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Chicago Guns

September 30, 2009

I warned you this was coming. You have to watch these people all the time. I hate magic just for this reason. You can always figure out how it’s done once you know the general secret and here it is. Always watch the hand that has nothing in it. While they flash the empty cup with one hand the other hand reaches in the pocket and gets the ball to put under the cup when they set it down and boom. It’s magic how the Second Amendment rights disappear.

They have a three ring circus going here, health care, global warming and gun grabbing. I haven’t figured out yet who to watch in what field. As for global warming I think they are in the flash the cup stage and Algore is in the pocket right now so be aware on that front. It would seem that Kerry and Boxer are taking the lead on health care and I believe this is a flash of the cup so look for someone else to throw the ball soon. And while we were looking at the cup in the form of health care Sotomayor and her band of gun grabbers got busy on this Chicago gun ban issue.

Now I’ll bet a lot of you are saying what’s the big deal about Chicago? Who cares? Well let me tell you, this will be a precedent that will be set and they will eat your Second Amendment rights away on the local level rather than federal. They don’t care who disarms you or how they do it they just want it done. Those Second Amendment rights are God given and no one has any business taking them away from you. Now, here comes the tricky part. Who do you put heat on to get these jackals in the supreme court to respect your rights?

Warmis Are Heating Up

September 29, 2009

Well the Senate Environmental and Public Works committee (that’s sure a commie sounding name) has produced a master piece of legislative engineering co-sponsored by the best and brightest the socialist party has to offer, Lurch (John Kerry) and Boxer. It has provisions that would reduce the cost of emissions permits for utilities and “other major greenhouse gas producers”. Besides this gap in specific language it has many other gaps that the socialists are saying demonstrates how much they are willing to negotiate to pass this bill.

Well that’s darn swell of them but again, we breath in the air and breath out the carbon dioxide and the trees breath in the carbon dioxide and breath out the air. Perfect set up designed by God. No need for socialists to regulate it. You see my major objection to all the “regulating” that the federal gubmint is doing is that they have no authority to do it, the individual States are responsible for this. The same for health care and the auto industry, get out and stay out.

Now, if that doesn’t get your thong in a wad, the Republicans are cozying up to this. Yeah, it has some provisions that they find exciting. It offers new incentives for nuclear power plant construction. David Doniger, the climate policy director for the Natural Resources Defense Council called it a “green flag” and said that there is still time for the Senate to get something done this year. WTF is the Natural Resources Defense Council? I looked it up. It’s another one of those parasitic “non profits”. But it sure sounds impressive, huh? I envision David as one of those old hippies with thinning hair and a scraggly pony tail in one of those awful tweed jackets with the gay patches on the elbows reaking of his compost pile. But I could be wrong. At any rate it appears we have to start nagging our clowns in DC again or we’ll be paying through the nose for worthless regulation of a non problem.

Canadian Health Care

September 28, 2009

Have you heard, Canadians are crossing the borders to get health care. In Moonbattery on 9/28/09 was an article on this, “In Canada, an Underground Railroad for Health Care”, and Rush Limbaugh was talking about a string of illegal clinics opened in British Columbia and giving health care for cash. It appears that the Canadians have “gone off the res” as they say.

Yes, it seems that people may be dieing on Canada’s health care plan so they are finding creative ways around it. Most of them outside the law. What could make otherwise law-abiding citizens do this? According to a chart in the Moonbattery article knee replacement can take up to two years, cardiac bypass twelve months and gall bladder removal three years. Won’t that kill you? What a bang up job socialized medicine is doing there. Ask not what your country can do for you blah, blah, blah. I just want my country to get out of my way. I’m not asking for something special, just don’t hinder me every time I turn around.

If you agree with this kind of thinking you better make contact with those wastes of lives you call representatives now. Honest, your rep isn’t the one good one in a sea of evil fighting for truth and justice. He’s more often than not part of the problem. Without constant supervision they will vote themselves a raise, have a waitress sandwich and diminish your freedom. All in a days work, Maam.

A Raise

September 26, 2009

Your liberal reps have done it again. They are giving their staffers a raise in these times when I’m sure no one out there is getting a raise, if they still even have a job to go to. This is a BS little manuver and these people need to pay dearly for it. They took a bill that would temporarily supply funding to keep the congress running and attached this salary increase for their staffers to it. The reason this bill is even here is because they have not done their job. They still have not passed a budget to keep them going. After eight months the smartest President we have ever had could not get this done? What has he been doing? Oh yeah, He’s at the circus.

