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The Cost Of Fuel

April 27, 2011

I received an e-mail the other day showing the price of fuel in Riyadh as nine cents a gallon. Here it’s shaking out a little cheaper, it’s looking like about four cents a gallon. Either way I just want to puke. Our price is around four bucks and Chairman Zero (Obama) says he can’t do anything about it. Yet we were told by the Ministry of Propaganda (media) that Bush could do something about it? So how is it, ABC? Can they or can’t they? I’m sick of your liberal lies.

Look at the face on this one (picture courtesy of The Drudge Report). Are you going to sit there and tell me he isn’t up to something? He told us he wanted fuel prices at four bucks a gallon two years ago, he just didn’t want it so fast. Well now he’s got his four bucks a gallon. Are you happy? I know I’m not. I happen to know that he can do something to make the prices go down, but we’ll talk about that later.

Right now I wanted to let you know that I will be taking off May 9 through May 13. I have purchased a great big Chevy (Obama Motors) truck and I am going to drive it 3000 miles just to see how it feels. All the price estimators say it will cost about $600.00. I’ll believe that when I see it.

In an attempt to keep fuel prices low South Carolina has resorted to communism. The gubmint there will soon be telling the fuel suppliers how much they can charge. I know if I was the guy with the fuel and I was told to just go ahead and lose money I would put out a sign that said I was “out of gas” and just sit on it. Do you think any of the suppliers in SC will go that route? Here‘s a story about it.

Now Zero could do something to make this all just go away. But he won’t. I’m taking bets and laying odds. You see, the reason fuel is four to nine cents a gallon in Riyadh is because they are an oil-producing country. They have a large reserve of oil to tap. You want to hear something funny? We have a larger reserve to tap… but we won’t. The environmentalists have got Zero in their back pocket and he does their bidding. Thus the moratorium in the gulf.

I don’t want to get like the boy who cried wolf but I never want you to forget that this whole fuel thing is a pant load. Every so often I want to get one off to remind you who is behind this “recession”. Here’s a quick pop quiz to piss you off. How long has it been since we built a refinery in America? Answer: Thirty years. Who is drilling in the gulf? Answer: Brazil and China. What would be the easy way to get the oil in the gulf? Answer: We can get to it from our shores. We don’t even have to drill in the deep water. Why are we not drilling on our shores? Answer: Because the libs (environmentalists) have the politicians in their back pockets. Do we even need to drill on our shores? Answer: No. There are plenty of wells all over America that are capped and not producing because the gubmint ordered it. Do you know the reason why? Neither do I. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


March 21, 2011

Hey, Libya’s on fire and we have sent troops there. Isn’t “troops” quite a generic word? Troops. “Troops died in battle today”, I guess the Ministry of Propaganda (MOP, media) feels better about themselves when they say that as opposed to “people died today”. I’ve kind of noticed that when it’s Bush or Nixon the MOP tries to remember to call them soldiers but when it’s Obama or Johnson it’s troops. But I digress. Libya’s on fire so Chairman Zero went just about as far away from it as he could and still stay on the planet. Look at your globe. Any farther and he’d be in the ocean. Don’t say it.

Why do you suppose he would do such a thing? Do you think he’s really a coward? I don’t think that’s the reason even if he is. I think there are ulterior motives. Let’s examine the facts. According to the UK Telegraph (see it here) he’s on a “five-day trip to Latin America aimed at boosting trade”. Now I thought the libs were going to tame down their use of shooting terms such as “target”, “crosshairs”, and “aim”? And what’s with those eyes? He looks like he was in a prise fight or something. He looks like a racoon, for crying out loud. But anyway, I am particularly interested in the “boosting trade” part. What kind of trade is he looking for? There are many drug cartels working down in that there Latin America. Could he be looking to enhance his retirement booty? You know that al-Qaeda has been linked to these cartels, right? What does that tell you? I’m just asking.

Moving on, Zero has put a moratorium on us drilling in the gulf but Mexico and the rest of the boys are going to town down there. Oh. You weren’t aware of that? Yeah, there’s a company called Petrobras. Zero has been helping them to get things going down there. Not like he’s been helping us, real help. If you went to the link you would know that Petrobras was founded in 1953 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. What a coincidence. That’s the first stop on Zero’s booty enhancing tour. If you looked to the right on the link for Petrobras you saw the key players are Jose Sergio Gabrielli de Azevedo and Almir Guilherme Barbassa. But an even more curious coincidence is that George Soros has been linked to this “Petrobras”. How funny is that? Wow, the coinky-dinks just keep coming.

