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The Price Of Cable TV

May 2, 2011

My internet was so slow. I needed to upgrade, and you know what that entailed, upgrading my darn cable TV. I hate cable TV because they got Barack Hussein Obama elected and my payments helped. I abhor that.

When I was a little kid I remember the cable company coming around to each and every door with their hat in their hands practically begging us to sign up for cable. I can clearly remember them promising my father, “Yes, Mr. Schroeder, you will never see another commercial ad once you sign up for cable and start paying for TV.” What the heck (WTH) happened there?

PAY TV!? It was such an absurd concept back then. Who the heck would PAY for TV? Certainly not my father, he was too astute for that. It’ll never catch on. Oh how I wish he would have been right. Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people. Actually I think I should qualify that by adding, never underestimate the stupidity of the American people now that all these Euro-pukes (Soros) are integrated into our ranks.

So actually, he was right. I don’t think cable would be so wide-spread were it not for the fact that you can’t get decent internet service with out it. I know I would opt for just internet over internet stuck with gayble…I mean cable. And we only get three channels broadcast out here.

Now that we’ve “upgraded” we get a lot more channels. All those channels that I used to roll through on the TV Guide channel and I would look at it and say, “Man, I’m glad we aren’t paying for all that crap.” And why does the TV Guide channel find it necessary to show a movie. Not enough people were coming there to see what was on? Is it just me or does that seem stupid?

So. What is the cost of cable TV? What has it cost this culture? What has it cost this Country? What has it cost your community? What has it cost the American family? What… has it cost you? Are you really supposed to know about a drug bust three thousand miles from your house? Do you really need to see Prince Chuckleheads kid get hitched in real-time? I don’t even want to get into Chairman Zero (Obama) hunting down and killing Osama (Is it just me or do they seem to be related?). So, until next time, consider the cost, as well as the quality, of the information you are getting via your cable tv. Then, screw environmentalists.

Being Green

March 2, 2011

Sorry I’m late I was just out pouring waste oil into my wood burner. I can only burn it at night because the thick black smoke it billows would give Algore a stroke. The heating bill last month was brutal I’ve got to do something to supplement my system or my pipes are going to freeze. We’ve already got old rotten pallet wood and junk furniture burning in the fireplace. Let me tell you, nothing makes a funkier green smoke than the fabric and padding in a couch. And the springs radiate heat for hours. I just don’t know how long I can keep paying these ridiculous bills. And they just keep going up. Chairman Zero, we need help.

The fuel for my car keeps going up. I’d like to get a newer one that gets better mileage but there’s no way I can afford it and still drive so I’ve pulled all the emissions crap off of this one to increase the mileage. Seems like it worked a little but the smell is terrible for people behind me. And food has gone up so much that I have taken to poaching for sustenance. I’ve got about seven squirrels right now but I don’t think they’re going to last long. They’re kind of scrawny. I guess they didn’t get much to eat since our garden failed this year. I couldn’t afford the water bill to keep it watered.

Before you get your check book out to give me a helping hand let me just say that this is a story not my actual circumstances. But let me tell you, there are plenty of people out there with similar solutions to similar problems. Things are getting tough all over. People are having to scratch to get by. It’s only about ten dollars more a fill up at the gas pump but when you have to do it three times a week that’s $30.00 a week, $120.00 a month, and $1,560.00 a year. If you only make $25,000.00 a year that’s six percent of your income. That’s not total for fuel that’s how much it has increased. The cost of getting to work has just increased six percent. That amounts to a six percent cut in pay courtesy of the gubmint. Before you call me a liar let me just say, drill here, drill now. Again, courtesy of the gubmint.

