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The Hidden Conspiracy

March 3, 2011

As Chairman Zero presses ahead with his illegal health care scam I reflect on some of the scams we have been dealing with for years. For example the American Medical Association (AMA). I was going to link to their site right here but the first page is already trying to recruit you so I opted out. If you must, find it yourself but I won’t be an enabler. A great organization, looking out for the American people, right? Wrong. First off it’s headquartered in Chicago. Read into that whatever you want I am just not a fan of big cities much less Chicago. But beyond that it is basically the doctor’s union. Their motto is ‘Helping Doctors Help Patients’. If you know anything about Hippocrates and the Hippocratic oath you know this should be a huge understatement but let’s not sit on formalities.

Most recently they have done such things as strongly support the findings of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). First off what are they even doing with this issue. I can see them getting tricked by the IPCC’s report as it was fraudulent but they have not retracted that statement. And most recently they have again ‘strongly supported’ obamacare. Now that it has been ruled un Constitutional what do they plan to do. I believe they have their pointy head firmly directed into the wind and they intend to ride out the storm in hopes that Zero will prevail. Is this the sort of thing an organization that cares about the people should do?

An economist named Milton Friedman accused them of filing lawsuits against chiropractors and osteopathic physicians for the unlicensed practice of medicine. There is a book, Profession and monopoly, that has quite a bit on them. See that here. They claim that the AMA limits the supply of doctors to drive up the cost of medical care in America. Sound familiar? Are we starting to see a trend here? Always follow the Benjamins.

My own personal thing is colds, flu, and cancer. I believe they have thrown enough money at these things to have a cure. I truly believe that the AMA has restricted that material in one way or another because their membership makes too much money studying and treating them to cure them. Sick? Yes. True? I believe so. What am I going to do about it? I’ve just done it. The ball’s in your court.

The AMA is not your friend just like the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is not your friend and the United Auto Workers (UAW) is not your friend. If you think they are, you are deceiving yourself and playing a very dangerous game with the future of this country and your children. These people will trade you and yours for an extra dollar a day. And when push comes to shove they will shove anybody under the bus as Zero is starting to find out. So, until next time, screw environmentalists.

Just Outlaw It

February 4, 2011

We’ve all heard the stories of stupid coming out of California regarding smoking but you had to know this was coming. If not California it would have to be New York City to do this. Outside, where cars are spewing unleaded, rotten egg, poison coupled with brake and rubber dust and burning coolant, where it floats up to the heavens and is whisk away in an instant, it’s really important not to smoke there? So they made it a law?

Of all the crap out there why would they do this. I hate the smell of fire, leaves, garbage, perfume, and animals. Are we going to outlaw these? It all makes me sick, but all these people have a right to do what they are doing. Right? The smell of oil in the cities is unbelievable. Should we make laws for that?

Where does it stop? I’m sick and tired of those stupid bass radios. Where I live if you can hear it more than twenty-five feet from the vehicle it’s a sixty-five dollar ticket. I wonder what kind of pain in the butt that is to enforce. Maybe I’ll start calling on the fourteen a day that drive by my place until they stop or the law gets repealed.

What about vision? If I can see the crap in your back yard and it’s ugly should we outlaw that? Who decides what’s ugly? What if I paint my house puke green? Should that be outlawed? You know, some places are what is known as “deed restricted”. That means people are so anal that they willingly sign away some of their land owner rights so nobody can paint their house puke green or put a ’55 Buick up on blocks in their front yard or paint a toilet flourescent orange and plant geraniums in it.

When I was a little kid my brother and I would ride along in a pickup truck with my mom and dad for like three hours and we would get to the point where my mom would have to sit between us because we were infringing on each others space. Then it would get to the point where we’d be whining about the other one just touching us. Does this crap sound familiar? Is that how juvenile these people are? If this is such a bad thing just outlaw it altogether and quit screwing around. Make it totally illegal. Is there a problem with that? Oh yeah. Money. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

South Dakotans Must Own Gun

February 1, 2011

Now this is my kind of law. Five South Dakota Legislators have introduced a bill that requires all South Dakotans to own a firearm. I think I’ll be moving there. Don’t believe it? Look here. Ok, so it’s not what you had in mind but it is true. If we’re going to have a mandated purchase I’m going with this one not some sleazy insurance that should be outlawed instead of mandated.

