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VMT, VAT What’s In A Name

May 5, 2011

VAT, the value added tax is really a stupid idea. It has no merit and will do one thing, make American made goods and services cost the consumer more. The additional tax money will go down the giant toilet known as the federal gubmint.

How does the VAT work? Simple, at every stage of production a small tax is added to reflect the value of that particular piece of the overall product. An example would be a car seat. When the cow is raised there would be a tax. When the cow is slaughtered there would be a tax. When the leather is tanned there would be a tax. When the pattern is cut there would be a tax. When the pieces of the pattern are sown together there would be a tax. When the cover is fitted to the seat frame there would be a tax. Are you getting the picture?

What is the VMT? This is an idea that makes the VAT look pretty smart. I had been looking for this for quite a while now, and I couldn’t remember the name of it. A tip of the hat to Rush Limbaugh for bringing it to my attention today. Here‘s a short piece about it, and here‘s an actual copy of one of the drafts of a law that includes it. The IHAC (I Hate America Club) has been kicking this one around for decades and they seem to think they might have a chance at getting it by this administration. I’ve got news for them.

Anyway, here’s the crux of the matter. Chairman Zero (Obama) would have you, the American citizen, pay some inflated BS price to have some electronic POS (piece of sh..) installed on your vehicle. This POS would then record how many miles you drive. At some point after that, let’s say when you plug-in to recharge your battery (Oh. Yeah. You smug slugs with the electric crap will be paying this as well. Did I forget to mention that?) or when you get fuel at the pump, the POS will download all this data to the gubmint and you will probably be electronically transferring funds to them at that time to cover your “taxes”.

Nice huh? Are we beginning to see what the “beast” might be? I’m not worried about this because I have just started a business that is sure to be a huge success. No, I’m not teaching people how to beat the POS, I’m teaching them how to syphon fuel. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Yes We Can

April 11, 2011

A guy walks into a bar and the bartender says, “How long would it take John Boehner to cave if three idiots dragged him down to their level?”  And the guy says, “Just before gubmint shutdown.”

WHAT THE HECK (WTH) HAPPENED? Were we perhaps unclear about cutting the budget? (He said, still looking for that sarcasm font.) I don’t think $500 billion would have been unreasonable at all but I do think Boehner might need to return to his former job vacuuming ashtrays at the car wash. Maybe we can help him out with that come November 2012. Now they’re talking $5 a gallon gas by Memorial Day. WTH? I’m just sick and tired of the whole thing. I will not buy into it  any more. Instead of fearing the increase and trying to find ways to cut my fuel consumption, I’m going to find ways to keep more of my money so I can buy even more fuel. Screw these jerks. So, here’s my new battle cry, “YES WE CAN!” Yeah, I know it’s been done, but not in this context. From now on I will consciously try to use more. This is America and Rush Limbaugh is right, I will not apologize for who I am or my culture.

I grew up with fast cars and cheap fuel. The cars were built by people who made things with their own hands. The fuel came from people who worked hard and played hard and got a good days wage for a good days work. For some gay reason this is changing  and I’m sounding the warning right now. Yeah, it’s not “some gay reason” it’s limp-wristed, left-leaning leaders selling us down the river. Limp-wristed, left-leaners like Boehner. That, and everybody wants to be a dot-com millionaire. Nobody knows how to, or wants to, work for a living anymore. No matter how good that living may be, they would rather have food stamps and gubmint cheese given to them by me and the other three people working out there.

Honestly it’s the “no drilling” crowd that’s screwing us. If you don’t do something now you won’t be cruising later. Gas prices are just the outward sign of what is happening to our culture. Wayne’s World sucked cruising in a Pacer but you know what would suck even worse? Cruising in a Leaf. Boehner and the rest of the limp-wristers are giving our culture away. To the delight of Soros, Obama, and the rest of the sour foreigners out there who hate us.