So. Let’s review. What kind of trip is Zero on? A “trade boosting” trip. Perhaps he thinks he might be a mediocre one term President so he’s stepped up his retirement activities. And what kind of trade would that be? George Soros’ guess is as good as mine. Or is it? What has Zero been doing while Libya burns? Kicking it with the home boys in Latin America. Soccer balls that is. At least his eyes have cleared up in this picture. The ugly thing is that it seems like he just wants this country to fade away into obscurity, or better yet, a third world country like his beloved homeland. I’m not quite sure, did we settle on Kenya or Indonesia? No matter, I’m just stirring the birther pot here. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Being Green

March 2, 2011

Sorry I’m late I was just out pouring waste oil into my wood burner. I can only burn it at night because the thick black smoke it billows would give Algore a stroke. The heating bill last month was brutal I’ve got to do something to supplement my system or my pipes are going to freeze. We’ve already got old rotten pallet wood and junk furniture burning in the fireplace. Let me tell you, nothing makes a funkier green smoke than the fabric and padding in a couch. And the springs radiate heat for hours. I just don’t know how long I can keep paying these ridiculous bills. And they just keep going up. Chairman Zero, we need help.

The fuel for my car keeps going up. I’d like to get a newer one that gets better mileage but there’s no way I can afford it and still drive so I’ve pulled all the emissions crap off of this one to increase the mileage. Seems like it worked a little but the smell is terrible for people behind me. And food has gone up so much that I have taken to poaching for sustenance. I’ve got about seven squirrels right now but I don’t think they’re going to last long. They’re kind of scrawny. I guess they didn’t get much to eat since our garden failed this year. I couldn’t afford the water bill to keep it watered.

Before you get your check book out to give me a helping hand let me just say that this is a story not my actual circumstances. But let me tell you, there are plenty of people out there with similar solutions to similar problems. Things are getting tough all over. People are having to scratch to get by. It’s only about ten dollars more a fill up at the gas pump but when you have to do it three times a week that’s $30.00 a week, $120.00 a month, and $1,560.00 a year. If you only make $25,000.00 a year that’s six percent of your income. That’s not total for fuel that’s how much it has increased. The cost of getting to work has just increased six percent. That amounts to a six percent cut in pay courtesy of the gubmint. Before you call me a liar let me just say, drill here, drill now. Again, courtesy of the gubmint.

Here’s what it boils down to, a lot of people are scrambling to put food on the table and get to their job, if they are lucky enough to still have one. And our illustrious leader is still trying to shove his environmentalism down our throats. Well the fact is when you’re scrambling to make ends meet you couldn’t care less about BS like being green. Don’t care. Don’t care! DON”T CARE! Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Affording Fuel

March 1, 2011

The gubmint puts out these whack reports every now and then. I don’t know what they’re called but I’ll give you a few examples here, here and here. As you can see they’re designed to mislead and confuse you. I think they call it the consumer price index which means absolutely nothing to me. But here’s what I see in there, and I’m hearing this stuff all the time like everybody knows how it affects everything.

First they tell me that housing is costing X amount of dollars. Then they continue on and tell me that fuel is Y amount then they go on with food being Z amount, and they go through the whole gammit of life itemizing everything with an amount attached to it. When they are finished they tell me nothing that makes any sense to me. So I wade through one of these things and I come up with no real answers for myself or anyone else. So I’ll just tell you how I see it.

The first thing that catches my eye is the housing number. WTH? I bought my house and paid a certain amount and the rate is fixed on the mortgage I gave the bank so their number is already suspect. Next, the fuel prices are changing as we speak so where do they get this info. It must be a slice in time so it’s already outdated and worthless. Now frequency comes into play. I but food much more often than I buy fuel. And I buy fuel much more often than I buy houses.

This is getting us nowhere. So, I went back and went through it again. The questions got even more disturbing. What seasonal factors are they adjusting for? Now this is right from their report, ‘The CPI is a statistical estimate that is subject to sampling error because it is based upon a sample of retail prices and not the complete universe of all prices.’ The complete universe of all prices? What are they trying to do here? Be vague ar deceitful? I think that’s pretty bad when you can’t even tell how they are doing whatever it is they are trying to do to you.

