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The Big Lie

February 23, 2010

Many times in my life I have noticed this tactic but apparently Hitler wrote it down in his book, “Mein Kampf”. You see Hitler was a socialist and he learned all the tricks very well. I have not read Hitler’s book but the other day Rush Limbaugh said it was in Volume One, Chapter Ten, “The Big Lie”. Basically you just tell a lie so big that nobody can conceive that you would be able to make it up.

The trickery doesn’t end there. I don’t know if this was in Hitler’s book or if it came from Alinsky or somewhere else but the next stage of the big lie is that you repeat it over and over until it is accepted as fact. I know this is true because I have experienced it first hand. I enjoy good tobacco and I have for many, many years. When the libs started screeching about it causing cancer I was all ears. I waited for the data to prove this. It never came. It still hasn’t. If you can prove me wrong please do, but C. Everett Coop saying it doesn’t make it so.

The next stage is to get louder and more obnoxious each time you retell the lie (ala Rob Reiner). Libs are very good at this. Take Algore. Please. Actually Algore has been so scarce lately that Glenn Beck put out an Amber Alert on him the other day. But seriously folks, Algore has been spewing his global warming BS for how long now? He got so loud and obnoxious that he made a shockumentary.

As you can see the big lie is alive and well in socialist America. You need to be well aware of it and shout it down at every opportunity. I know Beck and Limbaugh are not going to go on air and say that the tobacco thing is a lie but I have a lot less to lose and I would like to go on record now to call it a big lie that I am sick of hearing. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


May 24, 2009

I recently quit smoking. I’m not very happy about it. Our rino governor tacked a dollar a pack on all tobacco. I will not pay this tax. It is taxation without representation. The thing that really gets me is that they  keep saying they will not raise taxes on the poor. Who do they think smokes? In the last month in this state tobacco taxes have gone up almost two dollars. The majority of the people who smoke are poor and they will continue to smoke. They have raised taxes on the poor two dollars a day. 730 dollars a year out of a twenty thousand dollar a year income.

I can quit at will, these people can’t. They are addicted.  This is wrong. And for those of you out there saying they need it for their own good, congress is working on a fat tax for your good. And a sugar tax, a tax for breathing and a flatulence tax. You elected these people. Is this what you wanted? This country has moved so far to the left that the “conservatives” make FDR look like a staunch Republican. that’s why when you go to vote there is no choice. They are all the same. What is the least of the evils? They are all so far left that the Republican party is trying to get along with the Democrats. The Republican party is supposed to vehemently oppose the Democrat party not try to cross the isle.

I urge you to contact your representatives and let them know how you feel. At the time I thought Gingerich and the boys were lame, who would have thought I would be nostalgic for the contract with America.