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August 30, 2009

Did you get a stimulus check? Apparently 3,900 inmates in a DC prison did. $250.00 each, that’s $975,000.00. 2,200 of them actually got to keep them, that’s $550,000.00. The other 1,700? The Social Insecurity Administration’s Mark Lassiter said “…most of the checks were returned by the prisons…”. Most of the checks? What does he mean most of the checks? That’s $425,000.00, What is most of that? $212,750.00 is over half.

Social Insecurity Commissioner Michael J. Astrue said, “Where we determine payment was not due, we will take aggressive action to recover each of these erroneous payments.” Aggressive action? What, are they going to do, threaten to put these guys in prison? Garnish their wages? Punk them in the shower? What?

Who else received these checks? People who receive VA and Railroad Retirement Board checks. The VA I can support, no problem. But why are we again subsidizing the railroads if they are so wonderful? The CSX commercials in my area paint the railroads as the most efficient way to do everything from slicing French fries to laundering your unmentionables. So why would we need to subsidize this eighth wonder of the world? The gubment makes me sick.