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For White Guys Only

February 28, 2011

Hey sports fans, is that a racist title? You betcha it is. Do I care. No way because that would be racist. Confused yet? Let me ‘splain. When you go to the institutions of higher learnin’ it takes a lot of cabbage. So some people look to all kinds of things for funding. There are grants and loans and one of these sources is scholarships.

Now you can get a scholarship for all kinds of things, basketball comes to mind. Football, baseball, art, being black, being female, and now, for the first time, for being a white guy. Yeah really. See that here. I saw this little article first thing this morning and it has just kind of stuck around all day. There’s really nowhere to go with it but the media has just kept it around hoping to incite violence or something. This would be what they call a ‘slow news day’.

The comments are a little racy but no serious fighting as of this writing. Everybody noticed the author looked deep into the founders’ backgrounds for dirt. But the part that really shook me was that it’s only $500.00. That won’t even cover books. But Allah forbid we should help out a white guy in any way, shape or form. Right?

I like the comment that said they fall under the same protection as others or no one does. Hey that sounds fair. WTH? Let me see if I can clear the water, now where’s my mud? Racism, how does it work? I’ve heard some laws quoted here and there. It seems that all are provided the same protection under the law. Does that sound about right?

Next I hear some Alsharpton interpretation of the law (at least I think it was big Al who said) everybody should have the same stuff in their house. Again, WTH? Ok, so I’m supposed to have the same silk feetie jammies that Al has? I don’t even want feetie jammies, and I’m pretty sure Al don’t want the same work boots that I have. Say, is that a racist statement? Think long and hard. Well, does Al want the same work boots I have? But I digress.

Then we have the giant brain (I forget who but I really think it was Al again) that said you must have power in order to perform a racist act. If that’s the case then I can do as I please because I’m low, low, low on the totem. Is that a racist statement? I’m part injun’ does that help? So anyway, back at the ranch, yes. I think the scholarship is racist. BUT. And that’s a big but (no, not Al’s) a lot of them are racist. If…it’s exclusively for some one based on their race, that, my friends, is racist.

Now. Is that a crime? Do you even know anymore? At this point in time do you really care any more? Should the white guys who can’t do their own checkbooks be allowed to give their money to whoever they want based on whatever they want? I’m sure Al has an answer that will make your socks roll up and down like window shades. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Cause Pt. 2

February 25, 2011

To get what they needed the progressives were going to have to get at that Constitution thing. Hempha Jr, and Royce III were in regular contact with their handlers in Overcastistan. They received instruction on how to change the Constitution but they had become assimilated into the culture and, as worthless commies, they were too high to do the things asked of them by their communist overlords.

Finally they met up with a woman named Carrie Nation, a hatchet faced woman who carried a hatchet and a Bible (she really did see that here). She specialized in depriving others of their freedoms and blaming it all on God. Hempha and Royce were overjoyed. Together they were able to outlaw beer and whiskey. The overlords in Overcastistan could not believe what they heard. Only idiots would attempt such a thing they said, but Hempha, Royce and Carrie were successful and Prohibition went into effect.

After a decade of stupidity the total sum of Prohibition was to make a bunch of scoflaw libs, like Joseph Kennedy, wealthy. No other notable things happened. The Amendment was repealed and the libs were back to square one. Changing the Constitution to favor their views had been a colossal failure. They needed another plan, and as usual Royce and Hempha were too high to come up with anything. The overlords told them to begin working on a plan to consolidate the workers. That would serve to weaken the country so they could be captured.

Many invaders came forward to join the labor movement. They tried all kinds of things to bring down the country. Strikes, vandalism, arson and intimidation. But all to no avail. The people of the country could not be turned into the whinny wusses needed to leave the country open to invasion. While it did contribute a lot to weaken the country the labor movement could not do enough damage to make the country vulnerable to the invaders. Both the prohibition scheme and the labor scam would be kept in place to help weaken the country but clearly a new scam was needed.

Finally, after decades of plotting, the progressives came up with a plan that made Satan blush. They would shame the people into turning on their own country by making it look as if the people were destroying their own country with their own success. How would they do this? With an intricate plan involving the wilderness. A new idea that claimed the people were destroying not only animal habitat but their own. And soon they would not be able to live with what they had done to the wilderness. It was a plan worthy of the greatest charlatans of all time. And many came forward to answer the call. And so was born the environmental movement. Until next time screw environmentalists.

