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Your Political Party

November 27, 2009

Republican. Democrat. Libertarian. What do they stand for? Where do I fit? I can’t answer that for you. You have to answer it for yourself. I can direct you to a quiz that will help you determine it. The world’s smallest political quiz at .

I can, however, give you my take on the parties and what they mean to me. My views can be boiled down short enough to fit in this post comfortably and still get the message across. For example, the Republican Party, they stand for big business. The Democrat Party, they stand for big government. The Libertarian Party, they stand for the individual. Is that short and sweet enough for you? Oh, you’d like a little more?

Well, let’s see. The Republican party has traditionally sided with GM, GE and Wal-Mart. They counted on the trickle down theory of economics. In other words the rich get richer and the people get more scraps from the table of big business. It works ok, but in recent years they’ve been trying to follow a more Constitutionally friendly agenda. Without much success, I might add.

Now the Democrat Party is totally different while being exactly the same. Confused? Basically, the Democrat party thinks that government can solve any problem from poverty to quantum physics. They claim to be for the working class while expanding the welfare state. Am I making this clear? No? That’s because they are very contradictory. At least with the Republicans you know how they’re going to screw you. The Democrats try to hide it. But the result is the same, you and I pay more.

The Libertarian party, contrary to popular belief, is the most conservative. They actually believe what the Constitution says. They are for the individual and his rights. They do desire to remove most of the barriers in the way of business as well. However, this can create a kind of “buyer beware” sort of climate. They believe in smaller government, just enough to get the job done.

I personally, am an Independent at this point. But if I had to side somewhere it would definitely be Libertarian.


May 16, 2009

Are you a union man? When I used to work in the factories I was asked that question a lot. I was raised in the sixties when we were in a cold war with the UNION of Soviet Socialist Republics. Now I am watching my country being turned into the Union of Socialist States of America. I do belong to a credit union. I once belonged to the International Brotherhood of Chauffeurs and Warehousemen of America. I also belonged to two different branches of the United Auto Workers. I didn’t think much of them at the time, I was probably more management material than a union man.

Some years later my views began to change. Big business was running rampant. I didn’t really want to have anything to do with big business or unions. I had the view that they deserved each other. It was what I call a “who cares fight”, you don’t really care who wins, just so they fight long and hard and do a lot of damage to each other. Maybe that was short sighted. Maybe the damage they have done to each other is culminating in this mess we are seeing today. Maybe we will not come out of this predicament.

Then again, maybe this is just what we need. Perhaps Obama is more cunning than we originally thought. One hundred years ago there were over a hundred car companies in America, all healthy. Google it, you’ll be amazed. Stanley, Stutz, La Salle, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Ford, Buick, Lincoln, Chevrolet, Mercury and many more. All separate little companies producing products locally and causing communities to thrive. Then the megalomaniacs got in the business and the smaller companies were either swallowed up by the bigger ones or systematically put out of business.

I have always thought it would be nice to have a small company churning out a couple hundred cars a year. Maybe this could come to be. I don’t think that would be such a bad thing. We’ll need to get the government out of the business, but once they drive GM and Chrysler into the ground I think the American people will see through the shroud of secrecy and throw them out. Then entrepreneurs from all over America could begin new and maybe we will see a whole new crop of options to choose from. Might as well look for some kind of silver lining in this cloud of doom.


May 15, 2009

I’m a member of the working class. My parents are members of the working class. Their parents are members of the working class. All our friends and relatives are members of the working class. We work. We produce something of value. We do it all day, five, six and seven days a week. Eight, ten, twelve hours a day. Then we send a good portion of that off to DC. What do we get in return.

The conservatives tell us what is good for business is good for us. Then they give big business anything they want as business greases their palms. The liberals tell us that big business is raping us but the government will save us. Then they turn around and cater to any special interest that will slip them a few bucks. They both say they are looking out for our best interest, but nothing they do helps us. Yet we always seem to foot the bill for it.

Who IS looking out for our best interest? Barney Frank? Chris Dodd? Dick Cheney? I think we might be on our own here. When the founding fathers set this thing up we were all supposed sacrifice and take time off from our real job to get elected and go do our civic duty. When it was over we were supposed to return to the private sector and our real jobs. The idea was not that one person would get elected over and over and over. Career politicians were an abomination to them.

When I hear a politician say they have been serving for 20, 30 or 40 years I just have to wonder, serving who? They will tell you the people of the state of such and such but I rather think they have been serving themselves. And serving themselves quite nicely with heaping portions of our tax dollars as well as any booty they could cultivate along the way. That’s how it always seems to come out when they get caught. They come into the system poor and in debt to all the special interest groups who made it all possible. Then they proceed to cultivate their wealth from the American people, never actually producing anything of value. What happened?

Social security and medicare? They don’t care about it. They voted themselves health care and retirement for life, paid for by you and insured by AIG? Is that bailout starting to make sense? We need to take it all back. When they have to make their own fortune we won’t have to work until July to support them. That’s right, at last tally, July fourth is tax independence day too.

How do we solve this problem? I can see an individual going from governor to senator to president. It just makes sense that you would like someone in the presidents chair with a little experience in affairs of state. But to stagnate in one office for thirty years. How is that doing any good? Perhaps it’s time for term limits. The elected don’t seem to have sense enough to grow and move or drop out and go back to the car wash they came from so maybe we need to push them along. I don’t know, what do you think. Feel free to leave me comments.