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Hugo Weighs In

January 31, 2011

Hosni Mubarak, no relation to Hussein-Obama Barack, has been blessed by ‘Ol Joe’ so he must be good, right? But Chairman Zero’s lifelong good buddy, Hugo Chavez, says no, so who’s wrong? Here‘s what Hugo had to say. But here‘s Biden’s bite and they just don’t jive. Betcha Ol Joe’s made another gaffe when all is said and done. You know, he’s a heartbeat away from being our leader? And you thought Dan Quayle was scary? That’s a BFD kid. Hey the hits just keep on coming.

Now I don’t know, they’re all arabs, aren’t they? But Mubarak is a Dictator, right? But that’s ok when we like them, right? Like the Shah of Iran, he was better than Imadinnerjacket, right? Aren’t they all mooslims, why is Egypt so important, do they have oil or something? Why don’t we just use our own oil for about thirty years and then when the middle east has died off because they keep killing each other for no apparent reason, and they don’t have our oil money to screw us with anymore, we can just roll in and get the oil cheap.

Here‘s a little something to think about. It seems people are running out of food in Egypt. They have curfews and merchants are shutting down their stores. People can’t even get gas. I wonder if the ‘scam that is global warming’ has anything to do with this? You know, Algore said ethanol was a mistake. Do you think some corn would help these people right about now?

But here’s the kicker, people are “shocked” by the way Mubarak is being betrayed. The rats appear to be leaving the ship, with our rat at the head. See that here. But undaunted a million man march will take place tomorrow. See that here. But even with no food the protesters are up for a good old-fashioned ’60’s style protest. It’s a carnival, (See that here.) so until next time, screw environmentalists.

Sanity Returns To Florida

January 31, 2011

I just want to stick a short one in here. It seems the Great State of Florida has become the first to rule obamacare un-Constitutional. Other States have poked it with a stick but nobody has completely voided it like this. See that here and watch for more in the future.

What’s In A Name

January 28, 2011

I have, on occasion, had a little snark about not getting names right. Or even just plain changing names. One in question is why I call Barack Hussein Obama, Chairman Zero. That one’s simple. He’s a Mao Zedong fan. It was an easy jump from Obama to O to Zero. So you take Chairman Mao and modify to Chairman Zero. Other than a few politicians and commies that I treat this way I reserve it for people like the Tuscon freak.

The Ministry of Propaganda (media) makes heroes and celebrities out of these people and I will not play along. Jerry Lockhorn, or whatever his name is, is a freak with a problem. A left-leaning freak, from what I hear. Major Hassan “Paininthebutt’ in Texas is another one. He is a twisted mooslim terrorist and that is all I will describe him as. It’s good enough for him. Not only do I take the time to get their names correct and know them myself, I take great care to try and twist it into something that may piss them off and hopefully stick.

I have long refered to the man who invented the internet as Algore. One word like the character played by Marty Feldman in ‘Young Frankenstein”. You see, when he was doing all that freak stuff about ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ and ‘the science is settled’ and what not it made me think of him in that way so I just named him. That was way back before global warming was exposed as a scam when I first discovered that the ethanol crap was eating the inside of my fuel lines and clogging my carburetor. He has since admitted his error but the name remains.

With the politicians it’s more about giving them a name that expresses their inner thoughts and desires like Algore with his crazy science and Zero with his communist plans. But the freaks…that’s about moving them as quickly as possible to the forgotten pile. If they just got stuck in prison or executed with the number given them by the correctional system then #4252388 would not get nearly as much fame as, say Jack Ruby. That is where I would like to go with this but I think Katie Couric has other ideas. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Eligibility Proof

January 27, 2011

The ‘birther’ controversy drones on. I have told you before, that ship has sailed. Zero is our President for better or worse until we throw him out in 2012. Get used to it unless you can get him impeached and that’s not likely with a Harry Reid Senate. Besides, “Ol’ Joe” will be worse. Trust me.But the thing that I find really amazing is that ten, that’s right, TEN, States are making a law about this. Why are they making a law for something that doesn’t need a law? See that here.

Here’s the break down. First go here and read this. Now. That IS the Constitution of the United States and it IS the law of the land whether Zero likes it or not. Why did no one bother to check his ID when he signed up. Every darn State should have made him produce this stuff before he even got on their primary ballot. Am I just stupid or does this make perfect sence? I always thought you had to put these kinds of things up before you even got to play the game, kind of like an ante.