Yes. It is a protest move against obamacare, and when this is struck down for forcing a citizen to buy a product it will set a precedence for obamacare. This is great work from the legislators here. This is the kind of thing we need going on all over the country if we are ever going to beat the libs. Hit them from all sides with the most far-reaching things you can come up with. Get people used to seeing this kind of thing again. A while back I said they (the libs) were like a retarded Energizer Bunny. Well now we’re starting to show some of that and it’s great. WELL DONE!

With the Federal Judge ruling for the Constitution in Florida we have a real movement going on here. That’s what happened down there you know? That Judge ruled FOR the Constitution, not against obamacare. That, with this, is the kind of thinking we have to keep going. Here‘s the Florida ruling. I think Limbaugh hammered this home today about how good this ruling is. He even read a bunch of quotes from it. Really nice stuff done here as well. The thing is it always seems like when the media puts conservatives on the air they find the dumbest and ugliest among us and then try to get them mad and paint our side in that light.

I know a lot of people are getting tired of me saying our side and their side but that’s how it is. There is no getting along with them. That’s what I and the rest on my side are tired of. We have been trying to get along for a century. Well that’s over. I won’t be happy until they’re all gone out of this country and back to Libya or where ever the heck they think is gay enough for them because I won’t let it be here. Now, to make sure that happens, we need to go here, to our Senators (the more liberal the better) and tell them to vote for repealing this obamanation that is obamacare. You might want to ask them to get some of this buying a gun legislation going too. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

A Little Here, A Little There

December 27, 2010

Death panels are all the rage today. Everywhere I go that’s what I hear. “They’re paid by medicare!” “Doctors get paid to consult with people and advise them to die!” “Ahh! They couldn’t pass obamacare with them in so they wrote them in the rules after the fact instead!” “Oh no! Now they can write anything in there that they want!” It was like Chicken Little, running around screaming about the end of America as we know it. Hey! Chicken Little! I got a news flash for you! This is how it’s always been.

Yeah. That’s what I said. It’s always been like this. That’s why I think Chairman Zero is the greatest President of the last century. Because of his “audacity” (pun intended) things like this are being brought out into the light of day. Do you think maybe this is what he meant by “transparency”? Perhaps he is a genius and this is his way of exposing all the corruption used by congresscritters. Now isn’t that a perplexing thought. B.H.O. Our savior.

Now we’re going to get down to grinding it out. Here’s the meat. For my entire lifetime I have watched this happen. As a youngster I was called everything from heartless to an idiot for pointing it out. But here, once again, is how it has happened for over a hundred years that I know of. The libs have an objective. Any objective. Say taking schooling away from the peasants. Now, if they just came out and said we want you peasants to quit teaching your children to read and write and do math, the outcry would be gargantuan. So they do a little bit here and a little bit there. And after a hundred years our gubmint schools are turning out idiots. Are you seeing the big picture now?

Let me see if I can put a little more shine on that. In 1910 how many children attended school? How many attended private schools? How many attended gubmint schools? Is anyone out there suffering under the illusion that gubmint schools give the same level of education as private schools? Perhaps at one time they did but that day is far behind us now. The first thing the libs did was get it mandated that all children MUST attend school. In 1910 a child could work with his father and learn a trade that would carry him comfortably through his entire life and never attend a day of school. They probably still could but that would be child endangerment or some thing.

Once they had the unwashed masses bound to their indoctrination centers (gubmint schools) for twelve years they began to whittle away at the quality of education. History changed, ever so slightly each year. Math got “friendlier”, spelling became more “phonetic”. What the heck is that anyway? If little Frank was smarter than little Jeremy the playing field needed to be leveled. Jeremy was given a B and Frank was told to ease up, slack off, take it easy. You’re making it hard on everyone. Don’t try and tell me this didn’t happen because I was little Frank. There was another sentence here describing a horrible fate for those people but I had to remove it, anyway, hippies suck!

