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August 31, 2009

Non-Profit, Not-for-Profit, whatever they want to call it, it’s all BS. Everybody involved in the scam is making plenty of profit and I’m tired of footing the bill. The only thing that makes no profit is the cause they are promoting. I hear people state with pride that someone they know works for a non-profit organization, well let’s examine exactly what that means.

Let’s pretend that we are organizing a non-profit to advance the plight of, oh I don’t know’ let’s say the Gay Munchkins of Nantucket (GMN). First we get some funds from the Federal Government, that’s you and me, taxpayers, get it. Grants and such. I would not support the GMN if given the opportunity to refuse so there is the first strike.

Once we have some grant money we can hire some fund raisers for the GMN at say, oh I don’t know, thirty thousand a year sound fair? These people are usually not employable by normal standards (personality conflicts and what not, so we are performing a valuable function already). They go out and coerce citizens into donating to the GMN. Now we can hire more fund raisers. As you can see this is a prime directive of non-profits, fundraising. Strike two.

Now that the GMN has a healthy supply of funds (never call it money or cash because that is evil to these people) we can set up some GMN branch offices and a GMN world headquarters with plenty of six figure incomes to go around. Of course you and I are knocking down crazy coin, a quarter of a mil easy, after all organizing a non-profit takes a special something.

Once all this is in place we can actually start supporting the GMN with $3,000,000.00 a year. What we won’t make public is that the GMN takes $297,000,000.00 a year to operate.

To learn more about how you can get a lucrative position at a non-profit go to


August 30, 2009

Did you get a stimulus check? Apparently 3,900 inmates in a DC prison did. $250.00 each, that’s $975,000.00. 2,200 of them actually got to keep them, that’s $550,000.00. The other 1,700? The Social Insecurity Administration’s Mark Lassiter said “…most of the checks were returned by the prisons…”. Most of the checks? What does he mean most of the checks? That’s $425,000.00, What is most of that? $212,750.00 is over half.

Social Insecurity Commissioner Michael J. Astrue said, “Where we determine payment was not due, we will take aggressive action to recover each of these erroneous payments.” Aggressive action? What, are they going to do, threaten to put these guys in prison? Garnish their wages? Punk them in the shower? What?

Who else received these checks? People who receive VA and Railroad Retirement Board checks. The VA I can support, no problem. But why are we again subsidizing the railroads if they are so wonderful? The CSX commercials in my area paint the railroads as the most efficient way to do everything from slicing French fries to laundering your unmentionables. So why would we need to subsidize this eighth wonder of the world? The gubment makes me sick.

HR 615

August 28, 2009

An amendment to Teddycare by Republican Tom Colburn was past by the Senate health committee that would require the jackals in congress to enroll in the plan. Almost all the Democrats voted against it. Under the current version they are exempt from it as are some union members. Why is that?

If this plan is so all fired good as they say it is shouldn’t they be the first in line to get signed up? I’m sure Teddy would have wanted it that way. After all, this was his “life long dream”. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of paying for the health care these jackals receive, and if they’re going to ram this down our throats they are going to be on it too. One congressman feels that way too and he has set up on his web site so we can sign a petition saying so. It’s easy and only takes a minute. Go to and put in your first and last name and your e-mail.

 That’s it. That’s all it takes to tell DC you have had enough and they will be signing up for whatever horse manure they send to us. I was thrilled to do this in about three point two seconds so I can see how frantic they get and what changes are made. I’m now going to e-mail my liberal senator and tell him that he WILL be signing up for it, and that I will make it my life’s mission to see that he does. If they all know that we won’t rest until they are stuck with this crap like we will be, maybe it will get better. Or better yet, just go away.


August 27, 2009

As I watched the school bus pass through the intersection I thought back to my days in government school and I felt sorry for those kids. The school system I attended was said to be among the finest in the world at that time. It was said to be “very progressive”. We didn’t know what that meant back then. But, as a survivor, I’m here to tell you what that meant.

