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Fuel Of The Future

November 30, 2010

You know, we’ve all done things that we later regretted. I know I’ve done plenty and I’m sure you can think of a thing or two. But I must admit, I never thought I’d hear it. Actually I still haven’t found a place to hear it, but I’ve read it. Algore admits that ethanol was a “bad idea”. Is that an understatement or what? It’s something anyway. Any backpedaling from these fanatics is better than no sign of intelligence at all. You see, Algore was the deciding vote on this junk in case you had forgotten or just never knew. Yup. Back when he was President…of the Senate, that is, he made the tie breaking vote to burden us with this crap.

Could you use an extra $7.7 billion? The reason I ask is that this is the amount of subsidies that were handed out last year for ethanol corn. So, not only did we hand out the $7.7 billion but farmers went gung-ho and planted 86.5 million acres to support it and only planted 656,600 acres with sweet corn. In the process they hurt our undocumented friends by driving up the price of tortillas. Check those stats here with some more in-depth explanation. Don’t think we’re out of the woods on this one yet, did you see the part where his-royal-internet-inventing-smartness said that once these programs are in place it’s hard to deal with the lobbys that keep them going? Just for the sake of argument, did anyone ever think to outlaw lobbyists? What? Out of the mouths of babes…?

I noticed the giant-brain summit at Cancon (I know, I did it on purpose because it’s a con.) recommends a mass suicide to save the planet. OK. You go first. Then we have the Royal Society (I can’t believe this) writing a paper calling for World War Two style rationing. I really can’t take too much more of this mental masturbation. Is there anyone out there familiar with the WWII style rationing? I am not quite that old but we did have some people in our neighborhood who lived through it and kind of romanticized it. So they were still doing it when I was a kid. They had a ball of string four feet in diameter and a ball of tin foil bigger than a basketball. The tin ball was so heavy you could not pick it up. They just kept rolling more used foil on it. It was in their basement, I have no idea how they thought they were going to get it out of there. The string ball was quite heavy too. I never tried to pick it up. I have no idea how this helps in the global warming scam. Now, for the warmis that have moved on. The next CO2 will be refrigerants, methane and soot. Read that “tax-on-fart”. Until next time, screw environmentalists.