If this does indeed make sence how about everybody within reach of this article contact their Representative and mention it to them. Here‘s where you can do that. Contact your State officials as well. The Governor might be a good candidate for this information. Everybody out there from local mayors right across the board. As Candidate Obama, unable to get on the ballot in forty-three States he would not have been so formidable. Do you agree?

What strain of stupid is causing all this to happen. Is it just laziness or do we have some sort of real problem here in the land of the free? The reason I ask is because this is taking a great deal of time and energy away from other, more important areas. Sometimes I think Zero has people out there that stir this pot every so often just to keep fools working on it.

A final word on the stupid invading this country. I was in a grocery store one time and I asked a young man working with the carts by the door if he knew what time it was. He looked at me for a long time and turned his head to the right and to the left grimacing the whole time. Finally I asked him if he knew or not. He straightened up and told me there was a clock above the door behind me but he could not read it. I looked and it was a clock with hands on it. This kid had made it all the way through school and was at an age where he could get a job, but he could only read a digital clock. This was in the eighties. This kid could be Obama. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

State Ot The…zzzzzzz

January 26, 2011

It’s fairly well-known that I can’t listen to Dear Leader for more than 30 seconds without developing a throbbing migraine. I did try to put on the subtitles for the deaf but I found it to be too much while I was trying to get things done to have to keep reading all those uh’s and ah’s. So, I had to resort to reading a transcript. Talk about boring. See that here. Here for the libs. What a snooze-fest. I tried for six hours to read this thing and ended up just scanning it. Really. I kept falling asleep.

But seriously folks, the high points (if you can call them that, really just bumps) have been beaten to death all day long. I think the most ironic thing here was the Sputnik moment crap after all the rhetoric about technology and what not. Sputnik was a piece of crap, your watch has more technology than Sputnik did. We had programs in the works and the Explorer 1 was launched three months later with as much technology just for bragging rights but Telstar launched in ’61 was far superior. Leave it to a despot to use antiquated and inferior technology to try to inspire the ‘unwashed masses’. Especially when he is the one using NASA to spread good will to mooslims. How does that even figure? I mean what does NASA have to do with diplomacy?

As we struggle to rid the civilized world of infestations like obamacare let us not forget this crap in 2012. Keep your eyes on the prise. I’m telling you straight out, even though his speech was a bomb we need to remember this guy and Biden, with that big dumb grin, giving him the vulgar congratulation upon its passing. He will keep trying this shuffle to the center crap but he is the same commie he has always been. He is not the genius that did these things just to awaken the American people to go to the polls in 2010 and throw the bums out. HE BELIEVES IN IT! And don’t you forget it.

I was quite perplexed that some of the newly elected were involved in this date night thing. I wanted to just e-mail them and scold them but I figured better to see who’s going to fold now so we’ll be ready for 2012. More on this as it becomes available. So far the seating thing is a mystery to me. No data.

One question I have for you. Can anyone think of anything he DIDN’T rip on? We are just a bunch of backwoods losers in his opinion aren’t we? We can’t seem to do anything right. Here and now I am imploring you to remember all this in 2012. Stay mad and help others to stay that way. I don’t want to see this guy and his kind cut to a minimum. I want to see them vacuuming ashtrays at the car wash. I want no more of them ever in politics. I want them out of this country for good. There is no room for tolerance of this kind of thing. If they don’t kill us we must remove them from office. It just makes me sick to hear him blame all this on we the people when he is directly responsible for most of it and his colleagues are responsible for the rest. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Mitt For Prez

January 25, 2011

That title should really have a question mark, but Mitt topped the short list in New Hampshire. See that here. Then the next line says, “Does that mean anything?” Well, let’s look into that. Let’s think back…back…back. What happened when Carter got elected? Richard Nixon was impeached and resigned leaving Gerald Ford to run things. Who? What? You remember, Ford. Not the car the President. Ok. Ok. So he wasn’t too popular, he did a good job, right? He did… He created… He got along with the libs… Well, he didn’t screw anything up, did he? My point is, Gerald Ford is how Jimmy Carter got elected.

Flash ahead to 1992. How did Clinton get elected? Can you say, “Read my lips. No new taxes.”? Yeah. George H. W. Bush could. He was weak and wishy-washy but he was the incumbent so the Republicans trotted him out for another shot at mediocre, left-leaning leadership(?) and what happened? The guy who invented the internet and Slick Willy soundly trounced him. Don’t argue, they had more than twice the votes. It wasn’t close and Perot didn’t cost him the race. Basically, he sucked.

