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September 4, 2009

Do you know the Hippocratic oath? It has been altered over the years but it still says I will not give a woman an abortive remedy. It also says I will not give deadly drug to anyone. Is that pretty plain or do you have questions? Zeke Emanuel doesn’t have questions he just came out and said it gets in the way of health care.

I haven’t read the health care bill. I won’t read the health care bill. I don’t care what’s in it, I’m against it because the government has no business in health care, or any other business. They need to tend to their government business and quit worrying about what the rest of the country’s doing. They are PUBLIC SERVANTS, not rulers. But when I hear statements like that from some two bit czar it makes me wonder what could possibly be in it that the Hippocratic oath would get in the way of?

They say no death panels. They say no forced abortions. They say no euthanasia. They say no involuntary sterilization. Well there isn’t a whole lot more in the oath. Check for yourself  . So what could be in there?

Fall Of Rome

August 15, 2009

Why did Rome fall? I believe the jury is still out. There are lots of theories. Almost everyone can give you a reason or forward a theory. I believe the most popular (at least when I was forced to study it) is that they became complacent and lame. You had a bunch of educated idiots in the Roman senate who really were out of touch with the reality of life. They were sheltered from the actual day to day life of a Roman and had no idea what was really needed.

Most of these people were what I call eggheads. Able to explain quantum physics in a single breath but unable to tie their own shoe. Illustrious speakers with no substance to their words. Everything provided for them and served to them. It was said that Rome was the wealthiest country on the Earth and no one should want for anything. They stayed behind their walls and gates and legislated the people into poverty while they had the finest of everything. In addition I understand they were openly sexual perverts. Everything you want in a politician right?

No you say? Well then perhaps you could explain Bawney Fwank. Which brings me around to my point, our “leaders” (public servants) are the most educated in the world. Do they all tie their own shoes? Eloquent speakers. Have any of them ever done what they said they would? Do we not provide them with an excellent health and retirement package (after one term, not thirty years)? Are we not said to be the wealthiest country on the face of the Earth? Why should anyone want for anything?