Apparently the Republicans stood fast against it at the risk of being accused of shutting down the federal gubmint (no great loss). The bull, I mean bill passed something like 217-190. The bill includes $99 million in increases over 2009 for the House and Senate. That’s a lot of pay raises. Let’s remember this in 2010.

 To read articles about this click below.


September 25, 2009

Hey. The circus has come to town. Colonel Kadaffy has set up his tent in Donald’s garden. All the streets are choked with giant black SUV’s each carrying a single delagate who has come here to do something about global warming. I was listening to the radio and I understand that even Blaise Compaore, the President of Burkina Faso, is here. A splendid time is guaranteed for all. Did you know that Kadaffy’s tent has plumbing? I understand that he and Michelle may do a fashion show together. The moo-moo he was wearing the other day was particularly stunning. And how does he do his hair, electroshock in a wind tunnel?

So the clown prince took center stage and I understand he’s as long winded as he is insane. Yes, Colonel Kadaffy spoke for quite a while. He came out with such zingers as he thinks Chairman Zero should be President for life. Of course Zero, not to be outdone, did his famous ‘I’m to far above this job, I should be President of the world’ bit for the crowd and they just loved it.

Back to Kadaffy, he has a new bit and it just had them rolling in the ailes. He starts out with some incoherent stuff about Kennedy planning to investigate the nuclear power program in Isreal. The beginning is kind of slow and seems a little paranoid, even for a man with all female body guards but it quickly moves on to how Jack Ruby, who’s real name is Jacob Rubinski, is a Jew, and it was all part of the master Jew plan for him to kill Oswald to keep him quiet about the true reason for Kennedy’s assasination. Shortly after this he must have said something that really wasn’t that funny because a bunch of people got up and left. Oh well, stop by again folks. he’ll be there all weekend. Three shows a day.


September 24, 2009

Apparently acorn is suing James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, the two that made the video, and Andrew Breitbart, the one that posted it on his website. Screw acorn. They got caught with their pants down and that’s tough. Andrew, Hannah and James did this country a service and I for one will contribute to their defence if asked. It appears that it’s a multimillion dollar lawsuit because the two pieces of trash that were caught suffered “emotional distress”. They should suffer prison distress.

This is the kind of thing that’s causing the decline of our culture and they were more than happy to contribute to it. They seem to get some kind of satisfaction from dragging the rest of the neighborhood down in that way. They are criminals and should be treated as such. The film makers on the other hand should be treated as heros for exposing this criminal activity to the authorities. Key to the city, commendation from the Mayor, that sort of thing. But oh no, Maryland, in all it’s gay liberal wisdom is on the bandwagon attempting to prosecute these heros for some half baked infraction. I sure am glad I don’t live in a state with this attitude.

At any rate, keep your eyes and ears open on this one and help out where ever you can. These people went out on a limb for you.

Global Hoopla

September 23, 2009

I warned you, I knew it was coming when the troops started saying it was over. Chairman Zero made his beautiful oratory to the climate change boobs and summed it up (because he has no real plan other than to soak up our freedoms). “We understand the gravity of the climate threat.” he said. Yeah, we understand that it is a scam designed to take more of our God given rights away. I’ve had my fill of this crap and I’m going to start calling  it as I see it in reference to this lie.

He went on to trot out the children, as all good libs do when confronted with opposition of this magnitude. They hope to get Mom worried about the future of her children and wiggle in the back door with the crap about “the children”. I’m sick of it. The children will be just fine if we leave them a productive society but he and his ilk want a humble populace of sheep to blindly follow their omniscient leader into global slavery.

The entire thing was vague and general. If he really was worried about “climate change” he would be looking into such things as hydrogen fuel for internal combustion engines. That’s right, hydrogen. Any item powered by an internal combustion engine can be fueled with hydrogen. The byproduct of this is steam. That’s steam, period. Nothing toxic and nothing that would deplete ozone or any of their catch BS. The sick part is that it would cost about $1500.00 to do this to a vehicle.

