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January 4, 2011

I grew up watching a great city peak and decline. I am more astute than most so I know why a lot of things are as they are. I want to pass that knowledge along to future generations. That is why I am here. Sometimes I write something and I just can’t get the words right to express what I know inside.

I heard a commercial on the radio today. I have no idea what it was for but some kid was talking to his grandfather. They must have been fishing and the kid is saying he caught one but he can’t see it yet because the water is too dirty. All I could think was, WHAT!?

Kids don’t know such things, they must be taught. Obviously the libs are making ads again. What puzzles me is why I hear this crap on conservative stations. This particular station has talk all day, all conservative. Does the program director really think his audience wants to hear this kind of thing? But I digress.

Here’s the thing, watching this great city peak involved watching large corporations grow. At the time nobody was concerned with what it took to grow these companies they just wanted the growth.

This is the kind of thing that turned me into a Libertarian. It was obvious that the Democrats were full of whatever that crap they spew is and the Republicans were tools of the corporations, they were better than the Democrats but tools none the less. I digress yet again. Sorry, back to the point at hand.

Dirty water. You see, back then the corporations definitely made the water dirty. There was no doubt about it. Half the time there was something floating in the water with a corporate name on it. I’m not kidding you, pallets, cans, bottles, you name it they dumped it in the river, look here. It wasn’t a crime. Now it is a crime. You rarely see it anymore. Once again I ask you, why is the EPA still around?

Next item. Hippies. Hippies are old now. They like to lay on the grass and look at the sky while smoking their medical marijuana. I don’t know if that’s true I just made it up, my point is that now it’s the grass that’s dirtying the water. I know what your thinking, “What the heck is he talking about?” Well, not so much JUST grass but everything that uses the chemicals to enhance growth and control weeds. You know, fertilizer and pesticides, and I don’t mean dung.

Yeah. That’s right. Your golf course. Number two, right behind big farms. Actually I think the golf courses are number one but this is the data I’ve read. Private lawns and gardens bring up a distant third but still figure in the equation. I know what you’re thinking, “But Rick, what can we do?” Well I do have an answer for you. How about we do as Google is doing. No. Not boycott China (although that is a good idea). Use goats.

You’re still not following are you? Let me splain. Google uses goats to take care of their lawn. No kidding. Look here. Next time, five gallon flushless toilets, the environmentalists next goal (really, look here). Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Steely Eyed Resolve

March 22, 2010

As I listened to a local talk show on the way home from work this is the phrase that impressed me. Steely eyed resolve. The local talk show guy used these words to describe the opposition he was seeing to Obamacare. I just want to insert this here, when I typed Obamacare spell check came up with a suggestion for a correct spelling. Macabre. Isn’t that odd? Anyway back to steely eyed resolve.

Last night when I heard that this abortion had passed (pun intended) I feared the worst. I envisioned armies of opposition forces dragging legislators from their offices and using the tar and feather treatment. I really feared more violence than the bricks thrown through the windows at the Democratic headquarters.

Then, this morning, as I was on my way to work I hear on the radio the organized, peaceful opposition and I remember who I am dealing with here. These people are conservatives. They don’t resort to violence when every little thing doesn’t go their way. Now I just want to say this truly is a great Presidency. He did what Reagan, both Bush’s, Carter, and Clinton could not. He made me a registered Republican. As a Libertarian of thirty plus years I was so impressed that I went in and registered as a Republican.

At first I felt sad. Then all day I wondered if I should switch back to no party. Then I heard it. This statement by a local talk show host. People are lining up against this with “steely eyed resolve”. Right then and there I knew I had made the right decision. If a few thousand people did this today what kind of message is that going to send to DC? If tens of thousands did this  what will they think?

Since I have been lined up against this from the beginning, as anyone who knows me personally will tell you with steely eyed resolve, I am pleased with this development. Just thought I’d let you know how the opposition is going to work this. With steely eyed resolve. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


March 8, 2010

Here’s the thing, I never did quite trust Ronald Reagan. I know that doesn’t endear me to too many people but I just don’t cozy up to people who switch parties. I admit that if you find things that you don’t agree with in your party you may not need to be there but is that a good reason to move all the way to the other side?

Until I was twenty I thought I was a Republican. I even voted for Ford. Soon thereafter I found out I was a Libertarian and I have voted that way ever since but I have never joined the party. A lot of people like to call me a fence sitter and the like but I don’t care. This is where I stand. Firmly. And without drastic changes in one party or the other I have no reason to move. If you are a solid Democrat or Republican I can respect that and I know where you stand. But if you move from one party to another, usually to get elected, how can anyone be expected to trust you?

Eric Massa moved from a Republican to a Democrat. That is just weird. How does that work? Now he is singing like the proverbial birdie. He’s exposing everything he can about the whole bunch. What the heck did they expect? The Republicans are running with it. The Democrats are horrified. I, my friend, am sitting back and enjoying the show. This is one of those fights where I don’t care who wins, I just want to see them do a lot of damage to each other. Until next time, screw environmentalists.