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It’s Harvest Time

May 6, 2011

These wars we’re engaged in right now, how much do we really know about them? It seems like there is always a lot of secrecy around these things. Some people look at me like I’m an idiot when I make statements like that but my real questions involve things that can’t possibly affect the safety of our troops. Or can they? I would never want anything that might compromise the troops to be made public, but I would like to know why the fighting stops at harvest time.

I can hear the collective WTH (What the heck?) out there. Here‘s one of my fellow bloggers that I think might have figured something out. So, are our troops really guarding the poppy fields? What does the CIA really have to do with all this.

Let’s look at something here. I can go out and shoot someone in the face, kill them, get arrested and sent to jail for less time than some one selling heroin. Why is that? Why are there still people sitting in jail after ten and twenty years for the only crime of selling dope? Why is the federal gubmint so fixated on dope that they even have an agency (DEA) to police it in your town? Are any of these questions ringing a bell in your head? Did you see the pictures of our troops in the poppy fields?

You always hear the stories of the guy who got twenty to life for selling a joint. You can’t really believe it but here is a guy who knows, Eric Schlosser, read the second response. Life in prison for a joint. WTH? I wish he had more there but if you’re really curious you can search him, I am just pointing to what I believe is a problem.

I started noticing this in the seventies. Excessively heavy sentencing for drug convictions. It just wasn’t making sense. Something started to occur to me. People don’t like competition, it cuts into their profits. Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Abbott, Merck, Eli Lilly, and Bristol-Myers Squibb are the big money outfits in the United States, listed here in order of top profits. Could they possibly have something to do with these crazy jail terms?

Let’s have a look at this piece from England. Pretty fancy figures. 50 pounds for a gram of heroin in England, that’s roughly $100.00 US. The taliban takes ten percent off the top? How’s that work? Who the heck are they, the gubmint? Lots of goofy things going on there. I don’t know, for my money just bring everybody home. But then, there’s that commie dictator stuff. Why the heck do we have to police force the world? Let’s just take everybodies stuff when we win a war. Don’t forget, I will be back in one week, until next time, screw environmentalists.