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More On Hini Flu

October 31, 2009

I noticed an unusual amount of views on my hini flu article and I hope I was able to make some folks feel better. It’s true that it’s not as bad as we are being led to believe. The current administration has a motto, “Let no crisis go to waste.” and that goes for a fabricated crisis as well as a real one. They think they are in the Wilson era of World War 1 or the Roosevelt era of World war 2 but they are in the Obama era of total stupidity.

The truth be known some 250,000 people worldwide die of the flu each year and most of them are the result of complications from some other health problem. And in case you havn’t guessed most of them are not in this country because we have the best health care in the world. Did you hear what you just read? The best health care in the world! Google it. Why the heck would you want to change the best? Please tell me.

Let’s recap. We have people braving the elements and oceans and paying through the nose to come here. We have people stepping outside the law and coming here for health care. The entire world knows what a dollar is. But who knows what a kroner is? Who is going to England for health care? And who the heck is trying to escape to Canada?

Just food for thought.