That is the plan for education. They are doing it. They have this type of plan for everything. Healthcare, welfare, housing the whole gamut. They are trying to dumb the United States down to the level of the third world. Level the playing field, if you will. You don’t have to have suffered it to see it happening. Look around you. Here’s what I want you to do when you see it. Take it back. A little at a time. Do you save a thousand dollars by getting it all at once or do you save it ten, fifteen twenty dollars at a time? Take your pound of flesh when you can. Make the filthy hippies give it back to you. They will be extremely grudging when they have to give you what is rightfully yours so expect that. But make sure you take everything. A little at a time taken by the silent majority will bankrupt this BS. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Lame Duck

December 20, 2010

Let me start by apologizing. I’m sorry for not letting you know these things, I just assume that everyone knows what I know, but I have had an alarming number of people ask me what a “lame duck” is. In politics a “lame duck” is a politician who has been voted out but is still in office. I know what you’re thinking, how can that be? Well here’s the skinny. When we have an election in November (and sometimes even earlier in the primary) where a certain liberal will be soundly trounced at the ballot box. His successor will be taking office in as much as three months, giving the current buffoon that much time to do as they please because they are already out and have nothing to lose.

Now, that in itself is pretty bad but it gets worse. These “lame ducks” become targets for special interests because they are going to be looking for work in a little while. Are you naive enough to believe that none of them have ever traded legislation for a cushy position in a few weeks? Now let me clarify something I’ve already said, the “lame duck” can be of any political persuasion but they just always seem to be liberals that are doing these things.

Another scenario is something like the case of Harry Reid. He’s old. He may just want out. Cha-ching. A one time lump sum settlement from the homo lobbyist may be just what he’s looking for to…let’s say vote for repealing Clinton’s don’t ask, don’t tell law. Are you starting to get the picture? It’s kind of like the “Girls Gone Wild” video only with politicians drunk with power. Power that they have usurped from you and I. And they know that we know and that we are going to do something about it so they are cramming as much of their decadent crap down our throats as they can before we oust them.

Now don’t despair, much of this crap can be repealed and the rest can be dealt with in other ways. But one thing you can do now is contact your own particular weird and/or lame duck and let them know how you feel. Perhaps enough hate mail will get their attention, but the best strategy is to always look at the long view when you go to the voting booth. Don’t look for the jackal that will give you the freebie now and leave you with a huge bill later. Look for the candidate that will do the right thing every time. My biggest regret is voting for a third-party candidate last round and leaving the conservative out in the wind. I know that if McCain were in charge we may not be happy but we would not be looking for refuge in other places…just in case. But what’s done is done and we move on. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

One Issue Whiners

December 3, 2010

I have a theory and I would like to present it to you. Let me start by making a few observations. I know several people who have told me that gubmint health care is all they are interested in and that they would vote for the first person who offered it to them. It didn’t matter what the particulars were or who it was they just wanted gubmint health care. I have known people who were voting for whoever would give them unemployment. I have known people who were voting for whoever would give them benefits. I have known people who voted for candidates based on one issue, no matter what. It didn’t matter whether the candidate was Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, communist or what, just so the candidate said what they wanted to hear he got their vote.

Now that I have that out there let me move on to the next item. I am quite the purveyor of e-mails. Particularly conservative political e-mails. I have told everyone on my contact list that I do not have the time to verify and research each e-mail. I read them for entertainment and if something intrigues me I research it. I suggested that they do the same. I had some tell me not to send them certain kinds of e-mail and I have tried to respect that but most people just want me to send them everything and they will sift through it and weed out what they don’t want just like I do.

