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Let’s Protest

March 10, 2011

I want to be extremely clear here. Allah forbid I should step on anyones sandaled toes. No, we’re not talking about mooslims today, just good for nothing hippie , union thugs. You see the Wisconsin legislature did what they had to do to get the people’s bidding done today and this rent-a-mob tried to thwart them. The people in the Wisconsin legislature need to be honored by every American citizen out there. But here‘s what they got. The pieces of feces that ran away, the ones that should be prosecuted and jailed, they get the honor from the Ministry of Propaganda (media).

That was a piece from the Washington Post, not the most liberal rag out there but certainly in the running. Look at the picture of the protesters, what in the heck are they getting ready to do, the hokey-pokey? And when the heck did the filthy, good for nothing union become God, giving out rights? These were not union rights, they were ill-gotten advantages over the very people the employees were sworn to serve. Here’s a few facts about these ‘protestors’. 95% of them are not even from Wisconsin. They have pretty much occupied the capitol building in Madison for, I believe, 11 days, the locals are complaining that the building is starting to stink. Estimates of the damage they have done to the building and the grounds is around $7 million. Forty-some rounds of ammunition were found just outside the doors of the building. Does this sound like a tea party to you?

But it gets even better. The rent-a-mob got wind of the vote to take place today so they show up to try and stop it. So many of the jerks are there clogging up the halls of the capitol building that some of the Democrats, that might have been able to make a difference (not really) were unable to get to the chamber to vote. Now that’s darn funny. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, but I’m sure these draft-dodging, hippie types have had experience with that before.

Now, before we wrap it all up and tie a nice bow, are you all even aware of what went on here? To sum it up the state workers belong to a union, let’s stop right here and examine this first. Who do the state workers work for? If you said the gubmint you would be wrong. They are the gubmint, they work for the people of the State, Wisconsin in this case. So if they are organized in a union who are they organizing against? Once again the people of the State. Does that make any sense? Is this starting to look like the self-defeating crap that it is yet?

Back to our sum up, the state workers belong to a union and the people of the State do not want their workers bargaining against them. This is not a for profit enterprise here, it’s the darn gubmint. So they elect Representatives to put a stop to this. The union thugs see their meal ticket getting punched so they throw a bunch of jerks in some busses and go to Madison to see if they can cause a problem. Undaunted, the Representatives do the job they were elected to do and that’s the end of this story. For now anyway, I’m sure these jerks are not going to just go away. So watch for the next installment of this prime example of bullying. Say, do you think FLOTUS could do anything about this? Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Well Done

March 8, 2011

I just felt compelled to write to all of you today and congratulate you on a job well done. Bravo! This is what I’m talking about. This brought me right out of a thirty year depression. The American people DO care. What I am talking about is YOU, hitting them from all sides, like an Energizer bunny. You are putting the hurts to the libs and it’s thrilling me to death. First up would be Chairman Zero’s stunning order on Guantanamo. Restart the trials. Really, see it here from the liberal LA Times, who is none to pleased with their leader. Hey, he flapped his mouth like this was a done deal but he had no idea what he was talking about. With only 164 days on the job I don’t even think he knew where the executive toilet was. The funniest part of the whole ordeal was when nobody would take these poor, misunderstood, detainees. Not even the countries they came from wanted them.

Next item, the queer NPR exec running his lib mouth to the camera. The Network’s senior vice-president? Now that’s comedy. Giant sized kudos to the O’Keefe team for a splendid job. I loved every minute of it. It’s 11 minutes and 38 seconds long but well worth the watch. Go here to be entertained by unbridled stupidity. I can only hope he loses his new job as well. Here‘s a little story from ‘The Week’.

Next on the laugh riot, union busting. How about a gargantuan round of applause for Gov. Scott Walker and every one of his 280,000,000 supporters. As you can see it’s just a small, albeit very big-mouthed, fraction of the population that actually supports the union. Just call it what it is and run with it. I’m fine with outlawing unions altogether. When people were dying in mine accidents every day and getting dismembered in the sweat shops, the union had a purpose, but I don’t really think anybody’s getting killed in the Wisconsin schools due to cave ins maybe out of control liberal youths that need a whooping, but not cave ins. Maybe if the unions started sending thugs to schools to kick butt on unruly gang bangers, instead of elderly tea partiers, they would find favor with the rank and file Americans. Here‘s a little FOX News piece on that.

There are many things going on all over this great country of ours. Defunding obamacare and the EPA. Gun rights bills and State’s rights bills in State legislatures everywhere. But I think one of the best things out there is this guy. Rep. Peter King from where? You got it, New York. Who’d a’ thunk it? I have a question for all of you thinkers out there. How long before the libs start calling this guy McCarthy? I say run with it. If McCarthy had been left to finish his work we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now would we? To heck with them commies and the libs they rode in on.

One last note, I think God might be mad. First it was birds falling from the sky. Thousands of them. Then fish floating up dead on the shore. Again, thousands of them. Now… it’s anchovies! This time millions of them… in the LA harbor. Couldn’t happen to a nicer place, well maybe Malibu, but you take what you can get. I think there’s two guys in LA that read this blog, sorry guys. You know this is kind of like a plague thing I think, like the frogs or the locusts, so you better pay attention. Anyway, see that here. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Hidden Conspiracy

March 3, 2011

As Chairman Zero presses ahead with his illegal health care scam I reflect on some of the scams we have been dealing with for years. For example the American Medical Association (AMA). I was going to link to their site right here but the first page is already trying to recruit you so I opted out. If you must, find it yourself but I won’t be an enabler. A great organization, looking out for the American people, right? Wrong. First off it’s headquartered in Chicago. Read into that whatever you want I am just not a fan of big cities much less Chicago. But beyond that it is basically the doctor’s union. Their motto is ‘Helping Doctors Help Patients’. If you know anything about Hippocrates and the Hippocratic oath you know this should be a huge understatement but let’s not sit on formalities.