School was nothing more than a big party. I actually learned very little of any value after about seventh grade. I used to read the book at the beginning and then again just before finals, then skip as much as possible in between. I passed with a c average and graduated a semester early. The time I did spend in class was usually filled with worthless lessons about failed policies. Of course they hadn’t failed at the time, but they have now. Free sex comes to mind. One of the first schools in the country to hand out condoms and promote homosexual behavior. We had several openly gay teachers. It’s not a lifestyle, it’s a sickness.

There were two  loser cruisers I could ride, the first was a regular, overcrowded bus, the second was the smoking overcrowded bus. Yes, we could smoke on the bus in high school. And no smoking in the boys room, we had a smoking lounge attached to the cafeteria. I may give away too much here but possession of less than an ounce of marijuana was punishable by a five dollar, mail in ticket (and still is to this day). That is what your taxes pay for. That is progressive.

As i looked at those poor kids on that loser cruiser being trucked off to be indoctrinated, I thought, “No wonder Obama got elected.”


August 26, 2009

Caster Semenya is a name that has made a lot of news in the sports world lately. If you are not aware she is the track and field star who was recently asked to take a gender test. So, here we go again, more speculative crap involving a sports problem, how can we throw tax dollars at this? I see no problem actually. Dominic Lawson wrote a brilliant piece for the Times of London that reflects my views. His solution: “Let there be no male or female athletics championships. Instead, let men and women—and all those anomalously and uncomfortably perched in the middle—compete against each other in a single championship.” Right on Dom.

I mean come on people, if we spent half the money wasted on sports problems we could end world hunger. I will give you that sports if much more fun than world hunger but what the heck, what’s more important. I really don’t care if this amazon took out Tiffany and Crystal for the 800 meter (what is 800 meters anyway, a half a mile or something?) let her win. She DID win. It’s over. What giant brain started this crusade anyway?

Speaking of crusades, we might need a modern day one. I call being King Richard.


August 25, 2009

Arthur Frommer is a travel writer, publisher and consumer advocate. From what I have read he’s a very good travel writer, but he may be a poor American citizen. One of his latest posts strays into unknown territory for the travel writer, Arizona gun laws. Check it out at

He doesn’t call for a boycott of Arizona as I had heard, but he does say, “…I will not personally travel in a state where civilians carry loaded weapons onto the sidewalks…”. In the immortal words of Michael Jackson, “That’s ignorant.” Mr. Frommer needs to stick to travel because he is travelling in dangerous territory now, and needs to read his Constitution a little more carefully.

Apparently Mr. Frommer built his first hotel in 1969 in Amsterdam, which begs the question. Why Amsterdam? Is something wrong with America? Could Mr. Frommer maybe be a little socialist? Perhaps paranoid? With statements like the one above and further ravings about his safety from other, law abiding citizens, I think so. It may be time to retire Mr. Frommer. Somewhere more docile. Perhaps France.


August 24, 2009

Cindy Sheehan is going to Martha’s Vineyard. “Who?” you say. Cindy Sheehan, you remember she protested the Iraq war by relentlessly camping out near President George W. Bush’s Texas ranch during his vacations. Apparently she is not two faced like a certain self anointed messiah we know, because she is now camping out at Obama’s vacation spot to shed light on the fact that he is the same as Bush on war.

So, let’s see. Cindy Sheehan hasn’t changed. Apparently Barack Hussein Obama is the same as George W. Bush. So what has changed in this equation? Oh yeah. There it is, the missing link. The media is not covering this like they did when she did it to Bush. Why do you suppose that is Mr. Wizard? Let’s examine the facts.

When Bush was President the media hounded him for all things stupid and embarrassing. Now that Obama is President the media glosses over or completely omits all things stupid and embarrassing. Obama and Bush are the same on war. Obama and Bush filled the same public service position. So this leaves one conclusion. Could it be? No. Not the media. It looks right. I think it’s right. How embarrassing. The media, as a whole, is racist.

