere in our Constitution.

The real answer to our middle east problems is to get the heck out. These people have been at war for thousands of years and maybe that’s why the world thinks we’re arrogant. Because we think we’re going to go in there and end all this.

The first thing I always hear when I suggest this is, “What about Isreal?”. My friends let me tell you about Isreal. It’s not Isreal that needs protecting from us, they can take care of themselves. If anything we restrict them from having their way in the middle east. Isreal is a military powerhouse not to be triffled with that would make quick work of any invading force if not for our meddling. I said ANY invading force.

Why then are we in the middle east? This question has always puzzled me since I was very young and first found out what was going on there. As long as I can remember we have had a military presence there. The obvious answer is oil but that don’t seem to be adding up. We go in there and tear up and spend billions of dollars and all we get is higher gas prices. No, oil doesn’t make sence either.

How about control, are we trying to control some thing or some one? I don’t really see that happening. Everytime we go in there we seem to lose control. No, I think that if you’ll think about it you’ll find that the only thing happening here is a redistribution of wealth.

WHAT? Well think about it.

We have made the Saudi’s very wealthy. Every street urchin there has pockets full of American dollars. Oil money. As well as Viet Nam, Korea, Japan. Need I continue? WTF? Don’t listen to Hanoi Jane and her ilk on this. Those people are so much better off than they were that it makes me sick. Go there. See for yourself. Ask them. They will tell you.

The media goes in and finds all the hard luck stories to tear at your heart but the real story is that we brought these countries out of the middle ages and into the present. Has anyone been paying attention? The best thing that can happen to these third world holes is for us to drag our big, dumb, military butts in there and stimulate the heck out of their economy.

REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH! It has been going on right under your nose for your entire life and you didn’t even realize it.


Obama’s War

September 22, 2009

In 1965 when Johnson funnelled troops into Viet Nam he thought he was right, but he actually made one serious error after another from that point on. Chairman Zero’s plans to do the same in Afghanistan are very similar. On top of that he’s flopping all over the place. He’s talking out the other side of his head about less troops and more counter terrorism operations. Personally, I wouldn’t say anything until I had a clear plan, but I guess that’s why I’m not the Chairman of the party.

I still don’t understand his fixation with this region. He keeps spouting about the taliban and what not, while having ramadan celebrations at the White House. He describes this war as the nation’s foremost military priority which to him is I quess like our neighbors kids oboe recital is to us. The U.S. commander in Afghanistan says there is an urgent need to revise our strategy. An “urgent need”. But of course Chairman Zero has more pressing issues to address.

This whimpy attitude toward wartime decisions is characteristic of the libs as demonstrated by Kennedy at the Bay of Pigs, Johnson in Viet Nam, Carter in Iran and Clinton in Somalia. What makes it worse is the tendancy to run hot and cold on the issue of the war itself. First they are gung ho to roll in and do the deed. Then they lose their taste for it and pull funding until they can’t stand to see anymore American lives lost so they roll back to the gung ho stage for a short period before they second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) guess themselves.

Personally, I think we should just pull everyone out of everywhere, close our borders for twenty years and become self sufficient. The gubmint just makes me sick. To check out the story from the Las Vegas Sun on this click below.

Abandoned Troops

June 21, 2009

I’ve seen it over and over. Some egregious activity in some third world arm pit of the Earth and here comes the United States to the rescue with the liberals jumping up and down in their seats brimming with excitement. Then about half way through the job the same liberals lose their taste for war and decide that we are doing the wrong thing and should stop funding it. Then, as usual, they stir up unrest throughout the country, get in power, and hang our troops out to dry. They did it in Korea, they did it in Viet Nam and I think they are twisted out of shape because they didn’t do it in the first gulf war.

I was too young for Korea so I remember nothing about returning soldiers. I was unaware and young when they came back from Viet Nam but I do remember the way they were treated and if I were just a few years older I would have made a difference in the faces of some of the jerks that greeted them. But I’m old now and I guarantee you that if I see any returning soldier treated as they were when they returned from Viet Nam that someone will be going to the hospital.