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Halloween Gore

October 30, 2009

I told you to wait for it. I told you to watch for it. Well here it is. The Almighty Algore has spoken, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. I am the Almighty Algore and I tell you sea levels will rise 67 meters in 5-10 years.” First off lets translate that into American. 67 meters is about 220 feet. Heck, 148 cubits means more to me than those stupid meters. I’m totally tired of trying to get along with foriegners, they can all pack it.

So the Goracle says the sea level will rise twenty stories in ten years. He bases this on the north pole melting. One serious flaw comes to mind. The north pole has no land mass. Think about it. Think some more. For those who didn’t think here it is. The north pole is already in the sea. If it melts the melt-water should not cause any rise in sea levels. Beyond that ice floats. Think about it. Oh the heck with it, as ice freezes it traps air inside it so as it melts it may even lower the sea level because it will take up less space.

Then we’ve got some dipstick fiction writer from Ohio claiming that cap-and-trade will save money in health care. WTF? Let me ‘splain Lucy. When liars discover that one or two or even three of their lies are starting to fall apart they try combining them for a better effect. You really should have seen this coming. To check it out for yourself go here

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