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Steely Eyed Resolve

March 22, 2010

As I listened to a local talk show on the way home from work this is the phrase that impressed me. Steely eyed resolve. The local talk show guy used these words to describe the opposition he was seeing to Obamacare. I just want to insert this here, when I typed Obamacare spell check came up with a suggestion for a correct spelling. Macabre. Isn’t that odd? Anyway back to steely eyed resolve.

Last night when I heard that this abortion had passed (pun intended) I feared the worst. I envisioned armies of opposition forces dragging legislators from their offices and using the tar and feather treatment. I really feared more violence than the bricks thrown through the windows at the Democratic headquarters.

Then, this morning, as I was on my way to work I hear on the radio the organized, peaceful opposition and I remember who I am dealing with here. These people are conservatives. They don’t resort to violence when every little thing doesn’t go their way. Now I just want to say this truly is a great Presidency. He did what Reagan, both Bush’s, Carter, and Clinton could not. He made me a registered Republican. As a Libertarian of thirty plus years I was so impressed that I went in and registered as a Republican.

At first I felt sad. Then all day I wondered if I should switch back to no party. Then I heard it. This statement by a local talk show host. People are lining up against this with “steely eyed resolve”. Right then and there I knew I had made the right decision. If a few thousand people did this today what kind of message is that going to send to DC? If tens of thousands did this  what will they think?

Since I have been lined up against this from the beginning, as anyone who knows me personally will tell you with steely eyed resolve, I am pleased with this development. Just thought I’d let you know how the opposition is going to work this. With steely eyed resolve. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


September 16, 2009

Have you heard the term fascism thrown around? If you’re alive I’m guessing you have. Do you know what it means? If you heard it in the seventies you probably think it has something to do with something Nixonesk (I just made that word up so I guessed at how to spell it, spell check had no suggestions). If you heard it in the eighties you probably think it has something to do with Reagan’s trickle down economics. If you heard it in the nineties you probably think it has something to do with Clinton’s coverups. And if you heard it in the new millenium you probably believe it has something to do with Bush’s war for oil.

The funny thing is you are all pretty close to right. Webster’s defines it as “one party system of government”. Almost all of these Presidents enjoyed a period when their party was in complete control. But, that’s where the similarity ends. The true meaning goes to administrations like Hitler, Mao, Mussolini and Stalin. It wasn’t that their party was in charge, they eliminated the opposition. Killed them. This is the true meaning of fascism. How can you compare that to Bush, Clinton, Reagan or Nixon? Sure, it appeared that some of these Presidents had some evil things going on, but Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Mao killed millions in plain sight of the people, and just because they held different views that they did. That’s scary stuff.

The name calling is going pretty heavy right now. Sure, Obama’s doing things that nobody likes but we will survive. The question is, in what form? I mean, how much more socialist can we get before we stop him? 2010 should be foremost in everyone’s mind. These fossils that have been enjoying a free ride at taxpayer expense for decades need to be ousted, but in the mean time they need to be kept on a tight leash. I e-mail my reps daily if necessary. I have been part of the “shut the website down” crowd. Have you?


June 15, 2009

Has it occurred to anyone that the Founding Fathers seemed to be the kind of people that you could relate to, speak to, maybe even be friendly with? I wouldn’t even have minded being in business with Franklin or Jefferson. That’s just the kind of people they seemed to be. I realize that history may have been somewhat skewed but they had a long way to go to measure up to the crop of political refuse we have today.

As long as I can remember the President has been some kind of jerk. Always something to hide or something they should’ve admitted up front. I don’t really remember Ike. Clinton and Kennedy were womanizers. Nixon “may” have had knowledge of wrong doing? Johnson, Carter, Ford and both Bush’s were just weak and/or silly. Reagan was hard to read but he seemed somewhat quirky and really started the untouchable attitude that Presidents have taken in the last few decades.

Nixon was also scary and intimidating. You can’t talk to them and you wouldn’t want to if you could because you never know what’s going to happen to you if you say something they don’t want to hear. And now we have chairman zero (Obama). He’s nothing more than a rabble rousing street thug from Chicago. He associates with known terrorists and criminals and he’s attempting to rule by intimidation. I’m afraid to even e-mail him. He makes me nostalgic for Nixon.