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National Debt

July 14, 2010

There are a lot of people out there talking about the National Debt. They’re saying that there’s no way out. They’re saying we can’t recover. They’re saying that there’s no way we can ever pay it off. They’re saying we can’t even pay the interest. They’re saying not to let a crisis go to waste. Well let me tell you what I know.

First, the national debt, at this writing stands at thirteen trillion, one hundred and eighty nine billion, seven hundred and seventy-three million and the rest is moving too fast to write down. Have a look at the debt clock here. Next, the national debt in Curious George’s last year went up one hundred and sixty-one billion. And that was with the help of the Pelosi and Reid regime. Since Chairman Zero took over it has gone up 2.4 trillion with no end in sight.

Now, the morons saying we can never pay it off are right… if we follow the Democrat plan. What is the Democrat plan, you ask? Why are you asking me? Call your liberal representative. I haven’t seen one. I’ve seen a video with Zero, Biden, Pelosi and Reid be-bopping along in an open Jeep without a care in the world and I pretty much think that’s the Democrat plan, but I can’t say for sure. And the morons saying we can’t even pay the interest are wrong. We can just barely pay the interest. But not if we follow the Democrat plan. Does anyone mind if I just call them communists? No. Too soon. OK.

So here’s the deal. If you ever want to see daylight again we need to stop playing nursing calf to the backside of the environmentalists and start producing things in this country again. If we drill now, buy American and secure our borders we can work our way out of this and take our rightful spot in the world as the “last stand on Earth“. Do it now or pay the price. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


July 24, 2009

Now, you want to talk scary? I can talk scary. How about national debt scary. Here it is. The national debt clock. This thing moves more in a second than most of us make in a year. What the hell is that? There are not that many of us. chairman zero finally told the truth once, this is not sustainable. Just what is going through his head?

If you’ll notice the interest on the debt is the number four largest budget item. Again, what the hell is that? There are 31,536,000 seconds in a year. There are 304,059,724 people in the United States according to a US census bureau 2008 estimate. This thing moves about 130,000 to 150,000 dollars a second (as near as I could tally). Does anyone have any idea how to do this math? 31,536,000 seconds times 140,000 equals 4,415,504,000,000,000,000 dollars. What the heck number is that? It’s 4.4 sextillion. Sextillion. SEXTILLION! Apparently, according to Wikipedia, it goes; hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, trillions, quadrillion, quintillion and finally sextillion.

As you can see the debt clock puts each Americans debt at 37,416 dollars as of this writing. I’m showing 1,471,834,667 dollars each, that’s 47 dollars a second. Maybe the 37 thousand is our payment. Can anyone clarify this for me? I must have made some mistake. Help.