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August 21, 2009

Between Maxine saying she is all about socializing business and the rest of the idiot quotes I’ve heard coming out of DC it’s amazing these negative IQ’s keep getting work. But somehow they fool enough of the people long enough to re-up. That’s not saying much for the American people and there is nothing I can do about it. Facts is facts.

It’s not all Democrat quotes that make the hit parade. The one that I think is the best is from Republican Rep. Bill Sali of Idaho who said, “I have asked my staff to draft a measure I call the Obesity Reduction and Health Promotion Act. Since Congress will apparently not be restrained by the laws and principles that naturally exist, I propose that the force of gravity, by force of Congress, be reduced by ten percent. Mr. Speaker, that will result in immediate weight loss for every American. It will immediately help reduce obesity problems in America.”

This was probably some sort of attempt at dry humor (I hope) on the part of Mr. Sali, but he’s right on here. Congress acts like the laws of physics, nature, economy and all the other unchangeable constants don’t apply when they are involved. Then they glom on to some twisted theory like global warming and hang on for dear life through the coldest summer I can remember. We need fresh thinkers. We need people with real life experience. Throw all these fossils that have broken with reality out and elect some people with something besides oatmeal between their ears.