Hey folks. I am not without a plan. We need to start making things again. We need to start producing things again. We need to make it a bad thing to own foreign scrap again. We need to make the American product the quality product again. Not the ‘inflated price because we are supporting a bunch of bully’s calling themselves a union’ product. Yeah. I said that. There it is, the elephant in the room. I pointed it out. Now get it the heck out of here before it drops more stool. Take the unions, the limp-wristers, and the no drillers out of the equation and we start winning again. Yes we can. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Root

April 4, 2011

I often say things that cause people to look at me as if I were insane. I have been told that I am talking out of my… you know what. I’ve noticed that many more women are offended by the things I say than men. This has always been perplexing to me as these things I say would not have even needed to be said forty years ago. They would have “gone without saying”. They were just common sense. What the heck (WTH)?

For a long time I have just figured most women didn’t like me for whatever reason. I didn’t know if it was my smile or what but I just accepted it and moved on. I have always been a risk taker. I have the desire to move forward and get more. Heck, I’m a mechanic by trade and now here I am doing this on my own dime. Is that a risk? Is that a risk you are willing to take. I think most Americans are risk takers. Or at least descended from risk takers. You have got to risk something to get ahead, and the more you risk the more you seem to get.

In the sixties people were going out on a limb all the time. John DeLorean comes to mind. He IS the man behind the GTO. Did you know that? The machine that was GM got sick of him and away he went. Next thing you know he builds an iconic automobile. Lee Iacocca is not my first choice for man of the decade (or even the day) but you have to admit he got a lot done. He took some risks and they paid off handsomely. Why do my examples always go to the auto industry? Refer to paragraph two sentence five.

So anyway, I’m listening to Limbaugh, as I often do, and he’s saying something about some poll by someone named Celinda Lake. See that here. And the word is that she ran a poll to see what women really want. That was the catch line. The real story is, as it relates to the economy. The truth is scary. See it here. That’s right, a full 70% would pick security over opportunity. In my words, they would sell their souls for safety.

Oh, you guys out there are pointing and laughing aren’t you? Well, the survey said 54% of men would do the same thing. I can only hope this is a survey of the French, Democrats, libs, or all three. This is telling me that the majority out there would sell their souls for safety and the only thing standing between me and wearing bubble wrap from the cradle to the grave is the Constitution. God bless Thomas Jefferson and the boys.

So there you have it. The root. This is what has our country in the shape it’s in. Too many of you are afraid to do anything. You want GM and GE to do it all for you. And when the gubmint puts too many restrictions on the risk takers you want the gubmint to give you a block of cheese and some food stamps. For the FIRST time in my life I know what shame Michelle Obama was talking about. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

GOP Prez

March 30, 2011

I’m becoming a little concerned. The Democrats are already talking up Chairman Zero (Obama) for 2012 (it hurts to even say that) and the Republicans have a parade of fools out there. I don’t care how you dress him up, Mitt Romney means four more years of Chairman Zero and that’s just not an option. Romneycare is not the only shortcoming he has but here is a story about that. PMSNBC ran a story about one of his ex-aides saying his religion was his biggest problem. If that’s it bring him on.

Haley Barbour… Who? The Governor of Mississippi is another one who comes into the fray with a lot of baggage. See here. Not the least of which are the things he says regarding race. He was a lobbyist for big tobacco and big oil. I find nothing wrong with these companies but I think lobbyists should be hung right next to community organizers. Both worthless parasites in our political process. And if you think the tobacco companies are bad, get it outlawed.

Then I hear Donald Trump is going into the Presidency business. Is he even a Republican? Do you think he’s a RINO? I saw a picture of him today and I can’t find it now but it looked like he might have gone wild with the tan-in-a-can. And now he’s gone “birther” on us. See that here. But, in his defence, he is a businessman. He must know how to balance books which is something we desperately need. No one in the current regime seems to know how.

Newt Gingrich, please. That’s what I would call tired. Not to mention, if you go back and look there was this whole deal about a contract with America that went horribly wrong. Actually I don’t think it went wrong so much as they just didn’t get it done. Herman Cain? Another resounding who? Mike Huckabee? You remember from the last primary? Might as well throw Ron Paul in here, I think he’s gearing up for it. Chris Christie? Now there’s a possibility but we’ll have to wait and see. He says no but his actions say maybe.

Marco Rubio? The new tea party movement backed Senator from Florida. They are practically begging him to get in the game but he gives a firm, “No” so far. Then there’s Roy Moore, you know, the “10 Commandments Judge”. See that here. And why are Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman not on this list? That’s a team I would vote for but so many Republicans are apparently sexists.