The other day I got an e-mail from someone yelling at me (although I believe this person does not type in lower case anyway) for some e-mail I sent them because of some obscure reference to some relative of theirs. The reference was on their part by the way, no way I could have known (and I really don’t care) but somehow it’s my fault for forwarding the e-mail. Fortunately, they asked me to remove them from my list because I was not going to censor e-mails to please them.

What does all this have to do with my theory? Well here it is. If we are to be successful in taking this country back from the communist hoards that have infiltrated it we must change the way we have been operating. By this I mean, exactly what happened this election will need to happen every election. In addition, and here comes the theory part, we must stop this “one issue voting”.

Maybe I can clarify this a little more. Let’s look at the 2008 election for example. McCain was, how shall we say, a less than desirable candidate. As a result I think a bunch of one issuers stayed home to show the Republican party. Well, how’s that working out for you? You see if McCain were President maybe he wouldn’t be doing that little thing you love so much but I’m fairly certain he wouldn’t be doing this commie stuff Zero is doing. Are we in agreement? Until next time, screw environmentalists.

PS: I will not be posting for the next two weeks. I will return on December 20. See you then.

It’s All Good

November 25, 2010

Contrary to the title nothing is good. Everything seems to be sucking. I read in the news where Obama was dropping cap-and-trade. I thought that was a good thing. I was happy when all the conservatives started taking the elections. I thought that was a good thing. Then I heard that the Republicans already in office were lining up staffers for the newby’s. NO! NO! Bad Republicans! Leave the newby’s alone! We want them to find their own staffers! If you keep this up we will replace you in 2012! If you would like an example of the kind of Republicans we already have in DC look here Basically we want these newby’s to NOT learn how things are done and if they have to just do absolutely nothing until we can get them the help they need in 2012.

Next they decide that they should maybe repeal obamacare and replace it with something better. NO! NO! Bad Republicans. Repeal it and leave us the heck alone or we’ll replace you in 2012. Do you think I can say it any clearer. You folks out there need to send them this message as clearly and simply as you can because if you leave any wiggle room they will screw it up. DC is like some kind of mind altering drug. Once you roll into the city you turn into an idiot and you stay that way until somebody drags you kicking and screaming from its clutches.

So back to the cap-and-trade fiasco. I read that Chairman Zero is dropping cap-and-trade. Good news, huh? Wrongo friend. Just because he gave up on cap-and-trade doesn’t mean he suddenly went sane. No, no, no. I’m telling you again he’s just like a retarded Energizer bunny. He just keeps on going, and going, and going. Not in the right direction but he’s going. Here‘s a little article that may illustrate what I’m telling you. He didn’t give up on the flawed science behind the scam just this particular scam. I’m telling you now, until this guy and the rest like him are on the leaky greenpeace boat to France we will not be safe.

Did you read the article? It just makes me sick. These people are elected, BY US. To do as WE TELL them. Then they go in and do whatever the heck THEY THINK is best for us? WHAT! WHAT? WHAT? I need a pencil! Someone give me a pencil quick! I need to jam it into my eye so I can’t feel the pain so much. Ahhh…that’s better. Now, I intend to take no more of this feces. After having talked, in person, on the phone, and through e-mail to many of these people I know that they are not smarter than me. In fact every one that I have talked to is darn near brain-dead. The narrow, one track item they call a mind focuses only when money is involved. Let me rephrase that, when money coming to them is involved. That is who we have allowed the media to get elected to run the greatest show on Earth.

Let me put this in prospective for you, these people are not our masters. They do not control us. They do not tell us what to do. That is clearly spelled out in the Constitution. I am tired of seeing citizens treat people like Nancy Pelosi with respect when she deserves to be in prison. These people need a jail sentence and we need to give it to them. Folks I am doing everything I can here to see that we don’t lose this Republic but I am just inches from fleeing. I will fight to the end for this country but if you people want to give it away to communists there is nothing I can do. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Big W

November 3, 2010

Well the big day has come and gone and R’s are in the win column all across this great nation of ours and I know what you’re thinking. Now what? Do we wait? Are these people just warming seats until 2012? Can we actually expect to see any improvement right away? Who is the Speaker of the House now? What about Harry Reid? Will Obama be impeached? Will obamacare be repealed? Will I start getting that eight dollars back in my paycheck? Whoa! Slow down there cowpoke. We’ll get to all of that just let me get started.