I Found It

August 23, 2009

I think I’ve found the exact moment in history when health care insurance went down the drain. When Sir Ted started his HMO’s they covered all the normal things like check-ups and routine tests but they were terrible for real problems, even simple ones like a broken bone. You had to truck all the way to your approved clinic or risk being hit with “unauthorized charges”.

Well, regular health care held it’s own for a while but all the healthy people started defecting to an HMO for the preventive maintenance. They churned out one routine test and check-up after another. Trying to take care of all the chronic illness and poor health cases hurt the health care insurance companies so they began to offer the doctor visits and drug coverage and all of the extras you see now to lure the healthy ones back. It was the beginning of health care spiraling out of control.

As services increased, costs increased, pay outs to doctors were more closely scrutinized and claims were denied. The doctors retaliated with inflated costs to cover denied claims. The game went back and forth until we arrived where we are now. A thirty dollar aspirin, a fifteen dollar band-aid and pad the claim any way possible in hopes that you’ll get what’s due to you. With anything out of the ordinary being denied by the insurance company without ironclad documentation, it’s to the point now where most health care facilities have become “mills” churning out assembly line like treatment with most of them specialized to decrease the chances of misdiagnosis.

How do we fix it? What, do you think I’m Socrates? Can we go back to the way it was? Are you willing to give a little. Will the doctors give a little. Will the insurance companies give a little. If anyone says no, we are hosed. The illustrious leader has proclaimed that it’s unsustainable, and I hate to, but I’m afraid I actually agree with him. Excuse me while I vomit.


August 22, 2009

How many of you are old enough to remember when cable came to town? I would imagine not very many, but of those of you who do, what was the big selling point? They came to us with their hat in their hand and nearly begged us telling us that we would be able to watch programs uninterrupted by commercials if we just paid them? Say it in unison, “ Why yes Rick, I believe that was it.”

So what happened? I pay them what a man earned in a week in 1965 every month and I see more commercials now than I ever did in the sixties. I was watching a program from the “golden years of television” a while back and they had so many commercials that they had to shorten the program. It used to have a little blip at the end but they had to cut that out to make room for the butt machine ad or something. Between cutting the shows up for political correctness, commercialism and the out of this world cable bill, I rarely watch TV anymore.

And when did the networks all become such great friends. They used to compete for our viewing with good programming that we wanted to see, Now they not only have the same crap on that no one wants to see they also advertise for each other. But that’s ok, I can get two Spanish channels and the “all church all the time” network if I buy one of those converter boxes and a two hundred dollar antenna.

Hallelujah Senor! At least it’s free. Or, I could get a life.


August 21, 2009

Between Maxine saying she is all about socializing business and the rest of the idiot quotes I’ve heard coming out of DC it’s amazing these negative IQ’s keep getting work. But somehow they fool enough of the people long enough to re-up. That’s not saying much for the American people and there is nothing I can do about it. Facts is facts.

It’s not all Democrat quotes that make the hit parade. The one that I think is the best is from Republican Rep. Bill Sali of Idaho who said, “I have asked my staff to draft a measure I call the Obesity Reduction and Health Promotion Act. Since Congress will apparently not be restrained by the laws and principles that naturally exist, I propose that the force of gravity, by force of Congress, be reduced by ten percent. Mr. Speaker, that will result in immediate weight loss for every American. It will immediately help reduce obesity problems in America.”

This was probably some sort of attempt at dry humor (I hope) on the part of Mr. Sali, but he’s right on here. Congress acts like the laws of physics, nature, economy and all the other unchangeable constants don’t apply when they are involved. Then they glom on to some twisted theory like global warming and hang on for dear life through the coldest summer I can remember. We need fresh thinkers. We need people with real life experience. Throw all these fossils that have broken with reality out and elect some people with something besides oatmeal between their ears.