That leaves Tim Pawlenty. Who? The former governor of Minnesota and the only serious candidate so far. No negatives to be found. When I first saw him I thought, oh no another Romney mess. But no. He’s clean so far. Let the Ministry of Propaganda (media) do that voodoo that they do so well and get any dirt they can because this guy looks good for it. Here‘s some videos and a story from none other than CBS. Oh yeah. He’s for the tea party movement. You know what though? No matter who they trot out, if they are the only viable candidate against Chairman Zero, I will try to vote for them as many times as possible. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Democrat Taxes

March 22, 2011

I pay taxes on everything I buy. I pay taxes on everything I earn. If I missed just one of these taxes the full weight of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would come crashing down on me like one of those cheap TV’s dangling precariously from the ceiling at Wal-Mart (You’ll never walk under one of those the same way again, will you?). But then I… am a conservative. Claire McCaskill, on the other hand, is a lib. And in the fine tradition of all the tax dodging libs that have gone before her, I think she might just get away with it. In all fairness she says she was not aware of her tax liability. I can relate. But have you ever told the gubmint that you didn’t know it was illegal? ”Ignorance is no excuse” was the particular line they laid on me as they prosecuted me to the fullest extent of the law. Here’s the story from a liberal rag.

Have you ever owned rental properties? The IRS is dead serious about you paying what they think is fair when it comes to you making money off real estate. They seem to have no sense of humor. But the next in our line of tax dodging libs has all the luck. Charlie Rangel bought some rentals in a yacht club in the Dominican Republic. Then he failed to pay the taxes. Then he claimed ignorance. Worked like a charm for him. Again, I got nailed to the shed door. Check it out here if you don’t believe me.

Ok, let’s go for the coup de gras. A black woman. Here’s the story of poor, disenfranchised… wait a stinking minute, this woman is in the House of Representatives. Maxine Waters has some troubles with the House Ethics Committee. Imagine that. It seems she may have had some knowledge of some wrong doing by the Republican National Committee at the Watergate… oh. Wait a minute. Wrong crook. Maxine tried to get federal bailout funds for her husband. Sorry. I thought this was also tax related. Oh. Wait. Your tax dollars paid for this. Does that count? Anyway, here’s the scoop.

Hey, maybe claiming stupid works for white women, black men and black women, just not for white men. Well here it is. The white guy. As Rush Limbaugh likes to call him, “the haughty John Kerry, who once served in Viet Nam”. This guy thinks you need to pony up your fair share but when it’s time to pay the piper “the haughty John Kerry, who once served in Viet Nam” is not interested in paying his way. He’s got the scratch to get a $7 million boat. But the $507,000.00 tax in his home State? Not so much. He opts for the shysters solution and registers it in neighboring Rhode Island to avoid the tax. Hey, I would do the same but I can’t afford the ride to Rhode Island at today’s gas prices. Check it out if here you don’t believe me.

Fifty years. That’s how long I personally know that these thieves have been doing this kind of thing to you. Do you enjoy it? Is that it? I just can’t personally understand how someone could walk into the voting booth and elect one of these derelicts unless they thought they were going to be on the receiving end of a giant windfall of obamabucks or something. I was a Libertarian for thirty years. Then I realized that the Democrats were just plain screwing me. Well the tables have turned “haughty John Kerry who once served in Viet Nam”. Can you say “Waterloo 2012”? Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Outrage And Rallys

March 17, 2011

Limbaugh was on a rant one day about something or other but the thing that caught my ear was when he started asking, “Where’s the outrage?” and “Where are the rallys?’. He was referring to the tea party movement. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Rush and I really think he is about the best out there for “getting the tea party movement” but if he thinks we’re going to leave our jobs and go traipsing around protesting like the libs he’s wrong. I’m not so sure he was kidding or just making a point, I think he really thought we were going to do this. HONEST. HE IS NOT THE LEADER OF THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT.

