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What’s In A Name

January 29, 2010

Beck was on a tear the other day about the names liberals are using up. He made a pretty good point. They used to be liberals but that became a dirty word for them when they tarnished it too much so they have been moving to progressives for the past year or so but the astute among the media started dredging up the past, Wilson and FDR and their progressive movements so that has started to take on a nasty hue.

The popular thinking is that they are going to populists. Populists. What the heck is that supposed to mean. We all know what it is going to be, more of the same old crap but what do they want it to mean? The dictionary says it is a supporter of the rights and power of the people. We are all well aware that they do not stand for that but I think they would like us to believe they do.

Oddly enough Limbaugh was on the same thing the day before Chairman Zero’s SOTU address. He was telling his audience to watch for Zero to start calling his party “populists”. I have a handicap and cannot listen to Zero for more than thirty seconds or I get a horrible headache so I was not able to check but due to Limbaugh not going on about it the next day I’ll assume Zero didn’t make the big move yet.

Of course they were always Democrats but that was just a cover. The Republicans are actually Democrats now and the Democrats have become communists. Yes, they merely moved under the guise of Democrats to gain access to our political system. Anyway let’s keep our ears open for that smooth transition to populist.