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For Teddy

April 28, 2010

Cape Wind is a 130 turbine wind farm to be constructed in Nantucket Sound within sight of the Kennedy compound at Hyannisport. What a fitting tribute to the lyin’ of the Senate, they should call it Teddy Farm. God does have a wonderful sense of humor doesn’t he? Now all the libs can watch the things rust and self destruct in the years to come as they churn out just enough energy to keep the flashy lights on the top of them going so terrorists know exactly where to aim their hijacked planes.

Ken Salazar has become my favorite felonious lib. What a wit, putting this obamanation right in plain sight of Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod and Nantucket. The libs are seething all up and down the coast and I keep shooting adult beverage out my nose each time the irony strikes me again. Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are. Well. Unless you’re a lib on Martha’s Vineyard. When will the Obama’s be doing the left hand pledge of allegiance there next?

I just keep imagining being a lib sitting on my porch and looking at the culmination of my liberal endeavors slowly rusting away to an even more worthless piece crap in full view of my dining room. The thing is, this administration is so lame. They keep saying they’re going to do this and that and nothing ever seems to come of it. Barry. If you’ve got some schlub monitoring this little blog, here’s what I’m asking. If you don’t do anything else, please, make this your legacy. Go for it. Make it happen. This is true justice. To read a “real” article about it click here. Until next time, OH YEAH, screw environmentalists.