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November 19, 2009

Property values in my area went down last year. They went down quite a bit. Yet property taxes went up. How can that be? They raised the millage rate to make up for the lost revenue and they went a little farther. $15 – $20 in most cases. When I was a real estate investor that’s what we used to call a nuisance rent increase. Enough to make a them complain but not enough to make them move.

What do we get for our taxes? Does anyone really know? When I see them fixing a road or a bridge that’s something I can believe in. When I see a cop responding to a real crime that’s something I can believe in. When I see the fire department battling a fire that’s something I can believe in. These things are only a small part of the taxes we pay. I have no idea where the rest goes.

Accountability on this is terrible. Isn’t this supposed to be public record? Did you ever try to read that record? If you can find it it’s so convoluted that you can never figure out where the money went anyway. One thing you can find is salaries. Little two bit administrators knocking down six digit incomes. Some elected officials make all most as much as the President. Does that seem right to you?

The Mayor of New York City’s salary is $195,000.00 but Michael Bloomberg is doing it for$1. Richard M. Daley, the Mayor of Chicago, makes $216,210.00. The President of the United States makes $400,000.00. Joe Moore, an Alderman in the 49th ward of Chicago makes $98,125.00. David L. Brewer, superintendent of LA schools makes, are you ready for it? Are you sitting down? $300,000.00. Is running the LA school system that similar to running the United States? Are you starting to see where the money goes. I think Bloomberg has the right idea, the rest need to be voted out. When did getting elected become the path to wealth.