The thing is we ARE outraged. By a lot of things. And we elected some people to take care of it. We will send them help as soon as possible. If they can’t get it done we will replace them. We have families to feed and jobs to do. This “depression” that was created by the Ministry of Propaganda (media, MOP), while counterfeit, still hurts. And those of us who still have work must do what we can and let our votes do the protesting for us. That would be the tea party movement because we never really bought into this “depression” to begin with but now that so many others have, we must work through it.

Now some things outlive their usefulness. Then they just hang around and get fat and greedy. So if we had the money we have wasted on unions for the last fifty years we might be able to take a 674 days, 18 hours and 6 minutes off (time Zero has left, see that here) and run around the country sitting outside where ever Chairman Zero is speaking to scream “Obama lied and our economy died”. Also the race thing is over. This guy is about the worst representative of every demographic he belongs to and he clawed his way to the top so really, a crackhead Somali pirate can do it.

One more question. The MOP keeps saying how highly intelligent and learned this guy is. How he steps back and evaluates the situation. Well, if he’s so darn smart, why doesn’t he think up a way to solve our alleged energy problem instead of just attacking the energy industry? The damage done by this guy is beyond criminal and borders on treasonous. I am sick and tired of liberal crap being shoved down my throat and I will not take any more. Get used to it. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

PC In The Crosshairs

February 24, 2011

Well, after yesterdays whack rant I was compelled to come back today and see if I couldn’t carry it too far. The “stresser”, as they call it on the cop shows, that set me off was a bit on the Limbaugh show a few days ago. Just a line or two and I don’t even remember what it related to, but the point is Limbaugh was acting like he was afraid to say weapon. Of course he wasn’t, and he was just making his point, as I am, but it set me off. So, I guess he did his job, now I’m trying to do mine and sound the alarm. Hey. Everybody. It’s getting bad. Time to stop these limp-wristed libs.

So now that everybody’s been thoroughly schooled on WHAT PC is. And now that everybody’s been thoroughly schooled on HOW TO AVOID the vilifying thing. And now that the alarm has been sounded. I would just like to spit out some vile politically incorrect things. Things like GUN. BULLET. WEAPON. CROSSHAIRS. TARGET. See that here. Yes. These things have been put on the PC list.

I know what you’re thinking…WTF? I don’t know either but in the spirit of civility I would like to say that I have put the crosshairs on all libs out there who support this PC crap. I have made them a target for conservatives everywhere. I would like to see them defeated where ever they are. Gee, I was starting to scare myself there. But seriously folks, I would not be surprised if some liberal whack job leaves venomous comments or even tries to have me arrested for some kind of hate crime for this. I will keep you posted on that. And yes, I will ok the venomous comments for publishing. I, unlike my lib counterparts, wouldn’t think of censoring opposing viewpoints.

But back to the point. Yes, gun, bullet, weapon, crosshairs and target have been deemed politically incorrect by the limp-wristed libs. I don’t know who, or how they would offend someone but none-the-less… So, if you value your freedom, I would suggest that you step up the use of these terms and try to apply them to everything you say. Now let me see, in other words, if you want to be as free as a bullet fired from a gun you should target terms that reflect your love of freedom and put the crosshairs on anything that stands in the way of you hitting this target. Now choose your weapon and get to work. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

What’s Wrong In Egypt

February 3, 2011

If Hosni Mubarak won’t be running again in September, and the “protestors” wanted him out, why is this still going on? According to the UN (for what that’s worth) world food prices have gone to record highs. Some believe that this is the thing causing the trouble. See that here. I think not. Apparently Kenneth Cole, a fashion designer, thinks they are rioting over his spring collection. See that here. There could be something to this as the Egyptian peasants are a stylish bunch, but I think we may want to delve deeper still.

Limbaugh has been Johnny-on-the-spot here. He keeps questioning why the signs the “protestors” are holding all seem to be in English. He too, wonders why the “protestors” continue on if they have already achieved their goal. What do you think? Are they after more? Are they just looting? Is it the price of corn? Greg Palkot and Olaf Wiig of FOX News were beaten as well as that gay guy from CNN, but an ABC News crew had an offer of beheading. See that here. Is there a hidden agenda that we are not being shown?