Now. It’s 2008 and some guy with two weeks experience as a junior Senator from Illinois gets elected. Can you tell me why? Think. Think hard. Think some more. Can you say farthest left-leaning, most wishy-washy, ‘didn’t screw anything up’ guy ever? He nearly equalled the whooping G.H.W. Bush took and had it not been for Sarah Palin and the absence of a Perot type spoiler he probably would have set some kind of record. That’s right Grasshopper, the esteemed Senator from Arizona, and devoted student of Rodney King, John ‘can’t we all just get along’ McCain.

There you have the history of how to get, in the immortal words of BHO, shellacked. These are colossal losers for a reason. What is that reason? I tried to clearly spell it out at every turn but here it is again, in no uncertain terms. LEFT-LEANING. Got it? The American people, and Republicans in particular, are sick and tired of having two socialists up there come election time. If you trot out Mitt in 2012 you guarantee BHO is a two term President and I move to New Zealand to watch your demise from afar.

One last thing. Blacks make up about 12% of the population and libs (which will be including most of those blacks) makes up about 14%. These two groups combined could not have elected Chairman Zero. The Ministry of Propaganda can spew feces all day and night but the group with so many names will be back in 2012 to make things right. So silent majority, tea partiers, working class, whatever you want to go by, remember that we are about 80% of the populace so fear not. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Green Spy Blimp

January 24, 2011

Austin Powers and Batman would be envious of Chairman Zero and his all new spy blimp. This idea is dumb as a hub cap. Here it is, let’s take the biggest, slowest, dumbest airship we can conjure up and stick it up over a war zone with some hydrogen on board. Sound like a plan? If so, have a look here. I don’t know about you but I am just baffled with the brilliance.

So let’s get the facts straight this thing is 450 feet long. I heard it was supposed to be that wide and even longer. So anyway, it’s huge, good thing it only has to land once every ten years. That’s the figure I heard sprayed around, ten years in the air. It’s unmanned, did I mention that? Did the article mention that? Yeah, nobody on it just a radar system. Then some solar panels to recharge the hydrogen fuel cell. That’s it. I’m betting it could have been much smaller but they needed all that surface area for the solar panels to recharge the fuel cell. Yes. A fuel cell. It will be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The darn thing’s green.

Oh, then there’s the supercomputer. Gee, did I forget to mention the supercomputer? Yeah, it’s going to have a supercomputer. But it won’t be for remembering what you did on 12 February, 2020. Honest. And we would never use it to spy on you. If you believe that see here. Ogden is so…oh what should we say…progressive? Don’t you agree? Oh, and did I mention that we get all of this for only $400 million? I think I can build that blimp for $200 million.

So now they think they might need more of these things. A whole fleet in fact. See here. I tell you now, I am from the gubmint and I am here to help you and there is no way these will be used to invade your privacy. NO WAY. If you believe that see here. Just when you think you’ve seen it all. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


January 21, 2011

I motored through the parking lot of my local Wal-Mart the other day and as I cruised past the front of the store I noticed that I was having to come to a complete stop no less than six times. I can see before the cross walk but in the middle and at the end, WTF? Now it didn’t end there. The people I was stopping for were not even taking a quick look to see if I might be, indeed, stopping for them. They and their mentally challenged offspring just ambled along to show off their latest spandex creation. Not wanting to miss the next edition of “Wal-Mart People” I, of course, stopped…and took photos.

Now I AM going somewhere with this, I am not just kicking the morons while they are down. One of my pet peeves has always been how little respect people have for driving and automobiles. It WILL kill you. If you really want to see some terrible casualty figures dig up the stuff on auto wrecks. Another part of this peeve would be that there is no such thing as an accident…only wrecks. They all could have been averted in one way or another.

Anyway, there is a Lowe’s adjacent to my Wal-Mart, and their parking lot is much more motor friendly. But some of the Wal-Mart People seemed to have strayed over and I found myself having to stop, yet again, for the blind (I can only assume). As I stared in disbelief at the brood-mare and her litter who were responsible for the coffee down the front of me I realized that they looked as if they were walking through a park. I instantly wanted to yell, “It’s a parking lot, not a park!”

That’s when it hit me. These people were destined to be Wal-Martered. Yes. I am quite astute when at the wheel. I have actually pulled out of a turning lane and watched the car that was behind me rear-end the car that was in front of me. But these people. They couldn’t even be bothered to see if I was even looking where I was going. They weren’t long for this world. The sad part is, later, after watching them try to buy driveway pavers and a coyfish pond with food stamps I really didn’t care.

