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A Tribute As Such

May 20, 2011

I often lament the fate of the American auto industry. And for that I sometimes get ridiculed. They were too big and slow to react to the market demands. They didn’t give us the little piece of crap cars we wanted. What is the number one selling vehicle in America? No. Not a darn Corolla, a full-sized American pick up truck. Why do you think that is? Because it’s what America wants.

I called the local talk radio station one day. They have a little piece called “what’s bugging you” or something along those lines. I just said, “The Toyota in front of me with the “Proud American” bumper sticker.” The jerk DJ almost tripped over his own posterior trying to suck up to the Toyota dealer sponsor of his. He tried to run me into the ground but I had already hung up and now he wonders why nobody calls him. But I digress.

What is it you do for a living? Are you a craftsman? Are you a professional? Are you a salesperson? Suppose some gubmint agent walked into your place of business one day. And it was obvious from the git go that he had no idea how to do what you do. But he forged ahead and made it law that you had to do things his way. And everything he wanted you to do was exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time. How long would your business last? The auto industry has lasted forty years so far. In the shadow of the EPA. Looming like the angel of death waiting to give another defunct car company the double tap.

Here’s a fact that I know first hand. In other words I was there. I saw it. When I was young I worked as a dealership mechanic. I used to prep new cars for delivery. A car that sold in America for eight thousand dollars sold in Sweden for thirty thousand dollars. That’s almost four times as much. Was it due to shipping? No. Was it due to the exchange rate of money? No. I know you’re wondering, “Well what the heck can it possibly be?” Tariffs and taxes. Swedish tariffs and taxes, to be exact. The Swedes did not want our vehicles in their fair country. But some Swedes were apparently willing to pay that price because I prepped a lot of vehicles for that program. But you know what the funny thing was? A Volvo in America was about ten grand at the time. How can that be?

1979. That’s how long we’ve been taking it in the shorts on that deal. Is that a monument to longevity or what? That company is still in business. For now. How many Volvo’s would we see running around if they were being marked up 375 percent due to import taxes and tariffs? I venture to say quite a few less than we do now. Let’s see, thirty grand conservatively times 3.75 is one hundred twelve thousand five hundred dollars. You going to pay it? Yeah, the Japs are the same way. You going to pay a hundred grand for a crappy Toyota with no cup holders? Didn’t think so. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Price Of Cable TV

May 2, 2011

My internet was so slow. I needed to upgrade, and you know what that entailed, upgrading my darn cable TV. I hate cable TV because they got Barack Hussein Obama elected and my payments helped. I abhor that.

When I was a little kid I remember the cable company coming around to each and every door with their hat in their hands practically begging us to sign up for cable. I can clearly remember them promising my father, “Yes, Mr. Schroeder, you will never see another commercial ad once you sign up for cable and start paying for TV.” What the heck (WTH) happened there?

PAY TV!? It was such an absurd concept back then. Who the heck would PAY for TV? Certainly not my father, he was too astute for that. It’ll never catch on. Oh how I wish he would have been right. Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people. Actually I think I should qualify that by adding, never underestimate the stupidity of the American people now that all these Euro-pukes (Soros) are integrated into our ranks.

So actually, he was right. I don’t think cable would be so wide-spread were it not for the fact that you can’t get decent internet service with out it. I know I would opt for just internet over internet stuck with gayble…I mean cable. And we only get three channels broadcast out here.

Now that we’ve “upgraded” we get a lot more channels. All those channels that I used to roll through on the TV Guide channel and I would look at it and say, “Man, I’m glad we aren’t paying for all that crap.” And why does the TV Guide channel find it necessary to show a movie. Not enough people were coming there to see what was on? Is it just me or does that seem stupid?

So. What is the cost of cable TV? What has it cost this culture? What has it cost this Country? What has it cost your community? What has it cost the American family? What… has it cost you? Are you really supposed to know about a drug bust three thousand miles from your house? Do you really need to see Prince Chuckleheads kid get hitched in real-time? I don’t even want to get into Chairman Zero (Obama) hunting down and killing Osama (Is it just me or do they seem to be related?). So, until next time, consider the cost, as well as the quality, of the information you are getting via your cable tv. Then, screw environmentalists.


