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Climate BS

November 4, 2009

Professor Hal Lewis, University of California, Santa Barbara, Professor Fred Singer, University of Virginia, Professor Will Happer, Princeton University, Professor Larry Gould, University of Hartford, Dr. Roger Cohen, retired Manager, Strategic Planning, ExxonMobil. What do they have in common? Besides being physicists and scientists they all signed a letter and sent a copy to each US Senator. 100 letters.

What was in this letter? Actually they sent two letters. The first one, some months earlier, declared global warming a fake. The second one declared the consensus on global warming a fake and asked them not to saddle us with “actions that will cripple our economy”. Their words, not mine. Check them out here .

I haven’t watched the network news since the early 1980’s and for good reason. I found out, through a personal experience that they were outright lieing to us and didn’t care. But I still have a question. Why do we not see any of this on the news? Check this out 

Does that clear things up for you? Hey, that was FOX News. They are supposed to be the good guys. What do you think the bad guys are doing? All I’ve got to say is watch for that crap and trade stuff to come slithering out of the woodwork and kill it quickly.

Now for something a little more on the bright side check this guy out