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Still Not Getting The Tea Party Movement

July 19, 2010

I read here that Newt Gingrich said the tea party should reach out to the NAACP to have town hall meetings. This is just further evidence that Newt has no clue what the tea party movement is about. If you don’t go you aren’t getting it.

First, people involved in the tea party movement have no desire to start chumming around with a racist organization like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Colored People? Exclusively? It just doesn’t get any more racist than that.

Next, if we were to have a town hall meeting, that in itself brings a whole set of problems. We are not an organization so who does the speaking for us? Do we get together and spend millions of dollars to have an election? I don’t think so. Sorry, we are not here for that purpose. If you don’t like it join the NAACP.

Let me see if I can spell it out for those of you still not getting it. Just because it’s called a tea party does not, I repeat, not, mean we are a political party. People from all political parties attend tea party events. We voice our concerns in a civil fashion. We are working men and women who are simply working toward a common goal, taking our country back from the riff-raff that has attached itself like a parasite to our gubmint.

Come November we hope to give the parasites a shock. Then in 2012 we hope to finish the job. From then on we will stay vigilant to the developments in the gubmint so this doesn’t happen again. One hundred years of liberal feces that has been dumped on us won’t go away overnight but we intend to stay the course regardless of who calls us what. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


August 11, 2009

Nancy Pelosi, or Skelletor as I like to call her, has called the people attending Tea Parties and Town hall meetings Nazis. I’m afraid I might have to agree with her on the latter. Have you seen these town hall meetings. Nothing but union thugs in there, then they let in about twenty percent general population (you see union thugs are such wussies that they can’t take the general populace in a fair fight).

I watched a 175 pound man manhandled by two union thugs in Tampa, Check it out.  I watched a father with his handicapped son escorted by police from a meeting in Michigan. Check it out.  They had a steady stream of this going on, the police must have felt like they were on a conveyor the way they escorted people from this meeting. Skelletor and the legion of doom need to be defeated. At all costs.

This is NOT the United States, this is some dark country behind the iron curtain, for those of you who remember. Excuse me while I vomit. I’m back, to tell you, we need to shake them up. Take these vermin out of office. Not in 2010. NOW! Impeach. Recall. Whatever it takes, get them out now.