April 19, 2011

I’m considered a baby boomer. I have no idea why. My parents weren’t involved in WWII and they didn’t return home to produce five just like me. I am way at the end of the line and I knew when I was about ten years old that I would be getting no consideration for anything when it came my turn. By the time I got to gubmint school the portable classrooms were pretty much trashed due to the herds of hippies that came before me. By the time I got to the summer jobs there were no more due to the herds of hippies that had come before me. But I did often get a job a little later after the hippies had screwed it up.

There were just too many hippies ahead of me. So I endeavored to opt out of any program that said I would get anything later because I knew it was a lie. A lie to get me to fund the thieving hippies ahead of me. A Ponzi scheme if you will. Bernie Madoff has nothing on FDR.

So now, here we are. All these years later and voila, I was right. First I need to put off my retirement for a few months, maybe years. Then maybe I need to… Hey. Screw this. What I need, is to get my money back. I don’t even care if there is any interest just give me my darn money and I’ll take care of myself. I always figured I would have to anyway. I never suffered under the illusion that people like Ted Kennedy and Richard Nixon would leave me anything anyway. Just opt me out.

So here‘s a sad little story about the baby boomers that don’t think they can retire. My heart bleeds. 11 percent believe they will live in comfort. Not if I can prove they voted for Chairman Zero (Obama). I’ll see them working the day they die and we’ll move them out of the way so their replacement can keep working. I’ll be a mean ol’ young guy. I’m old and sickly but people (hippies) keep calling me young. “Oh, you’re just a youngster!” Heck! I’ve produced more by 9:00 AM than you’re going to do all day, that’s all it is. And I’ve done it since you were young so don’t try to rationalize this. You suck, hippie!

“44 percent express little or no faith they’ll have enough money when their careers end.” That’s tough you jerks. Thanks to your selfish ways I have always thought I would be working until the day I die so screw you. I could not figure out how you thought you would retire and have someone else pick up the tab. You union jerks are even worse. I will not pay for you. Period.

This is just the kind of liberal entitlement that has us in this mess. Give everybody their money back and end it. The same with medicare and medicaid. But the one that tops it all off is giving it to the illegals.What the heck is that all about. They didn’t pay in. And now, Dear Leader wants to give it to them? Who’s going to pay for this crap? No! Not me. I paid for the stinking hippies. I’m done. I think I just died. Now I have been reincarnated as an illegal alien. Give me welfare and social insecurity and maybe some of them there food stamps, and I’ll be needing some of that free medical care. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Union Rights

April 5, 2011

When I first saw this term my first thought was, what the heck (WTH)? I guess I never really gave it much thought. Does an organization have rights? How does that work? I think we would need a lawyer to make this so difficult to understand that we would never get to the end, but in order to properly answer you have to consider everything.

First thing that comes to my mind is NO. The union doesn’t have rights. Only a person can have rights. Right? But what about my Church? Do they have rights? Do you see how I asked that question wrong? That’s the ploy the union will try to use on you. It’s not, do they have rights, it’s does it have rights. “They” implies humans and it is an organization not a human and as such requires different rights than a human would. Humans have God given rights, the organization does not. The organization may have some rights under some law or another but that is all.

When I said humans have rights I felt all of you animal owners out there bristle. You thought, “my animal has rights”. Well I submit to you that in order to have rights you have to be able to take responsibility for your actions. When your dog bites my kid who is going to take responsibility. Be careful here, because I have been through this before. You are going to try to tell me that your animal is an animal and as such should be granted some kind of “free pass” here. WTH?

When your dog jumps the fence and eats my patio furniture who’s going to take responsibility? You? Then how can your dog have rights? You, as an animal owner, have certain rights and responsibilities. You, as a Church member, have certain rights and responsibilities. You, as a union member, have certain rights and responsibilities. Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

When the founding Fathers set this country up they did not see blacks as human so they did not see any reason they would have God given rights. That, was an error. As humans, blacks, of course, have God given rights. It took a war to rectify that situation. I don’t want it to take a war to rectify this union situation. But I am prepared for it. The union has only the rights granted to it by laws. And laws, as in Wisconsin, can be changed. People are sick and tired of paying these bully’s. They are ready to fight back and keep their lunch money.

A long time ago, on this site, I wrote a piece called Schoolyard Wimps. This is the reason Chairman Zero (Obama) and his crew of wimps are standing with the union. It comes natural. They are used to huddling together in the shadows. Only jumping out when there are five of them and one of you. Only attacking you by cover of night, or behind your back. They’re going to huddle together and tell you whatever they think you want to hear in order to keep the power they have over you. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Root

April 4, 2011

I often say things that cause people to look at me as if I were insane. I have been told that I am talking out of my… you know what. I’ve noticed that many more women are offended by the things I say than men. This has always been perplexing to me as these things I say would not have even needed to be said forty years ago. They would have “gone without saying”. They were just common sense. What the heck (WTH)?

