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The First Amendment

March 24, 2010

Here we go again. The ink isn’t even dry on the last assault on our freedom and already they are after free speech. The bricks thrown through the window that I spoke of the other day – the fault of a blog. Death threats – blogs. I heard Slaughter on the radio with my own ears blame the whole brick thing on a blog. Some other lib was spouting about addresses being put on blogs.

You see, they can’t tolerate any opposition. They will now demonize this medium to the point that Chairman Zero will have to regulate it. REGULATE IT! My free speech. Regulate my free speech. China is working out the details for him as we speak. The liberal champion, Google, is taking it on the chin from China right now. Now that’s funny. But you know what? It’s the proving ground for things to come. Mark my words. Just like the military and the police are the only ones who really need guns, the mainstream media are the only ones who really need free speech. You see how it rolls?

Come on folks, these are God-given rights, not some crock dreamed up by Che Guvera or however you spell his cursed name. These are not privileges granted by Chairman Zero, to be revoked at his whim. If we keep letting them infringe on one because it don’t appeal to us we will soon have none.

One tactic that I liked for fighting back is described in the iowntheworld blog and you can check it out right here. One thing I really like here is that they give a site you can go to and find out who your favorite shopkeep donates to. Other than that I just want to say, as usual, screw environmentalists.