Opponents claim it’s too dangerous. Fires, explosions and such. Hydrogen is no more explosive than gasoline and when the tank is ruptured and the fuel escapes it rises in the atmosphere and dissipates. It’s part of the chemical makeup of water so it’s not polluting. Gasoline spills on the ground and ignites or pollutes the ground water.

Why don’t he just piss up a flagpole.

Obama’s War

September 22, 2009

In 1965 when Johnson funnelled troops into Viet Nam he thought he was right, but he actually made one serious error after another from that point on. Chairman Zero’s plans to do the same in Afghanistan are very similar. On top of that he’s flopping all over the place. He’s talking out the other side of his head about less troops and more counter terrorism operations. Personally, I wouldn’t say anything until I had a clear plan, but I guess that’s why I’m not the Chairman of the party.

I still don’t understand his fixation with this region. He keeps spouting about the taliban and what not, while having ramadan celebrations at the White House. He describes this war as the nation’s foremost military priority which to him is I quess like our neighbors kids oboe recital is to us. The U.S. commander in Afghanistan says there is an urgent need to revise our strategy. An “urgent need”. But of course Chairman Zero has more pressing issues to address.

This whimpy attitude toward wartime decisions is characteristic of the libs as demonstrated by Kennedy at the Bay of Pigs, Johnson in Viet Nam, Carter in Iran and Clinton in Somalia. What makes it worse is the tendancy to run hot and cold on the issue of the war itself. First they are gung ho to roll in and do the deed. Then they lose their taste for it and pull funding until they can’t stand to see anymore American lives lost so they roll back to the gung ho stage for a short period before they second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) guess themselves.

Personally, I think we should just pull everyone out of everywhere, close our borders for twenty years and become self sufficient. The gubmint just makes me sick. To check out the story from the Las Vegas Sun on this click below.


September 21, 2009

“What it’s saying is, is that we’re not going to have other people carrying your burdens for you anymore,” said Obama. “Right now everybody in America, just about, has to get auto insurance. Nobody considers that a tax increase.” That’s the thinking Chairman Zero is now applying to his tax if you opt out of gubmint medical insurance.

 We’re not going to have other people carrying your burdens, he says. Other people carrying your burdens? What the heck does he think taxing us to pay for substandard medical insurance is? The two of us who work out here will be paying for everybody else’s medical insurance. Carrying their burden. This is just part of his fuzzy logic here.

He goes on to compare medical insurance with auto insurance. In it’s functioning that’s a valid comparison but not in the context of taxes. And he further goes on to equate driving to living here. Do you feel that driving is as important as say, keeping your arm from being amputated due to gangrene? Back to taxes. Nobody considers that a tax increase because they don’t have to drive. They do have to live. Driving is not a right, driving is a privilege that can be revoked. Living is a God given right and the gubmint cannot revoke it. Where does he come up with this stuff?

Comparing auto insurance to medical insurance in this context is just stupid. I thought he was supposed to be smarter than this.

Climate Change Not Dead

September 19, 2009

Will Alexander, an 85 year old S. African U.N. scientist is retiring. He says, “…the whole climate change issue is rapidly disintegrating…about to collapse like a house of cards…”. These words are music to my ears but hold the wagon there Charlie, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet. Conspicuously absent of late is the esteemed Algore. He’s like a retarded Chairman Zero. He may not move near as fast but you can bet he’s still festering somewhere so let’s keep the heat on. That crap and trade bill is still lingering in congress somewhere so an e-mail now and then to our reps wouldn’t hurt.

An article in the Politico quoted  Harry Reid as saying he doesn’t have time for it (Is it just me or does Harry Reid look like Harry Potter at seventy?). The article went on to say that the senate majority leader seems ready to move the debate to 2010 and the Democratic Caucus is split over the bill. It’s all good but stay in your seat. I’m telling you it’s not over yet. The article went on to say that Boxer and Lurch (John Kerry) are planning a little scam of their own to be introduced in the Senate, so watch for this debacle and be sure to contact your reps.

And don’t think the Republicans are clean in this they are part of a little bill that would require power companies to get 15 percent of their power from renewable resources by 2021 (read that INCREASE IN YOUR BILL). And the Democrats are back to their old program of “incrimental” taxing I mean… I don’t even know what is meant here but they are going to pass something that leaves a platform for crap and trade. Remember, keep a tight leash on them now through e-mails and phone calls and pitch them all out in 2010 and start with a fresh crew.