Friends. This is what “cradle to grave” nanny state legislation produces. Here’s the scenario, you tell me how it plays out. You take several of these people and put them all over a parking lot and set them free in vehicles and on foot. What’s the outcome? This is bound to play out for real in the near future. Write this down and watch for the news story. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Get “Carry”ed Away

January 20, 2011

As most of you know if there is any restriction placed on a law biding citizen carrying a bazooka down main street it is an infringement of the Second Amendment as I see it. That Amendment wasn’t put in there for hunting or some lame home defence crap. It was put in there as a final defence against a gubmint gone wild. So, anything less than citizens being free to carry any and all items available to the military is an infringement. Period. It’s just that simple. Also, I have never had any desire for a “concealed carry” permit or anything like it as I think it could be construed as a contract with the gubmint to relinquish some of your Second Amendment right.

Now. With that stated clearly. Let’s move to this freak in Tuscon. Jared Lockhorn or whatever. This is where I break from the Ministry of Propaganda (media). They want to get his name right and everything else, I couldn’t care less what his name is and you sure won’t see a picture here. I don’t want him to be known far and wide. I want him to be refered to as that left-wing nutbag, so for the rest of this post that is how I will refer to him.

He is not connected to the tea party or talk radio or even right-wing. He is indeed a left-wing nutbag and still, nobody knows why he did what he did. The only thing for certain is that Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh didn’t get him to do it. Now, the point I would like to make here is to connect the dots as they have been presented in this post. (That is always my intent but I sometimes wander off the trail.)

The point being that this left-wing nutbag is a total loser. He is a loser at everything. And this, to me, is the reason for gun control. Let me break that down. In a perfect world where carrying weapons is as I stated in the first paragraph this left-wing nutbag would have, yet again, been outclassed by 99% of the people on the street. But thanks to liberal meddling from, no doubt, Sheriff Dipstick, among others, he was able to purchase a viable weapon and inflict maximum damage, safe in the knowledge that few were able to defend themselves.

And now, as Limbaugh so eloquently named them, the new castrati (libs) have called for a ban on those evil high-capacity magazines (still looking for that sarcasm font). This has always puzzled me. Libs recoil from a gun laying in a drawer like it is a coiled viper ready to strike. Why is that? It is no more deadly than a hammer or a steak knife. A left-wing nutbag has to get ahold of it and handle it improperly before it is a danger. But none the less they want to infringe on my Second Amendment right and I will have none of it.

112 Congress. Here’s what I expect. After obamacare and light bulb bans I want to see a full repeal of ALL federal laws regarding firearms as well as the disbandment of the ATF. Thank you for your cooperation. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Have You Got Gas

January 19, 2011

I don’t know about your particular neck of the woods but in mine fuel has gone over $3.00 a gallon. Friends, this is just not acceptable. We are not in France or Germany. This is The United States of America and we need…no we deserve fuel for 50 cents a gallon. After all these years I just noticed there is no cents symbol on this keyboard like used to be on my typewriter. Why is that? Do you think maybe it’s because you can melt them down (pennies) and get more for them as scrap copper than the face value? But I digress. This is not the kind of country where we sit around having cheese while we wine. We take six thousand pound vehicles and drive them through the creek and up the mountain and then sit around consuming adult beverages while we brag about how quickly we did it.

Now, I vividly remember the Ministry of Propaganda (media) telling us how fuel prices were going up because Reagan and Bush were lining the pockets of their oil buddies. So what’s happening now? Where’s Couric with the low down on Chairman Zero’s oil buddies? Heck they’re richer now than they ever were. I guess my question is, how come we run around acting stupid when a Republican is President and the price of fuel goes up but we never do when a Democrat is president and the price goes up? Could this be fueled by the Ministry of Propaganda? I have noticed that they all seem to swear by the communist manifesto and not the Constitution.

And while were making comparisons of Presidents past and present let’s talk about the truthers. That’s right, the truthers, you don’t want to hear that, do you? Well here it is. Thousands lost their lives on 9/11 and still, even the Ministry of Propaganda thinks Bush had advanced knowledge, (Kind of like FDR and Pearl?) so is it logical to presume that Zero had knowledge of the Obama Oil Spill? I mean really, relatively few lost their lives on this deal. Does that make it the kinder, gentler catastrophe of the liberals?

Hey, just some things to ponder while you gaze at your birth certificate. I say we go right out on a limb and blame Zero completely for this three dollar a gallon thing and make him resign over the Obama Oil Spill. Until next time, screw environmentalists.