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I Found It

August 23, 2009

I think I’ve found the exact moment in history when health care insurance went down the drain. When Sir Ted started his HMO’s they covered all the normal things like check-ups and routine tests but they were terrible for real problems, even simple ones like a broken bone. You had to truck all the way to your approved clinic or risk being hit with “unauthorized charges”.

Well, regular health care held it’s own for a while but all the healthy people started defecting to an HMO for the preventive maintenance. They churned out one routine test and check-up after another. Trying to take care of all the chronic illness and poor health cases hurt the health care insurance companies so they began to offer the doctor visits and drug coverage and all of the extras you see now to lure the healthy ones back. It was the beginning of health care spiraling out of control.

As services increased, costs increased, pay outs to doctors were more closely scrutinized and claims were denied. The doctors retaliated with inflated costs to cover denied claims. The game went back and forth until we arrived where we are now. A thirty dollar aspirin, a fifteen dollar band-aid and pad the claim any way possible in hopes that you’ll get what’s due to you. With anything out of the ordinary being denied by the insurance company without ironclad documentation, it’s to the point now where most health care facilities have become “mills” churning out assembly line like treatment with most of them specialized to decrease the chances of misdiagnosis.

How do we fix it? What, do you think I’m Socrates? Can we go back to the way it was? Are you willing to give a little. Will the doctors give a little. Will the insurance companies give a little. If anyone says no, we are hosed. The illustrious leader has proclaimed that it’s unsustainable, and I hate to, but I’m afraid I actually agree with him. Excuse me while I vomit.