PC In The Crosshairs

February 24, 2011

Well, after yesterdays whack rant I was compelled to come back today and see if I couldn’t carry it too far. The “stresser”, as they call it on the cop shows, that set me off was a bit on the Limbaugh show a few days ago. Just a line or two and I don’t even remember what it related to, but the point is Limbaugh was acting like he was afraid to say weapon. Of course he wasn’t, and he was just making his point, as I am, but it set me off. So, I guess he did his job, now I’m trying to do mine and sound the alarm. Hey. Everybody. It’s getting bad. Time to stop these limp-wristed libs.

So now that everybody’s been thoroughly schooled on WHAT PC is. And now that everybody’s been thoroughly schooled on HOW TO AVOID the vilifying thing. And now that the alarm has been sounded. I would just like to spit out some vile politically incorrect things. Things like GUN. BULLET. WEAPON. CROSSHAIRS. TARGET. See that here. Yes. These things have been put on the PC list.

I know what you’re thinking…WTF? I don’t know either but in the spirit of civility I would like to say that I have put the crosshairs on all libs out there who support this PC crap. I have made them a target for conservatives everywhere. I would like to see them defeated where ever they are. Gee, I was starting to scare myself there. But seriously folks, I would not be surprised if some liberal whack job leaves venomous comments or even tries to have me arrested for some kind of hate crime for this. I will keep you posted on that. And yes, I will ok the venomous comments for publishing. I, unlike my lib counterparts, wouldn’t think of censoring opposing viewpoints.

But back to the point. Yes, gun, bullet, weapon, crosshairs and target have been deemed politically incorrect by the limp-wristed libs. I don’t know who, or how they would offend someone but none-the-less… So, if you value your freedom, I would suggest that you step up the use of these terms and try to apply them to everything you say. Now let me see, in other words, if you want to be as free as a bullet fired from a gun you should target terms that reflect your love of freedom and put the crosshairs on anything that stands in the way of you hitting this target. Now choose your weapon and get to work. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Let’s All Be PC

February 23, 2011

To be politically correct let’s go to the online encyclopedia thing right here and see what they recommend. I’m not quite sure what that was all about but we sure don’t want to offend anyone so let’s push on. Here‘s the lowdown from one of those online answer things. Did you understand that one? There was something in there about homos I think, but I still don’t really understand what it is they’re hoping to accomplish. Ok, this one is a little more “R” rated but I understand it.

In “Political Correctness” by Philip Atkinson it’s refered to as a “communal tyranny that erupted in the eighties”, see that here. Yes, I seem to remember this coming into existence in the eighties and nobody listened or cared, they must have persevered. Basically it sounds like a way to try to restrict freedom of speech. “To prevent people from being offended.” that’s the rational for this transgression? To prevent people from being offended? Well they’ve failed miserably because I am quite offended by the whole charade. And sick of it as well.

Atkinson continues about the majority of citizens becoming selfish but I think it’s a small percentage of the people here trying to coerce the rest into going along with their gay BS. See, now that right there was NOT politically correct. I may have offended some of these fag bags by calling them gay. Or is it the other way around? I so don’t care. I am just trying to highlight the stupidity of the whole thing right here so that we don’t go ahead and make some un Constitutional laws (hate crimes), and then try to enforce them against an armed citizenry.

I think one of the best lines in Atkinson’s piece is, “The proponents of this social demolition achieve their irrational purpose by publicly embracing absurdity through slogans while vilifying any who do not support their stance. Vilifying. BINGO!  That’s the word. Vilifying any who do not support their stance. Bravo! There’s the phrase I have been searching for. That perfectly sums up what I have been trying to get across about this whole idea. Vilify. Yes, they “vilify”. That’s the only way they can force you to follow them. I wanted to say they “shame” you at one time but that was NOT correct because there was no shame in disagreeing with them. Ridicule was my next thought but still not quite on the mark. But vilify, yes, that’s exactly what they do. And it’s so simple to overcome, just walk away. To heck with them, just say no. That’s why they hate that slogan. Don’t buy into their BS. Now that I’ve solved that problem, until next time, screw environmentalists.