Here’s what it boils down to, a lot of people are scrambling to put food on the table and get to their job, if they are lucky enough to still have one. And our illustrious leader is still trying to shove his environmentalism down our throats. Well the fact is when you’re scrambling to make ends meet you couldn’t care less about BS like being green. Don’t care. Don’t care! DON”T CARE! Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Gubmint Money

February 15, 2011

I’m thinking about starting a business. The gubmint gives out money for that sort of thing don’t they? I was thinking of starting a junkyard. It seems like everything turns into junk sooner or later so that would probably be a going concern. I wonder what you have to do to get a subsidy? I think this would be advantageous to the public and I think that’s the only prerequisite to get a subsidy.

It would certainly be much more advantageous than Amtrak. And they have been getting subsidized since day one and, they have never made a nickel. I am pretty sure I could do better than that.

The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) is another one that eats up subsidies and spits out crap. I think the only thing they can point to that doesn’t offend someone is Sesame Street and I have never seen it so I don’t know, I just have not heard anything negative about it.

How about we revisit National Public Radio (NPR)? Now there’s a real crapper. I have tried to listen to it but I could never stomach anything for more than a few days. It’s like they have the Midas touch only with feces. Everything they touch turns to crap. And I think they work almost entirely on subsidies.

So now let me ask you, does General Motors (GM) work on subsidies now? I don’t know. I heard they were getting money. Then I heard they were paying it back. Now I’m hearing that they paid it back with more borrowed money. I give up. Who really knows?

Another good one is Chrysler. I remember when they got the original bailout. Lee Iacocca was in charge of that. Everybody said he was a real good con-man. I have always thought that they should have gone out of business. That was either right before or right after American Motors (AMC) went out of business. Nobody came running out to them with a bailout. At the time I think they had better models than Chrysler. I know I own a Chrysler and it has never been in a wind tunnel. That thing makes the craziest noises going down the road.

I guess what I’m getting at here is that I think that if it needs a subsidy it should not exist. Amtrak? No. PBS? No. NPR? No. I think we could do just fine without them. GM, too big to fail? Can we get by without them? I think so. Chrysler? Let them fail. How can I say this? I believe the car companies are, and have been, too big for too long. I think smaller, more localized companies should be doing the job. Oh well. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

$53 Billion Down The Drain

February 8, 2011

Comrade Obama is at it again. He just won’t let his dream of ruling the world from the back of a train end. According to Reuters the plan is to sink, and I do mean sink, $53 billion of your tax dollars down this never-ending hole.

The reason I treat this so harshly is because I was a mere child when they flushed the Amtrak commode and it hasn’t stopped running yet. The money just flows down the train drain day after day, year after year, decade after decade and nothing gets better. Trains still suck. Trains still lose money. Trains are still subsidized with your tax dollars. People still die at train crossings. All for what? You can’t afford to ride the darn thing and if it gets you where you’re going you don’t have a way to get around while you’re there.

I don’t know why they are so dead set on doing this. Here‘s a story about it. As you can see even the transportation guy and the railroad subcommittee Chairman have “extreme reservations” about this. They compare it to giving  Madoff another shot at your investment portfolio. Again I ask, why?

Right at the beginning of the story you see where House Republicans demonstrate that they “get it”. This requires “private investment”. That’s the crux of the matter. The gubmint has no business in ANY business, much less the train business which is a proven loser.

Then they keep pointing to China as a model. China has no infrastructure. It is a prime subject for this sort of thing. The United States has a fantastic infrastructure that needs to be maintained, not replaced with some antiquated crap. Have I made this point clear? One more time. Trains are a step up from walking on jungle trails. Trains are a giant leap down from riding in custom comfort to your exact destination. Can this get any clearer?

Let’s examine this further. Almost every home in America has a garage and driveway attached to it. The driveway comes right off the road it sits on. Even the apartments have parking lots as do most of America’s destinations. China, on the other hand has none of this. They’re lucky if they have a road. Now, is Comrade Obama asking us to waste all of this? What are his plans? Does he even have any? I find this truly perplexing. The part that really tweaks me is that this all stems from the scam that is global warming. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

More On Trains

November 19, 2010

There you have the emblem for California’s new high-speed rail project. Does it remind you of a certain dictators seal? In April of 2009 when Chairman Zero unveiled his scheme to cover the land with his dictatormobile he never could have dreamed that the peasants would use his seal as a model for their emblem.