For a long time I have just figured most women didn’t like me for whatever reason. I didn’t know if it was my smile or what but I just accepted it and moved on. I have always been a risk taker. I have the desire to move forward and get more. Heck, I’m a mechanic by trade and now here I am doing this on my own dime. Is that a risk? Is that a risk you are willing to take. I think most Americans are risk takers. Or at least descended from risk takers. You have got to risk something to get ahead, and the more you risk the more you seem to get.

In the sixties people were going out on a limb all the time. John DeLorean comes to mind. He IS the man behind the GTO. Did you know that? The machine that was GM got sick of him and away he went. Next thing you know he builds an iconic automobile. Lee Iacocca is not my first choice for man of the decade (or even the day) but you have to admit he got a lot done. He took some risks and they paid off handsomely. Why do my examples always go to the auto industry? Refer to paragraph two sentence five.

So anyway, I’m listening to Limbaugh, as I often do, and he’s saying something about some poll by someone named Celinda Lake. See that here. And the word is that she ran a poll to see what women really want. That was the catch line. The real story is, as it relates to the economy. The truth is scary. See it here. That’s right, a full 70% would pick security over opportunity. In my words, they would sell their souls for safety.

Oh, you guys out there are pointing and laughing aren’t you? Well, the survey said 54% of men would do the same thing. I can only hope this is a survey of the French, Democrats, libs, or all three. This is telling me that the majority out there would sell their souls for safety and the only thing standing between me and wearing bubble wrap from the cradle to the grave is the Constitution. God bless Thomas Jefferson and the boys.

So there you have it. The root. This is what has our country in the shape it’s in. Too many of you are afraid to do anything. You want GM and GE to do it all for you. And when the gubmint puts too many restrictions on the risk takers you want the gubmint to give you a block of cheese and some food stamps. For the FIRST time in my life I know what shame Michelle Obama was talking about. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

College Degree Pt. 3

March 29, 2011

The next step is to quit paying them. We are well on our way to this and they are howling mad. This union thing going on in the midwest is a part of it. The unions haven’t ever produced a thing. What they did was provide a decent work place but the laws have long been in place to take care of that so what are the unions doing? I don’t know either but you owe them big money for it. Or do you? Again, quit paying them. Wisconsin has done just that, here‘s the FOX News take.

Most libs suck off the tax dollars. They stick their dirty little fingers in to every thing they can. What they can’t tax they regulate. Fees are just another name for tax. Let’s look at a car. When you buy a car here’s how you pay them. First you earn the money and pay an income tax. At least one. Then you spend the money on the car and pay a sales tax. Is this starting to sound a bit stupid? Wait until we get going. Then you have to title the car. You can’t just have the title signed over to you and record it at your leisure if you so desire. Why? Because they said so. That takes a fee. You may have to have the car physically inspected for one reason or another. Why? Because they don’t trust you or the seller. That is another fee. Then you’re going to need a licence on the car. Why? Because they said so and they don’t trust you. They want to keep track of you. That’s another fee. You’re going to need a license to drive the car. Fee. You’re going to need fuel for the car. Tax. You’re going to need maintenance on the car. Taxes. When is it enough?

Are you getting the idea? This is out of line. It really is this stupid when you start thinking about it. Cap and trade. Do you know what it is? Tax, pure and simple. Global warming scam. Do you know what it is. Tax, pure and simple. Climate change? Tax. Global cooling? Tax. Building permit? Fee. Septic inspection? Fee. Most times they don’t even look at these things they just sign off. WTH? These are schemes the libs want to use to separate you from your money. Remember, you owe them.

So let’s review. Realize that you owe them nothing, stop taking care of them, and quit paying them. Where are they now. They’re broke with no one to empty their septic tank so they’re knee-deep in feces as well. So how’s that “shifting towards a higher education” working out for them now? The problem is that there comes a time when there is no need for “higher education”. We’re on the moon for crying out loud, how far do we need to be? Yeah. Go ahead and work on cancer and the common cold but we just don’t need any more research in some areas. I don’t really care about the sex habits of the widgeon. FYI that’s a wood duck and the feds did lay out several million for this purpose. I really hate those guys. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

College Degree Pt. 2

March 28, 2011

I’ll start today by admitting that I have been bullied by the libs. For twenty years I lived under the jack-boot of liberal oppression. As a youngster I was given crap advice by liberal school officials. Then I was coerced into pursuing a crap career. Then I was shamed into believing it was all ok because of my race. I would like to file a lawsuit against these people if there are any lawyers out there who would like to try. I vehemently hate liberals as a result but I focus on defeating them and restoring my country to its former glory. Without them. Send them off to Europe in a leaky greenpeace boat. Anyway, enough venom.

