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Galactic Blowout

November 5, 2009

I was thinking about moon rocks and NASA sending probes to other planets and how we abandoned the lunar excursion module (LEM) on the moon. Boy, if there is life on the moon they are already thinking what a bunch of low lifes we are as we have already abandoned a car in their neighborhood.

Then I started thinking about the Martians and such and all the probes we have sent to their planets and abandoned there. What if our probe is nothing more than a garbage can full of garbage to them and we have sent it there and dumped it. Maybe we have outstanding tickets all over the solar system for parking and unauthorized dumping? Didn’t we have a probe explode trying to get to Jupiter? They might think we are trying to bomb them. “It was a drone”, they’ll say.

Then a thought occurred to me. The solar system has been compared to atomic structure. What if these things we are taking and leaving all over the solar system are putting it out of balance? Let’s simplify. The tire on your car is relatively big compared to that little weight that puts it in balance. And the planets are spinning around the Sun like a tire around a hub. If we go putting weights all over the place where they don’t belong, what will the result be? Galactic blowout? I think even a little wobble could be catastrophic. Maybe that’s why Pluto isn’t a planet anymore, no one ever did explain that to my satisfaction.