February 22, 2011

Rancor n: bitter deep-seated ill will. The National Institute for Civil Discourse  is tasked with eliminating rancor from politics. What the heck (WTH)? Why do they always throw money at what they perceive as problems? Libs and Republicans alike. I say Republicans because every true conservative out there is bleeding from their eyes after seeing this crap. But the Rinos? The Rinos have no problem identifying with BS like this. Look who’s in charge, one of the biggest Rinos ever. No, not Arnold. Read my lips…stop wasting my money on touchy feely crap like this. He didn’t listen then why would he now?

So ever since little “Gabby” opened her eyes and winked at Chairman Zero this has been in the works? Is that what I’m to believe? You know what? The “rancor” not only needs to be turned up a notch but directed at ALL the libs attempting to destroy this country, not just the Democrats. There is no compromising with these people. I’ve personally seen it all my life. They take and take and take. And when there’s nothing left to take they expect you to do. And do it their way. Well to heck with them.

Any self-proclaimed conservatives out there that agree with this type of thing need to reexamine their alliances because any Republicans that think they have a free ride in the next election are sadly mistaken. “Bipartisan” and “stepping across the aisle” are not, in themselves, bad things. But when you have limp-wristed conservatives that are willing to compromise their values and hard-nosed libs that have been tearing away at our way of life for a century and more, these things cannot be tolerated.

Why is it that the conservative way always has to give to the liberal way? I say no more. It stops here and we move steadily to the right from here on. We are not in the wrong and I will not be deceived into giving them one more inch. If the libs like their way so much there are plenty of places in the world they can go. France, as always, comes to mind. But Greece and Spain are looking quite gay lately. Yes, if you don’t like my “free speech” pack it up and move to Greece because that’s the way it still is here and as long as I’m alive that’s the way it will stay. The Wisconsin union busting is not just the right thing to do it’s GREAT! I wish I could go bust some union heads but alas, I am too old and no, I am not advising anyone to go start busting heads. It is what the entire country, nay, world needs. I have long known that unions were the root of most evil and insurance companies and lawyers account for the rest. So, with that said, until next time, screw environmentalists.

Racing Fuel

February 21, 2011

Did you watch the Daytona 500 yesterday? I drifted in and out for the duration while I actually got other things done. I’m not a staunch fan but I do enjoy it from time to time but these restrictor plate races are usually for the birds. I didn’t think they were going to be able to finish. They just kept wrecking. I remember years ago somewhere they wrecked a whole bunch of times, like five, resulting in the rule where they only do it three times now. THREE TIMES. Not too inspiring, huh? Well, the kid that won was only twenty years old. They had to give the champagne to his parents I guess.

But the reason I’m writing is because they were using 15% ethanol. Haven’t the France’s (that would be the family in charge of NASCAR last I heard) gotten the word from Algore yet? You would think they would be among the first to abandon that crap instead they are going the other way. As I said, I am not a staunch fan but this has got me thinking about a complete boycott.

I really would have thought Brian France would have more on the ball than his father, Bill France, Jr., but no. Here it is straight from their own site. There’s a lot of rhetoric in there about “environmental leader” and “long-term sustainability”. What the heck are they talking about? This was released in October of 2010. Here‘s the facts on mileage (third article down). It’s 34% worse. How is that being a leader or sustainable. That even hurts the racing teams (like the France family ever gave a crap about that) with more pit stops.

Again, how is burning MORE fuel long-term sustainability? Especially when it’s made from a food product that is suddenly in short supply because every farmer out there wants that gubmint subsidy for growing corn for ethanol. Stupid makes me sick. This article says that ethanol will increase the very greenhouse gasses that the libs blat about. What the heck? How stupid does it have to get before we start hearing some sense?