So now that we have this doctorate thing covered and the part about who is and isn’t “us”, we’ll continue on with the beholding part. This is what I started with today. The libs at  the gubmint schools have the program down to a science. And they start drilling it into you when you are young. They “feel you out” to see if you think like they want you to and if you don’t you are ostracised from the beginning. They don’t come right out and give you the bums rush they just keep guiding you towards a menial existence. The kind of thing like, “That’s ok honey, you just do your best.” It’s dumbing down on a gargantuan scale. It’s pure evil. Remembering school makes me feel filthy dirty. They were dirty evil people with an evil agenda that they were playing out on children.

It makes me so sick that when my kids were in school I told them to just get the diploma and get out the best way you can. I knew what they were going through because the schools I attended were extremely “progressive”. We thought that was good at the time. It takes a monumental effort to overcome it but that’s what we need now. The way to overcome this is to stop taking care of them. What do I mean? Well there are several things we will have to do. The first is to realize that you don’t owe them anything for their “great ideas”.

Think about it. What ideas? Have you noticed that your taxes keep going up but your wages don’t. As the tax rises do the services get better? Are the roads being maintained? But there are plenty of red light cameras and other “revenue generating” ideas aren’t there? If they ever have a really great idea they become capitalist in a heartbeat (Steve Jobs) and milk it for all it’s worth before going back to their liberal agenda and make it illegal or so difficult that no one can follow in their steps. After all, we can’t have a lowbrow like you competing with them now can we?

It looks like we’re going to go to three parts with this so until next time, screw environmentalists.

College Degree Pt. 1

March 24, 2011

Sometimes when I am working on things in the garage I will put the TV on for noise but not really pay attention. So this program was on the other day and this woman was saying how a college degree just isn’t enough anymore. I wanted to get her name and find out just what the heck (WTH) she was talking about, but again, I was busy with my hobby. And you know the old saying, “No horseplay in the work area, and likewise, no work in the horseplay area.”

Anyway, I couldn’t find the remote and she kept on bleating and it was obvious that she wasn’t talking about one thin area like brain surgery, she actually thought everybody needed a doctorate. She spoke about how the “economy is shifting” and “will continue to shift” towards higher education. So I’m thinking, Ok, so who’s going to do the work? Who’s going to make things? Who’s going to deliver them? Who’s going to clean them? Who’s going to maintain them? A DoD (Doctor of Delivery)? WTH? This… my friends… is the liberal mindset. This is the concept I want to get across to you. And once I get that concept across to you I will tell you how to overcome it. We’re going to shoot for that goal today but I’m not sure we will hit it. It may take several posts. We’ll see.

The liberal mindset is such that they actually believe that we can all have doctorates. It’s true. But not so much all of “us”, as all of the people they want to include in “us”. So the best way for me to start would be to try and tell you who would be in “us”. The first part of “us” would, of course, be the people who are actually smart enough to get a doctorate without any outside help , no matter how they think. The next part of “us” would be the people that think liberal, no matter how smart they are. By golly, that was easier than I thought it would be. That’s all the people who would be in “us”.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “What about the people who are really conservative who got their doctorate?” Well here’s the thing with the libs, they are the true bully’s. The people who are conservative who have a doctorate will be so consumed with their work that they will be easily bullied into going along with the libs. In addition they have been indoctrinated for twenty years in the gubmint schools, so it’s an easy step.

The next step of their plan is to keep the conservatives beholding to them. Are you starting to see where this is going? That’s right, they will do the thinking for you and you will owe them so much for the brilliant thinking that you will give them whatever they ask in return. Sound familiar? It gets better, remember the conservatives who got their doctorate? Well we’re just going to include them in with the libs who were too dumb and needed to cheat or pay off to get their doctorates so you owe “us” for their thinking too.

