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A Good Job

August 11, 2010

So you heard about the suicides in the Longhua Foxconn factory near Shenzhen in China and you have vowed not to buy anything else from Apple until they fix this? Is that about the size of it? I don’t have an answer. To me it sounds like the auto industry here in the States back in the twenties and thirties. How about we ship Andy Stern over there?

Now Foxconn is going to build a new factory that will employ 200,000 workers and produce 200,000 i-phones and i-pads a day. Won’t that be great for the economy. It certainly will…in China where they are building it. Have you had enough good news yet?

Apparently these jobs are not too bad for China. There doesn’t seem to be any shortage of applicants to replace the dead ones. Perhaps because the Ministry of Propaganda doesn’t let the truth out?

Monthly pay is $156.00 and it is scheduled to go up this month to $202.80. Now for that kind of scratch do you think that maybe some workers are offing other workers so their relatives can get in? I don’t know, just a thought. Probably not since even in China that wage sucks. The workers can’t even afford the cheap Chinese crap they build. They have to look at even cheaper knock-offs (I wonder if they’re from America?).

So, as you park your KIA and go in and turn on your Samsung TV and heat up some Mexican vegetables and Brazilian beef in your Sanyo microwave you can rest assured that I am quite certain none of those products were produced in this fashion. If you would like to read a little story about Foxconn click here. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Who’s Responsible

May 13, 2010

Today I have a question for you. Who is responsible for this country? Let’s look at this question in a few different ways. Who is responsible for our economic situation? Is Bush really the one who is responsible for all this crap? He did start it didn’t he? Did Bush start tarp or was it Pelosi and the boys? Or, is Obama responsible now? After all, he is the man in charge. When you buy a company do you go in and a year later blame its failure on the fact that your predecessor started it?

OK, let’s forget that for now. Who is responsible for border security? Bush didn’t get the fence built. Obama isn’t working on it. Should the State of Arizona do it all? What about Sheriff Joe? Can he do it all? I hear he’s running for Governor. The Governor they have is doing a pretty good job isn’t she? But what about Texas? Here’s an ADD question. How come we don’t hear about problems in New Mexico? Arnold is a total waste of space but then California got what they bargained for.

OK, forget that. What about unemployment? Why are GM and GE not doing more for America’s workers? (That even sounds communist.) Should there be some kind of law that says everybody is entitled to a job? What about Steve Jobs? He’s doing pretty well isn’t he? Shouldn’t he put on some more people? Or maybe the Microsoft guy, I hear he’s doing pretty good? Say, what about the feds? I hear they’re putting on 16,000 IRS agents? What’s that all about anyway?

OK, let’s look at this from my prospective. Who TOOK responsibility over the fields of Pennsylvania on September 11? Oh yeah. The American people baby, that’s who. I submit to you that the American people are responsible for this whole thing. Perhaps we should get off our couch and go vote. Or maybe do something radical like campaign for the candidate that is going to do the job we elect them for. How about this, get yourself elected? Ow that’s freaky huh?

Hey, just shooting from the hip here. Until next time, screw environmentalists.