The France family must be doing something right. NASCAR seems to be a going concern but it’s just not for my taste anymore. Restrictor plates were bad enough now with this green fuel crap I think I’m done with it. They were complaining about it burning hotter and with the gay way they race (nose in butt) the cars heating up is becoming a factor in the strategy. How sick is that? Well, at least my favorite racing hasn’t been corrupted yet. John Force will soon be at the Gatornationals and looking for a fifteenth, or is it sixteenth championship. 330 mph and no ethanol. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Cause Pt.1

February 18, 2011

The story begins a couple hundred years ago. Fed up with flakey rulers and cheap despots some guys decided to take matters into their own hands and create a country. After several beers and carefully considering all forms of gubmint (Actually, I’m lying here. Not about the beers, ask Sam. Sam Adams was there. About considering other forms of gubmint.) they decided on a constitutional republic. What that means is certain rules will be laid out in a document known as a constitution. These rules are how the gubmint will be run. Period. To change those rules would take the infamous ‘act of Congress’ and then some. In starting their new country the men rejected all other forms of gubmint, including communism, kingdoms, and dictatorships.

It wasn’t long before two-bit dictators, insane kings and blood thirsty commies from all over the world began to see how this ‘freedom’ thing might affect their sweet deals. The kings, dictators, and commies didn’t like it. What was worse is that the men had made sure in their Constitution that the people of the country would be armed citizens instead of unarmed peasants, so the kings, dictators, and commies could not just move in and take over. In order to conquer the country the would be invaders began a program of sending progressives to the country to infiltrate its ranks and weaken it.

In the communist land of Overcastistan, where the sun only broke through the clouds for two hours a year the landscape was depressing. The trees, some kind of poplar, would struggle all year and then spring forth for that two hours and bear leaves then drop them and return to their barren look. The people of Overcastistan would grind the bark into a fine powder and make gruel out of it. That’s what they lived on. Royce and Hempha were two of the people of Overcastistan chosen to be sent to infiltrate the country.

The people of the country did not pay too much attention to the progressives when they first arrived. They were ridiculed and laughed at for their radical behavior and communist ideas but the progressives persevered. Over the course of a few generations they integrated themselves into society. With much fanagaling they managed to open some universities and community colleges and began the arduous task of dumbing down the populace and reeducating the young to bring them around to the progressive way of thinking. They developed a plan where they dressed real hip with patches on their sleeves and roman sandals. And they championed stuff like homosexuality and dope. This made them appear “cool” to the kids. For a couple of generations the progressives operated in this fashion, they even got a few of themselves elected to public office and began changing the Constitution of the country but they never really got what they needed. We’ll stop here for now, until next time, screw environmentalists.

Now That’s A Good Joe

February 17, 2011

That’s just Ol’ Joe. That’s what the Ministry of Propaganda (media) says every time Biden makes yet another gaffe. I still can’t figure out how he ended up where he’s at. It defies all common sense. Did I really just say that in regards to Democrat voters? Honestly, Biden is the butt of a joke just by being Biden. But he’s so much more…

But I came here to tell you about a good Joe. Joe Arpaio. If you’re asking who, you need to brush up on current events that really mean something instead of the Democrat Senators getting on the short bus and running away. See that here. I would so fire them. I’m loving every minute of it. This is one of the greatest things I have seen in my lifetime. To bust this union would be a beautiful thing. These thieves have been sucking the life out of America for as long as I can remember. No part of life has been improved by them for a half a century that I have seen, and many positive aspects have been diminished by them. I wish Wisconsin and it’s Governor the best of luck in this. I can’t wait for 2012. But I digress yet again. Back to Sheriff Joe.

If you’ve never heard of Sheriff Joe you really need to get out of your mama’s apron and look around. Have a look here. This guy’s talking about a run for the Senate, but I think he’s just what we need to take out Chairman Zero for Prez. I really want you to take a look at this guy and research him. If we trot out a Mitt Romney or a Ron Paul we are going to get four more years of Zero. Think about it carefully. We need a new and exciting candidate and Joe Arpaio has the stuff.

This guy takes a common sense approach to everything. Is there anything wrong with that? His inmates wear pink jail uniforms. Seen any of them out on the street? I didn’t think so. So he went ahead and made everything in the jail pink. Try escape in that. He set up a program where he took over animal control. It was hemorrhaging money. He offered the inmates a chance to get out of their cell for a few hours a day and learn a salable trade. It not only makes money now but the inmates don’t come back so much.

