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Internet Kill Switch

July 12, 2010

Chairman Zero with his finger hovering over the “internet kill switch”… Is this the beginning of an international intrigue novel or what? So you think Zero is getting the coveted kill switch on the internet do you? Here is the Wall Street Journal story that started all the flap. There is nothing else out there on this. Take a read and see what you think.

Actually I don’t think it sounds like too bad of a plan. This is really something you would think the DOD would have had in place all along. Now to find out that Al Qaeda can monitor your electricity usage from a laptop in a cave somewhere kind of sucks don’t you think? What have these giant brains at the Pentagon been thinking all these years as we slowly converted everything we have over to a system that Castro could have corrupted with a Palm Pilot?

One thing that always strikes me as funny is how everybody out there thinks that the gubmint has nothing but time and money to hire fools to sit in a room and monitor every Americans phone and internet. This is not even realistic. How many Americans are there? How much time do they spend on the phone and online? You do the math. That’s quite a task wouldn’t you agree. And that’s not even allowing for all the evil Canadians and such out there, somebody’s got to keep track of their next plot against America.

Look folks, we’ve got enough trouble with legitimate threats to our freedom out there, we don’t need manufactured ones to occupy our time. How many people actually went out and spent time and money to avert this man-caused-disaster? Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Red Meat

May 24, 2010

How about some good news for a change. Steak is okay to eat. Now that’s news I like. It’s true, the Harvard School of Public Health has just finished a new study on red meat that says steak is okay. This is particularly good news for me since I survive on red meat, bread, cheese, and beer. I call it the monks diet. Anyway, I rarely listen to the latest fad “poison food” scare. It seems like everything I like is just pure poison but it never seems to be outlawed. What’s that all about?

Sugar is one I just don’t believe. Sure too much is going to hurt you. And when they found it in hamburgers I thought that was an awful strange place for sugar. It seems like they have sugar and salt in almost everything you eat anymore. I suppose the food companies claim they are just giving the people what they want but I think it’s more along the lines of the tobacco companies who were putting stuff in their products to keep people coming back for more. Just what does the food and drug administration do anyway?

I am happy that I have always tried to have steak when possible, even if it was cheap, at least it was natural and not full of additives. My favorite was the wild venison I used to have on hand. Great taste and less poison. If you are not buying this from me the links above will take you to more evidence. Study takes you to the actual press release from Harvard and steak is okay takes you to a video with the science guy from the Wall Street Journal. Until next time, screw environmentalists.