Most recently they have done such things as strongly support the findings of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). First off what are they even doing with this issue. I can see them getting tricked by the IPCC’s report as it was fraudulent but they have not retracted that statement. And most recently they have again ‘strongly supported’ obamacare. Now that it has been ruled un Constitutional what do they plan to do. I believe they have their pointy head firmly directed into the wind and they intend to ride out the storm in hopes that Zero will prevail. Is this the sort of thing an organization that cares about the people should do?

An economist named Milton Friedman accused them of filing lawsuits against chiropractors and osteopathic physicians for the unlicensed practice of medicine. There is a book, Profession and monopoly, that has quite a bit on them. See that here. They claim that the AMA limits the supply of doctors to drive up the cost of medical care in America. Sound familiar? Are we starting to see a trend here? Always follow the Benjamins.

My own personal thing is colds, flu, and cancer. I believe they have thrown enough money at these things to have a cure. I truly believe that the AMA has restricted that material in one way or another because their membership makes too much money studying and treating them to cure them. Sick? Yes. True? I believe so. What am I going to do about it? I’ve just done it. The ball’s in your court.

The AMA is not your friend just like the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is not your friend and the United Auto Workers (UAW) is not your friend. If you think they are, you are deceiving yourself and playing a very dangerous game with the future of this country and your children. These people will trade you and yours for an extra dollar a day. And when push comes to shove they will shove anybody under the bus as Zero is starting to find out. So, until next time, screw environmentalists.

Strike Now

September 28, 2010

In the thirties working conditions were pretty bad. A lot of people were out of work and would do just about anything for a buck. Employers took advantage of the mobs of low-cost labor. Conditions were bad and people got hurt or killed on a regular basis. Something needed to be done. Enter the unions.

In the thirties and even into the forties the unions were needed. By the fifties and sixties there were laws in place and much progress had been made. The unions were no longer necessary. But giving up all that free money would be hard to do. They decided not to and spent the next 60 years getting to the low state that we find them in now.

They had no real purpose so they started bullying business. The crap program started by FDR’s wage freeze, employer paid health care, was a bargaining tool. I was twenty-five years old before I found out that an employer was not the only place you could get health care.

Now they have gone above and beyond. See here. They are calling for a strike of Europe. I couldn’t think of a better place to get it. This is one of those fights where you don’t care who wins, just so they do a lot of damage to each other. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Which Ones Are Those

August 10, 2010

I was listening to the radio today and I hear about the latest plan from Chairman Zero to stimulate the economy. Apparently it’s the no name plan but for our purposes we’ll just call it the colossal waste of tax dollars 2 or CWCD2 for short. Now the radio talent at the time, Rush Limbaugh I believe, was lamenting the trotting out of the usual “punishments” for not letting the derelicts spend our money frivolously. You know, fewer police, fewer firefighters, fewer teachers.

Then he was asking the timeless question, how come it’s always the essentials that must go and never the luxuries? He equated it to having your electricity turned off when you are short on money instead of not going out to the movies or out to eat. Now I have agreed with this viewpoint for as long as I can remember. I really don’t think we need seven gubmint bosses for two gubmint workers. Why not cut out the safety man and the chief observational engineer for a savings of $200,000.00 instead of one worker for a savings of $28,000.00?

Anyway he continues on and begins to actually defend the teachers. This from the guy who calls them gubmint screwells. So I’m thinking, just how badly are teachers paid? So I go to the NEA website and they have statistics coming out their union posterior but no actual figures. When I finally find the average buried in some obscure article in the Washington Post or something it is $46,000.00. For nine months work.

Now you can extrapolate and say that it would equate to $61,333.33 per year or just treat it like what it is, about twelve hundred dollars a week with a three-month sabbatical where you can do whatever you please and know you have this cushy job to come back to in the fall.

Now feel free to hop all over me in the comments section about how we will lose all the good ones if we cut this wage but the fact remains, our students are coming out of gubmint screwells dumber than ever. So, before you mop the floor with me, please point out, which ones are the good ones? Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Campaign Finance Reform

May 27, 2009

By the time a candidate gets into office they are so indebted to all the entities that made it possible that they can’t possibly do what they came to do. Big oil, environmentalists, unions, gay rights, even foreign entities are contributing to these campaigns. This begs the question, how much does someone really need to run for office? Let’s take the President of the United States of America. I feel that if they only had say three hundred thousand dollars to campaign with that we would hear a lot less mudslinging and a whole lot more of the positive that they intend to do. Added bonus, they would all wait until the last minute to put their ads on so that they were the last one we heard from before we voted. No more two year ad-a-thon of lies about the other side.

I think another fine idea would be that they can only get the money from American citizens and no more than one hundred dollars per citizen. If you can’t find three thousand people to give you a hundred dollars each, maybe you shouldn’t be in the race. This would also eliminate the candidate being indebted to the the gay rights advocate once he is in office. I think I could get three thousand people to contribute. This would put a whole new slant on politics wouldn’t it?