Now Chairman Zero, he likes this. He’s happy were being shafted on these oil prices. He’s said it before, see that here. He just wanted it to happen a little slower. Read that ‘get ready to pay’. So here’s what I came up with. Zero hates us just because we are Americans. The people selling us the oil hate us because we are Americans. As a result they are charging us these giant prices. As the joke goes we should be charging them giant prices for the food so it all equals out, but I digress. So, because they are charging us the giant prices because they hate us, is it a hate crime. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Have You Got Gas

January 19, 2011

I don’t know about your particular neck of the woods but in mine fuel has gone over $3.00 a gallon. Friends, this is just not acceptable. We are not in France or Germany. This is The United States of America and we need…no we deserve fuel for 50 cents a gallon. After all these years I just noticed there is no cents symbol on this keyboard like used to be on my typewriter. Why is that? Do you think maybe it’s because you can melt them down (pennies) and get more for them as scrap copper than the face value? But I digress. This is not the kind of country where we sit around having cheese while we wine. We take six thousand pound vehicles and drive them through the creek and up the mountain and then sit around consuming adult beverages while we brag about how quickly we did it.

Now, I vividly remember the Ministry of Propaganda (media) telling us how fuel prices were going up because Reagan and Bush were lining the pockets of their oil buddies. So what’s happening now? Where’s Couric with the low down on Chairman Zero’s oil buddies? Heck they’re richer now than they ever were. I guess my question is, how come we run around acting stupid when a Republican is President and the price of fuel goes up but we never do when a Democrat is president and the price goes up? Could this be fueled by the Ministry of Propaganda? I have noticed that they all seem to swear by the communist manifesto and not the Constitution.

And while were making comparisons of Presidents past and present let’s talk about the truthers. That’s right, the truthers, you don’t want to hear that, do you? Well here it is. Thousands lost their lives on 9/11 and still, even the Ministry of Propaganda thinks Bush had advanced knowledge, (Kind of like FDR and Pearl?) so is it logical to presume that Zero had knowledge of the Obama Oil Spill? I mean really, relatively few lost their lives on this deal. Does that make it the kinder, gentler catastrophe of the liberals?

Hey, just some things to ponder while you gaze at your birth certificate. I say we go right out on a limb and blame Zero completely for this three dollar a gallon thing and make him resign over the Obama Oil Spill. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

One Issue Whiners

December 3, 2010

I have a theory and I would like to present it to you. Let me start by making a few observations. I know several people who have told me that gubmint health care is all they are interested in and that they would vote for the first person who offered it to them. It didn’t matter what the particulars were or who it was they just wanted gubmint health care. I have known people who were voting for whoever would give them unemployment. I have known people who were voting for whoever would give them benefits. I have known people who voted for candidates based on one issue, no matter what. It didn’t matter whether the candidate was Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, communist or what, just so the candidate said what they wanted to hear he got their vote.

Now that I have that out there let me move on to the next item. I am quite the purveyor of e-mails. Particularly conservative political e-mails. I have told everyone on my contact list that I do not have the time to verify and research each e-mail. I read them for entertainment and if something intrigues me I research it. I suggested that they do the same. I had some tell me not to send them certain kinds of e-mail and I have tried to respect that but most people just want me to send them everything and they will sift through it and weed out what they don’t want just like I do.

The other day I got an e-mail from someone yelling at me (although I believe this person does not type in lower case anyway) for some e-mail I sent them because of some obscure reference to some relative of theirs. The reference was on their part by the way, no way I could have known (and I really don’t care) but somehow it’s my fault for forwarding the e-mail. Fortunately, they asked me to remove them from my list because I was not going to censor e-mails to please them.

What does all this have to do with my theory? Well here it is. If we are to be successful in taking this country back from the communist hoards that have infiltrated it we must change the way we have been operating. By this I mean, exactly what happened this election will need to happen every election. In addition, and here comes the theory part, we must stop this “one issue voting”.

Maybe I can clarify this a little more. Let’s look at the 2008 election for example. McCain was, how shall we say, a less than desirable candidate. As a result I think a bunch of one issuers stayed home to show the Republican party. Well, how’s that working out for you? You see if McCain were President maybe he wouldn’t be doing that little thing you love so much but I’m fairly certain he wouldn’t be doing this commie stuff Zero is doing. Are we in agreement? Until next time, screw environmentalists.

PS: I will not be posting for the next two weeks. I will return on December 20. See you then.

Worst Case Scenario

October 6, 2010

According to a story from yahoo news the most transparent White House ever would not let scientists tell the public just how bad Obama’s oil spill could have been. It’s true, read it here. Not just any scientists, their own hacks. NOAA scientists that are paid to carry the water for the Obaminaor. Now I can understand turning in Biden for Mrs. Clinton (read that here) but why this?