So, in his joy, Zero has pledged 1.3 billion to Amtrak in addition to the federal subsidies already there like to help pay for first class tickets. WTF? We also have $8 billion coming at it from the stimulus plan and another $2.4 billion being committed on top of that. Answer me this, if California is so broke how are they going to get the lions share of the money still needed to finish this hair brained project? That’s right sports fans bend and grab. You’re up. I know Florida has no idea where they will be getting the money to complete and operate the mess started by their RINO turned Independent Governor.

Now, the big hub for all this BS is… Wait for it… Wait for it… Barry’s(alleged) hometown, Chicago. Isn’t that handy. Oh, you didn’t hear all that now did you? Anything else you would like to know about the big plan while we’re here? Apparently the newly elected Governor of Wisconsin wants to redirect the (get this) $810 million to fix roads but Zero is less than delighted with that idea. And 10 or 12 people will be having a rally in favor of the Wisconsin train this Tuesday. Watch for that coverage and let me know if there is anyone there.

Back to funding. That ten billion in tax clams already dumped into the toilet will only fund slight upgrades to the trash that is Amtrak. Those of you with starry-eyed dreams of real high-speed trains can just dream on. High speed rail is defined in Europe as reaching 125 mph on upgraded track and 160 on new track. Zero’s crap will be lucky to reach the old Soviet standards of 100 mph.

Honestly folks, look into this good. Trains in this country are a nuisance at best and more accurately, deadly. Very few people will ride them because the cities in this country are not set up to accommodate them. When you get off your “high-speed train” there won’t be public transportation waiting just steps away, as the gubmint web site would have you believe, and the cab ride won’t be cheap. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Mass Transit

June 26, 2009

This is another hot button for the tyrants. They all seem to want you dependant on public transportation. First who is going to take a train on a day trip to another city? Come on, I don’t hear any takers out there. All you have to do is get to the train station, get on the train, relax, get off the train, find transportation in the city you are visiting. That’s not so bad is it?

Well, getting to the train station; $30.00 taxi ride. Getting on the train; $100.00 ticket. Relax; free if you do nothing while on the train, just don’t touch any of the stuff they have for you to eat or drink on the train as they make mini bar prices seem like bargains. Get off the train; free. Find transportation; $30.00 taxi ride. $160.00. I’ve bought cars for less.

I think it’s a control thing pure and simple. How can they control you if you can just up and leave.

Tomorrow we’ll ride the bus around town.


June 24, 2009

As I wondered earlier, why are trains so important to tyrants? What is it that they have that tyrants simply have to have? They are one of the most inefficient and expensive ways to transport anything, in spite of the CSX commercials on TV and radio claiming that they move so many thousand pounds of weight a mile down the track on a gallon of fuel. The figures are set up to make it sound better than it really is. Also, is that figure including the weight of the train itself. I believe one of those wheels may be a ton or more and there are eight of them on each car.

I have known many a railroad worker and one of the things that they will brag about to you is that they pay no federal income taxes. One actually showed me his check stub, zero income taxes. It’s a subsidy, one of many, without which the railroad would have gone out of business decades ago like it should have. It became extremely inefficient in the early sixties and has been going downhill ever since. Passenger trains cost an arm and a leg to ride and then you are still going to need a car when you get where you are going, that’s lose/lose.

Do you set at the railroad crossing waiting for the train like a good citizen? Do you believe that the train is a utility or something like that? NO! It’s the private property of someone. While you are sitting there losing time and money some rich dude is making money. How many people have died at railroad crossings so these dudes could make money? Do you think maybe they should take some of that money and build bridges and tunnels to eliminate railroad crossings? The government owns no railroad, but they subsidize them all. Something to think about next time you are setting at the railroad crossing, late for work.