How do you like me now? Well the fact is I am way over on this post so I’m going to have to finish Monday as tomorrow is, hopefully, the last day for Royce and Hempha. We’ll see about that too. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Outrage And Rallys

March 17, 2011

Limbaugh was on a rant one day about something or other but the thing that caught my ear was when he started asking, “Where’s the outrage?” and “Where are the rallys?’. He was referring to the tea party movement. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Rush and I really think he is about the best out there for “getting the tea party movement” but if he thinks we’re going to leave our jobs and go traipsing around protesting like the libs he’s wrong. I’m not so sure he was kidding or just making a point, I think he really thought we were going to do this. HONEST. HE IS NOT THE LEADER OF THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT.

The thing is we ARE outraged. By a lot of things. And we elected some people to take care of it. We will send them help as soon as possible. If they can’t get it done we will replace them. We have families to feed and jobs to do. This “depression” that was created by the Ministry of Propaganda (media, MOP), while counterfeit, still hurts. And those of us who still have work must do what we can and let our votes do the protesting for us. That would be the tea party movement because we never really bought into this “depression” to begin with but now that so many others have, we must work through it.

Now some things outlive their usefulness. Then they just hang around and get fat and greedy. So if we had the money we have wasted on unions for the last fifty years we might be able to take a 674 days, 18 hours and 6 minutes off (time Zero has left, see that here) and run around the country sitting outside where ever Chairman Zero is speaking to scream “Obama lied and our economy died”. Also the race thing is over. This guy is about the worst representative of every demographic he belongs to and he clawed his way to the top so really, a crackhead Somali pirate can do it.

One more question. The MOP keeps saying how highly intelligent and learned this guy is. How he steps back and evaluates the situation. Well, if he’s so darn smart, why doesn’t he think up a way to solve our alleged energy problem instead of just attacking the energy industry? The damage done by this guy is beyond criminal and borders on treasonous. I am sick and tired of liberal crap being shoved down my throat and I will not take any more. Get used to it. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Let’s Protest

March 10, 2011

I want to be extremely clear here. Allah forbid I should step on anyones sandaled toes. No, we’re not talking about mooslims today, just good for nothing hippie , union thugs. You see the Wisconsin legislature did what they had to do to get the people’s bidding done today and this rent-a-mob tried to thwart them. The people in the Wisconsin legislature need to be honored by every American citizen out there. But here‘s what they got. The pieces of feces that ran away, the ones that should be prosecuted and jailed, they get the honor from the Ministry of Propaganda (media).

That was a piece from the Washington Post, not the most liberal rag out there but certainly in the running. Look at the picture of the protesters, what in the heck are they getting ready to do, the hokey-pokey? And when the heck did the filthy, good for nothing union become God, giving out rights? These were not union rights, they were ill-gotten advantages over the very people the employees were sworn to serve. Here’s a few facts about these ‘protestors’. 95% of them are not even from Wisconsin. They have pretty much occupied the capitol building in Madison for, I believe, 11 days, the locals are complaining that the building is starting to stink. Estimates of the damage they have done to the building and the grounds is around $7 million. Forty-some rounds of ammunition were found just outside the doors of the building. Does this sound like a tea party to you?

But it gets even better. The rent-a-mob got wind of the vote to take place today so they show up to try and stop it. So many of the jerks are there clogging up the halls of the capitol building that some of the Democrats, that might have been able to make a difference (not really) were unable to get to the chamber to vote. Now that’s darn funny. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, but I’m sure these draft-dodging, hippie types have had experience with that before.

Now, before we wrap it all up and tie a nice bow, are you all even aware of what went on here? To sum it up the state workers belong to a union, let’s stop right here and examine this first. Who do the state workers work for? If you said the gubmint you would be wrong. They are the gubmint, they work for the people of the State, Wisconsin in this case. So if they are organized in a union who are they organizing against? Once again the people of the State. Does that make any sense? Is this starting to look like the self-defeating crap that it is yet?

Back to our sum up, the state workers belong to a union and the people of the State do not want their workers bargaining against them. This is not a for profit enterprise here, it’s the darn gubmint. So they elect Representatives to put a stop to this. The union thugs see their meal ticket getting punched so they throw a bunch of jerks in some busses and go to Madison to see if they can cause a problem. Undaunted, the Representatives do the job they were elected to do and that’s the end of this story. For now anyway, I’m sure these jerks are not going to just go away. So watch for the next installment of this prime example of bullying. Say, do you think FLOTUS could do anything about this? Until next time, screw environmentalists.