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February 17, 2010

If Nixon was indeed a crook the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the reason. He proposed this cluster that hung its shingle out in December of 1970. This is one hack outfit and I don’t ever recall anything good coming out of it. I don’t expect anything, and the fact that my tax dollars support it sickens me.

The EPA is responsible for most of the BS to come down the loss of freedom pike. All that emission crap strapped to your car that reduces your fuel economy and horsepower are a direct result of this group. Unleaded gas, a perfectly worthless addition to the scene is their baby. Ethanol, the crap of the new millennium, is also a product of their nimble minds. None of this does any good and all of it is detrimental yet the agency continues.

Their latest edict, that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, is quite possibly one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. The fact that greenhouse gases do not even exist aside, carbon dioxide is an integral part of our true eco system. The plants need it. They breath it in. They will die without it. Have you ever looked at the picture that they use to describe the greenhouse effect? It’s like a comic, a bad one. For an uplifting story on this subject check out how Virginia is handling it. And as always, screw environmentalists.

You know, a good place to cut the federal budget might be the EPA. Just thinking out loud here. What have they really given us for our $62 billion or whatever ridiculous amount of tax dollars they suck up every year? (You try to decipher the federal budget.)