First the real good news, we no longer have San Fran Nan to kick around any more. No she’s still in office but that office has reverted to the attic of Chairman Zero’s garage. The new Speaker? Well, John Boehner is the name being tossed around but to tell you the truth it could be anybody. Honest. The Speaker of the House must be elected and they don’t have to be a member of the House. They don’t even have to hold an elected position. I could be the next Speaker. But it’s a pretty safe bet that Boehner will get it because I haven’t schmoozed any body. Read more about Boehner here.

Reid’s nasty self is still in office which is not saying anything for the good people of Nevada. I was sure they had television out there but maybe the union in Vegas is just too powerful. So Democrats still own the Senate and the White House just not as free and clear as before. Briefly let’s recap and see if the American people might be a little sexist. Hillary Clinton – beat out of the Presidency, Sharron Angle – beat out of the Senate, and Christine O’Donnell – beat out of the Senate. I don’t know, you be the judge.

As for Chairman Zero and his underhanded tax scam I don’t believe the Republicans have what they need to impeach him or repeal his scam. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t give it several tries on each item. We’ve got two years here. Gridlock is all fine and dandy but making Zero veto obamacare repeals and then try to explain why would be very good and making the Senate go through impeachment trials will keep them out of trouble. Am I making sense here? Do you understand what I’m getting at? We’re giving these people $170,000.00 a year here, the least they can do is earn it.

So in answer to the important questions, no, we probably won’t be seeing that eight dollars anytime in the near future and a Biden Presidency is probably out of the question as well. As far as immediate improvement goes, I think we might be looking at some improvement because Zero has already made a cute little speech saying how he wants to “compromise”. Of course that is out of the question and Boehner has been schmoozing him about it so we need to get some e-mails off to DC and let these thieves know that we are not interested in playing nice with the commies. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

580 Calories

October 14, 2010

I heard the other day that McDonald’s Big Mac has 580 calories. I really don’t keep track of such things but I understand that this might be a lot. I used to smoke about a pack a day. Some people thought that was a lot. I used to drink about ten beers a day. Some people thought that was a lot. I used to drive about three thousand miles a week. I thought that was a lot.

Now, in reference to who thinks what is what. I think that I should be the only one to tell myself how many miles a week I could drive. But some gubmint agencies had done studies and such and determined that three thousand was my limit. Is there anyone out there dictating how much you can smoke or drink in a day? As long as you sit home I have not heard of anyone.

Limbaugh wants to say that it’s nobodies business how many calories you eat a day. But the obamacare cluster seems to make it pretty clear (obviously still looking for that sarcasm font) that as long as “we the gubmint” are footing the bill for your healthcare you will get in lockstep with the rest of the sheeple. Yeah, with obamacare insurance it’s everybodies business. You can’t have it both ways.

So, let’s recap. You pay crazy taxes to the gubmint. They use the money to pass BS laws that force you to live your life as they determine best for you. You shut your mouth and get in line or they fine the piss out of you. How’s that hope and change workin’ for ya’? Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Like A Convict

September 16, 2010

I have not been able to post recently as I went to the doctor for a regular check up (even though I hadn’t had one in 30 years) and he decided I was about to die or something. So, like I had just been arrested, I was whisked off to the hospital and checked right in. What a crock.

It wasn’t actually that bad but pretty darn close. They wanted to put me in an ambulance right then and there but I told them no. I had someone just drive me over. Now you can imagine my shock when I inquired about the free obamacare that I would be receiving. No one had ever heard of such a thing. Then they pulled the old if you check yourself out you will lose all your benefits or something ploy. I felt just like a convict in prison. Anyway I’m out now and everything is alright for now. Until next time, screw environmentalists.