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1 Term Or 2

January 27, 2010

Last week on ABC World News Chairman Zero said that he would rather be a really good 1 term President than a mediocre 2 term president. The host of the program where I heard this, Limbaugh I think,  said maybe he could be a mediocre 1 term President.

Now I don’t often disagree with Limbaugh but I think it’s really a stretch for Zero to make it to mediocre. Poor old Jimmy Carter out right sucked and he was better than Obama. I was there and I don’t recall the communistic BS that is being forced on the American people now. And at least we knew where Jimmy was born. Yeah, call me a birther, I’m a stickler for little details like not having a foreign President with his loyalties in Kenya.

You know, it’s not a big deal. You get a job you show the proper credentials to qualify yourself for the job. Heck, I’ve had to pee in a cup to get a job before, who does this guy think he is? If I have to pee in a cup to pay taxes he should be willing to show his birth certificate to waste them. And that’s just one point of contention with this jackal. I’m still looking for an indictment. This has got to be some kind of felony with all the laws we have on the books.

Anyway, to look at his smug mug spewing this BS go to the following link. I try to put some of these things on here so you can just click on them but I have not mastered it or they will not allow it. I don’t know which yet.

The Anger

January 20, 2010

I heard today of a quote from “The Leader” (Chairman Zero), I believe it was Limbaugh who threw it out there, but it was an interview with Steponallofus. I’m going to have to paraphrase here but in this quote Chairman Zero said, “…the same anger that elected me, elected Scot Brown. People want change…” Again, I’m not certain of the exact wording and it was supposed to be for release tomorrow so I am not able to find it yet (if I do I will put a link here) but this is pretty much what he said as I wrote it down when I heard it.

Limbaugh immediately attacked saying that the same anger at George Bush was not the same anger that elected Scot Brown. I beg to differ, and the thought of agreeing with Zero gives me chills, but I think he got one right. If you can find the entire quote (sorry, I was driving at the time) you will see that his intention in the statement was that people are sick and tired of politics as usual and this is exactly what elected Zero even though he turned out to be more of the same times ten, and it’s exactly what elected Scot Brown.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Scot Brown will not be our weak link in this health care enslavement initiative, in fact I believe he will be one of the best Senators ever elected. Anybody that drives an old truck is on my plus list right away. But the fact is that we need to look at the rest of the chain. Sphincter already defected and there are several rinos lined up for deals (Snowe comes to mind) that we need to keep the pressure on. Harry Reid has already come out and said that this will have to wait so you know he’s planning a midnight vote somewhere down the line.

Look folks, all I’m saying is Limbaugh is right about the rest of it. Reid is on his way out, and he knows it, so he’s looking to leave a legacy. And enslaving the American people while taking over health care is just the ticket. BEWARE.

The Address

December 1, 2009

I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl. Tonight Chairman Zero will give an address outlining his brilliant plan for Afghanistan. I’m certain it will be filled with strategies designed to confound our enemy and wrestle victory from them. The backdrop for this masterpiece should be stunning with all those cadets adorning his presence, he should look like a giant among them.

It’s just a shame that we have so many channels on TV now, otherwise we could have him on every one. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? An entire night with the Leader. I wonder if he’ll wear an armband like Adolf used to? They were saying that he wouldn’t be wearing any military type things but an armband with the Obama logo would be just awesome don’t you think?

I wanted to wait until he spoke to write this post but I just couldn’t wait. Besides, Limbaugh, Beck and the rest will chew it up tomorrow so I thought I’d speculate. I’m sure he’ll have the standard LBJ withdrawal date to give our enemies hope. That’s just telling them that they only have to hold out that long and then we’ll be gone and they can go back to business as usual.

We already know he won’t be sending the required troops to complete the action but how many do you think are going. Already this has Viet Nam written all over it, but do you think he can make it worse? Who’s idea was it to put a cowardly communist in charge anyway?

Stand Up

October 21, 2009

In a vain attempt to make his mentor, Hugo Chavez proud, Chairman Zero has launched a smear campaign against the last remaining sources of real news that is uncensored by his minions, talk radio and Fox News. His first attack was centered on a private citizen who calls himself an entertainer, Rush Limbaugh. Originally just telling the country that they should not listen to him, then for several months trying to have a press release during his three hour radio program every day at noon.

When all this only increased Mr. Limbaugh’s audience, Mr. Obama began his official smear campaign with the standard liberal attack. Racism. Some quotes were fabricated and attributed to Mr. Limbaugh by one of Chairman Zero’s minions, a drunk sportscaster named Rick Sanchez. The story was immediately picked up by several other “news” sources and used in an attempt to foil Mr. Limbaugh’s bid to become part owner of an NFL franchise.

When FOX News picked up on it and broadcast the truth Mr. Obama began his attack on them as well and is now saying that they are not a “real news source”. Zero has apparently formed an enemies list, ala Nixon, and put FOX News on it. It has become an obscession with him. This is the President of The United States declaring war on a private citizen and a news organization. Isn’t this how Castro got started? I guess any criticism of him at all sends him into some kind of vendeta frenzy.

It’s now time for all conservatives to stand up against these liberal bullies. I have but one question for Mr. Obama. Mr. Limbaugh is a radio show host. Everything he says is recorded for posterity. If he did indeed say these racist things, where is the tape?