Is there something going on here that we are not being told? Who would keep such a thing from the world? Who…is the muslim brotherhood? Ah. We have struck a chord. Here‘s the cleaned up version from the gubmint scrubbed internet. Here‘s their official website. I don’t know, seems pretty docile. So what’s with all the rioting? What’s with this Egypt/Israeli peace deal?

Next order of business. Why is Chairman Zero so adamant about being a Christian all of the sudden. 147,000 results on that in my search engine today. Why so many? Could he be trying to live down that mooslim day thing at the White House? Why would this be important to him at all? How could being a mooslim possibly damage him any more than he is? You know, he never really has warmed up to being POTUS. Do you think he has a plan to become like Leonardo? King of the world? Does he have a Mooslim Brotherhood Official Membership Card? I don’t know. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

South Dakotans Must Own Gun

February 1, 2011

Now this is my kind of law. Five South Dakota Legislators have introduced a bill that requires all South Dakotans to own a firearm. I think I’ll be moving there. Don’t believe it? Look here. Ok, so it’s not what you had in mind but it is true. If we’re going to have a mandated purchase I’m going with this one not some sleazy insurance that should be outlawed instead of mandated.

Yes. It is a protest move against obamacare, and when this is struck down for forcing a citizen to buy a product it will set a precedence for obamacare. This is great work from the legislators here. This is the kind of thing we need going on all over the country if we are ever going to beat the libs. Hit them from all sides with the most far-reaching things you can come up with. Get people used to seeing this kind of thing again. A while back I said they (the libs) were like a retarded Energizer Bunny. Well now we’re starting to show some of that and it’s great. WELL DONE!

With the Federal Judge ruling for the Constitution in Florida we have a real movement going on here. That’s what happened down there you know? That Judge ruled FOR the Constitution, not against obamacare. That, with this, is the kind of thinking we have to keep going. Here‘s the Florida ruling. I think Limbaugh hammered this home today about how good this ruling is. He even read a bunch of quotes from it. Really nice stuff done here as well. The thing is it always seems like when the media puts conservatives on the air they find the dumbest and ugliest among us and then try to get them mad and paint our side in that light.

I know a lot of people are getting tired of me saying our side and their side but that’s how it is. There is no getting along with them. That’s what I and the rest on my side are tired of. We have been trying to get along for a century. Well that’s over. I won’t be happy until they’re all gone out of this country and back to Libya or where ever the heck they think is gay enough for them because I won’t let it be here. Now, to make sure that happens, we need to go here, to our Senators (the more liberal the better) and tell them to vote for repealing this obamanation that is obamacare. You might want to ask them to get some of this buying a gun legislation going too. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Hugo Weighs In

January 31, 2011

Hosni Mubarak, no relation to Hussein-Obama Barack, has been blessed by ‘Ol Joe’ so he must be good, right? But Chairman Zero’s lifelong good buddy, Hugo Chavez, says no, so who’s wrong? Here‘s what Hugo had to say. But here‘s Biden’s bite and they just don’t jive. Betcha Ol Joe’s made another gaffe when all is said and done. You know, he’s a heartbeat away from being our leader? And you thought Dan Quayle was scary? That’s a BFD kid. Hey the hits just keep on coming.

Now I don’t know, they’re all arabs, aren’t they? But Mubarak is a Dictator, right? But that’s ok when we like them, right? Like the Shah of Iran, he was better than Imadinnerjacket, right? Aren’t they all mooslims, why is Egypt so important, do they have oil or something? Why don’t we just use our own oil for about thirty years and then when the middle east has died off because they keep killing each other for no apparent reason, and they don’t have our oil money to screw us with anymore, we can just roll in and get the oil cheap.

Here‘s a little something to think about. It seems people are running out of food in Egypt. They have curfews and merchants are shutting down their stores. People can’t even get gas. I wonder if the ‘scam that is global warming’ has anything to do with this? You know, Algore said ethanol was a mistake. Do you think some corn would help these people right about now?

But here’s the kicker, people are “shocked” by the way Mubarak is being betrayed. The rats appear to be leaving the ship, with our rat at the head. See that here. But undaunted a million man march will take place tomorrow. See that here. But even with no food the protesters are up for a good old-fashioned ’60’s style protest. It’s a carnival, (See that here.) so until next time, screw environmentalists.