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Are We Net Neutral Yet

December 21, 2010

Does anybody have any idea what these jackals mean by this? And who gave the FCC the power to regulate the net so they could give it to the gubmint? I don’t recall anything like this in the Constitution, do you? Oh. Yeah. That Constitution thing again. You know when you’re doing the same thing as Hugo Chavez that it just can’t be right. Check it out here. How about that guy? His gubmint should protect its citizens. I guess because they’re too stupid to decide what they want to see. I sure am glad our Constitution doesn’t give our gubmint power like this.

I have been getting all my news from the internet for years now. I stopped watching TV news about twenty-five years ago and quit reading papers shortly thereafter when I found out that they lied. See that here. But the internet wasn’t really up and running then like it is now so I was not very well-informed for a while. However I was better informed than those lied to by the mainstream, and I took a lot of crap for it from a lot of ignorant people. As I stare at the side of Eric Holders head in a picture on the Drudge Report I wonder what a person who has only had benefit of the mainstream news for all those years would be like now.

You see, here’s the problem. The gubmint (read that liberals) see something that isn’t doing exactly what they want it to do. So, they take it upon themselves to “regulate” it as they see fit. They don’t really care if it’s constitutional or not, they just do it. Now Joe Lunchbucket doesn’t have a clue if something is Constitutional or not because he has been raised on liberal gubmint schools and the liberal Ministry of Propaganda (media) so he just follows the rest of the sheeple and doesn’t make trouble. This…is how we got in the predicament we are in now.

The problem now is that the libs are taxing beer so much that a lot of working people have had to quit or cut back on their drinking, they are sobering up, and they are starting to see that things are not as they should be. I don’t have the answer but we better find one soon or I’ll have to quit messing around on the internet and go back to having a life. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Net Neutral

October 22, 2009

What does net neutrality mean? Does anybody really know? I read several articles about it and I still am not sure. From what I read internet service providers (ISP’s) are intentionally slowing down our service. DUH! I thought if you paid for the high speed stuff you got the high speed stuff but if you were like me and went as cheap as possible you got the Yugo of service. I have the nine dollar a month special from my cable company and still it’s quite quick.

At any rate the net neutrality law will make this stop as near as I can figure. Also the ISP’s are directing our traffic to their services instead of the ones we choose. That don’t sound right. It almost makes me want to become a hacker or something so I can run all over the internet doing whatever I please.

Here’s the thing. For most of us our ISP is pretty much a monopoly like the utility companies. You have one choice and maybe one or two half baked alternatives. For this reason any regulation of their activities will probably be a good thing. But, as we all know, when the gubmint gets involved with anything it goes right down the toilet.

One thing puzzles me though, it seems to apply to ISP’s more than anybody else and some of them are for it and some of them are against it.This always leads me to suspect trouble. If anything is so complicated that nobody really seems to understand it, is it really something we want to do without reading the 1,250 page bill first? (number fabricated for purposes of this article)

For a pretty good break down check this link