This story also says that this news came from a panel appointed by Chairman Zero to investigate the worst offshore oil spill in history so what were they doing at this little spurt? Has this even hit the top ten yet? (Check here.)I personally have been to the coast and seen nothing. There is nothing. Nothing. Just nothing. You really can’t find anything in the way of oil on the coast. Yeah, I couldn’t see anything out there. Sorry there was nothing. Have I made my point yet?

Now one thing I noticed here is that the figures aren’t adding up. The figure being thrown out there is 2.5 million gallons a day. That means it would take about 200 days to get us to number one on the list. Number one on the list had oil spread over a thousand square miles four inches thick. How come I can’t find any oil? How come nobody can find any oil? I beginning to think Dear Leader may be lying to us. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Where’s The Oil

July 22, 2010

I know you won’t believe it but they are having a hard time finding oil to clean up in the gulf. Look here. And that’s from Google. If anybody was going to sugar coat it it would be the kind of people that have goats mow their lawn. Check that here.

As I said in my post of May 5, 2010, Oil Spill, the ocean handles this stuff itself. My goodness, a Nobel Prize Winner agrees with me? Please don’t hold that against me. See that here. Many numbers have been kicked  around in attempts to make this the biggest catastrophe ever but at this time I still don’t think it makes the list. Maybe they don’t update the list that frequently, I don’t know.

What I do know is that Thad Allen is calling boats in for repairs and such and the administration is hoping this rain shower in the Caribbean turns into something horrible so they can say that’s why the boats are in and that it must have dissipated the oil.

Poor Chairman Zero, none of his evil plan to take over the world is working out any more. Now he’s had to put his tax on farting on hold. See that here. Oh well, I have to go celebrate. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Rules

June 30, 2010

Everybody keeps saying Obama’s oil spill is BP’s fault so they should clean it up alone. I’m not so sure that’s right and proper. You see, the gubmint has been telling private businesses how they can and can’t run their business for decades. Once the gubmint starts telling private business people how they can and can’t do business they should be just as responsible.

Poppycock you say? Well let’s look at it this way, do you think a company like BP would be drilling for oil nearly a mile under the ocean if they didn’t have to? This same oil can be accessed from much more convenient locations. I think I even heard that it could be accessed from dry land. Gee, that sure would be easier to fix now wouldn’t it?

Square biz, water weighs about 2.4 pounds for every foot of height. It doesn’t mater how vast the area is, only the depth matters. At 5,000 feet we’re looking at about twelve thousand pounds of pressure. That is what’s making this so difficult. What kind of hydraulic hoses do you need to operate at that depth? How do you seal an electric motor for that kind of pressure? Can any human ever be expected to withstand this kind of pressure?

As well as the gubmint I think we should have a healthy compliment of environmentalists out there. Until next time, screw them.


June 28, 2010

As a ship, capable of cleaning up Obama’s oil spill, steams its way to the gulf where it will probably not be allowed to help, Elena Kagan attempts to weasel her way into the nearly liberal body we call the Supreme Court. I say nearly liberal because they did uphold the Second Amendment today, 5-4.

5-4. Is that a true representation of the American people? I don’t mean the liberal urban hell where you stay, I mean all of America. Yes, if you live in Berkeley, California or Ann Arbor, Michigan, this probably is a true representation of the world as you know it. But beyond those “hallowed halls” of academia the sane world lurks waiting patiently for the libs to kill themselves off through stupidity like abortion and being unarmed in a dangerous world.

You might want to put a little more pressure on your liberal Senators regarding this Kagan thing. But back to the boat. The entire effort to clean this mess to date has yielded a little more than 600,000 barrels. The A-Whale is a converted tanker that can clean 500,000 barrels a day. Let’s see, 600,000 barrels in 60+ days or 500,000 barrels each and every day. I’ll take the A-Whale, pay the man Barry.

You may be wondering why Chairman Zero wouldn’t go for this. Well I’m glad you asked. You see, the A-Whale is owned by Taiwanese and fly’s a Liberian flag. I doubt if the flag or the owners bother Zero but they do bother his union buddies. Is that why Zero won’t wave the Jones Act. By the way, is that named for Ho Ho Ho Green Jobs Czar? Oh well, who needs the gulf anyway? We’ve got LA. To read about the A-Whale click here. Until next time, screw environmentalists.