They also don’t come back because jail is no fun in Joe’s county. They get the bare minimum allowed by law. Nothing fancy. He cancelled cable and the libs made him turn it back on so he swung a deal with the cable company for the Disney Channel and the Weather Channel. Other than basic that’s it. Actually that’s still more than I have but good for Joe. Say, why don’t we all e-mail the Republican National Party with this guys credentials and see if we can’t get something going? Until next time, screw environmentalists.

It’s Not Karma

February 16, 2011

The woman on the TV said the price of everything is going to soar. SOAR? How high? Everything? How can this be? We have the smartest President ever on the job. Right? Apparently not. It would seem our young President has spent money like a drunken moron. As you can see the debt, see here, is at $14 trillion and rising. That is just the value of securities we have outstanding. I think we should go ahead and look at that number dead in the middle. That total debt. That includes everything. How much you owe. How much I owe. How much GM owes. $55 trillion. WHAT? That thing is jumping faster than everything else on the board. That’s because it includes everything else on the board.

Here’s the thing, every body just worries about themselves. Nobody cares about anyone else. It’s all me, me, me. What can the world do for me? What does the world owe me? How can I get my fair share? I can’t believe people are willing to put this burden on their children. Then I go to the mall and look around. Sick and sad. That’s all I’ve got to say about the state of those people. Anywhere. Go. Look. I’m sure there are some good ones but most are just out for themselves. It’s scary.

Oh sure, some pay lip service, “Oh I love my kids.” “I’d do anything for my babies.” HEY! Try paying your debt! “Well, maybe not that, but anything else.” Ok, try not running up any more debt! “Well, I’ve got to have a flat screen, a new car, and a 4G phone, but right after that…” And there’s no end in sight because they are training their “babies” to be just like them. When their young adults need a lesson in frugality they are instead given a lesson on how to borrow more. Sick and sad.

You know? I’ve watched that program on TV, “My Name Is Earl”. It’s ok but it really doesn’t make much sense it’s just funny how anyone could be that dumb. The stuff he did and does. You know it’s not karma that makes his life better or worse it’s just acting decent. It works every time. If you just straighten out and act decent people respond in kind. Everything goes better. Anyway, that’s just my take on it, until next time, screw environmentalists.

Gubmint Money

February 15, 2011

I’m thinking about starting a business. The gubmint gives out money for that sort of thing don’t they? I was thinking of starting a junkyard. It seems like everything turns into junk sooner or later so that would probably be a going concern. I wonder what you have to do to get a subsidy? I think this would be advantageous to the public and I think that’s the only prerequisite to get a subsidy.

It would certainly be much more advantageous than Amtrak. And they have been getting subsidized since day one and, they have never made a nickel. I am pretty sure I could do better than that.

The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) is another one that eats up subsidies and spits out crap. I think the only thing they can point to that doesn’t offend someone is Sesame Street and I have never seen it so I don’t know, I just have not heard anything negative about it.

How about we revisit National Public Radio (NPR)? Now there’s a real crapper. I have tried to listen to it but I could never stomach anything for more than a few days. It’s like they have the Midas touch only with feces. Everything they touch turns to crap. And I think they work almost entirely on subsidies.

So now let me ask you, does General Motors (GM) work on subsidies now? I don’t know. I heard they were getting money. Then I heard they were paying it back. Now I’m hearing that they paid it back with more borrowed money. I give up. Who really knows?

Another good one is Chrysler. I remember when they got the original bailout. Lee Iacocca was in charge of that. Everybody said he was a real good con-man. I have always thought that they should have gone out of business. That was either right before or right after American Motors (AMC) went out of business. Nobody came running out to them with a bailout. At the time I think they had better models than Chrysler. I know I own a Chrysler and it has never been in a wind tunnel. That thing makes the craziest noises going down the road.

I guess what I’m getting at here is that I think that if it needs a subsidy it should not exist. Amtrak? No. PBS? No. NPR? No. I think we could do just fine without them. GM, too big to fail? Can we get by without them? I think so. Chrysler? Let them fail. How can I say this? I believe the car companies are, and have been, too big for too long. I think smaller, more localized companies should be doing the job. Oh well. Until next time, screw environmentalists.