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July 22, 2009

First off let me start off with a bit of little known history. Horses are not native to North America. No, I’m 1/32 Native American and I remember the old ones around the fire in the teepee telling me. Hey! I’m 1/32 Native American, I’m unquestionable and pure as the driven snow, so don’t question it (or do question it and look here ).

At any rate the obamastration has figured out how to spend 700 million on contraception for horses. We’re talking 10 large per horse here ($10,000). Also we’re going to need a horse census every two years. Are you sick of this yet? Call your gay representative and tell him NO on the “Restore Our American Mustangs Act” and YES on restoring our right to drive 400 horsepower mustangs. Can I get a hell yeah?

Of course the bill calls for a gubment inspector to inspect the homes of anyone willing to adopt a mustang…WTF? Adopt a mustang? Are they wild then? What does it matter, they are feral not native. You’ll have to excuse me now as I have to vomit but you can check it out here if you must