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Democrat Taxes

March 22, 2011

I pay taxes on everything I buy. I pay taxes on everything I earn. If I missed just one of these taxes the full weight of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would come crashing down on me like one of those cheap TV’s dangling precariously from the ceiling at Wal-Mart (You’ll never walk under one of those the same way again, will you?). But then I… am a conservative. Claire McCaskill, on the other hand, is a lib. And in the fine tradition of all the tax dodging libs that have gone before her, I think she might just get away with it. In all fairness she says she was not aware of her tax liability. I can relate. But have you ever told the gubmint that you didn’t know it was illegal? ”Ignorance is no excuse” was the particular line they laid on me as they prosecuted me to the fullest extent of the law. Here’s the story from a liberal rag.

Have you ever owned rental properties? The IRS is dead serious about you paying what they think is fair when it comes to you making money off real estate. They seem to have no sense of humor. But the next in our line of tax dodging libs has all the luck. Charlie Rangel bought some rentals in a yacht club in the Dominican Republic. Then he failed to pay the taxes. Then he claimed ignorance. Worked like a charm for him. Again, I got nailed to the shed door. Check it out here if you don’t believe me.

Ok, let’s go for the coup de gras. A black woman. Here’s the story of poor, disenfranchised… wait a stinking minute, this woman is in the House of Representatives. Maxine Waters has some troubles with the House Ethics Committee. Imagine that. It seems she may have had some knowledge of some wrong doing by the Republican National Committee at the Watergate… oh. Wait a minute. Wrong crook. Maxine tried to get federal bailout funds for her husband. Sorry. I thought this was also tax related. Oh. Wait. Your tax dollars paid for this. Does that count? Anyway, here’s the scoop.

Hey, maybe claiming stupid works for white women, black men and black women, just not for white men. Well here it is. The white guy. As Rush Limbaugh likes to call him, “the haughty John Kerry, who once served in Viet Nam”. This guy thinks you need to pony up your fair share but when it’s time to pay the piper “the haughty John Kerry, who once served in Viet Nam” is not interested in paying his way. He’s got the scratch to get a $7 million boat. But the $507,000.00 tax in his home State? Not so much. He opts for the shysters solution and registers it in neighboring Rhode Island to avoid the tax. Hey, I would do the same but I can’t afford the ride to Rhode Island at today’s gas prices. Check it out if here you don’t believe me.

Fifty years. That’s how long I personally know that these thieves have been doing this kind of thing to you. Do you enjoy it? Is that it? I just can’t personally understand how someone could walk into the voting booth and elect one of these derelicts unless they thought they were going to be on the receiving end of a giant windfall of obamabucks or something. I was a Libertarian for thirty years. Then I realized that the Democrats were just plain screwing me. Well the tables have turned “haughty John Kerry who once served in Viet Nam”. Can you say “Waterloo 2012”? Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Senate Climate Bill

March 10, 2010

Here we go again. The three little pigs are “crafting legislation“. That’s right Lindsay, Lieberman and Lurch (John Kerry) are hard at it but it’s just so difficult to hide the decline that they are not sure if they can get it done by Easter. They ruined Christmas and now they’re shooting for Easter. HEY! ATHEISTS! HOW ABOUT SCREWING UP RAMADAN!

Just like the failed health care fiasco the libs are “indicating” that they are willing to settle for something less so the three stooges (My deepest apologies to the Howard brothers and Mr. Fine) are toiling two, sometimes three hours a day to get this done by Easter so they can have another all night vote-a-thon on Easter morning.

They don’t seem to have the votes to pass this thing so Chairman Zero summoned some errant voters to be water-boarded at a meeting on Tuesday but there were some no shows. (Wonder why.) Anyway, the Sierra Club and The League of Conservation Voters have attacked Blanche Lincoln, the Senate Agriculture Chairwoman, for backing off on climate change. I guess she likes her job. I’m tempted to send the old bag a ten-dollar donation just for pissing them off. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


October 27, 2009

I was listening to the radio today and I hear this guy saying we should kill all the elephants and hippos and I’m thinking what. Then I realize it’s Rush Limbaugh and he’s probably being facetious. But I listen in anyway after the break and he’s trying to make a point about the global warming lie.

His point was that the vegans are on a tear again about cow farts and such and Limbaugh’s point was two-fold. First was, don’t the vegans eat a lot of beans for their protien? And wouldn’t that make them fart a lot? And second, if farts are causing global warming shouldn’t we kill all the elephants and hippos as well as the cattle, shouldn’t we just kill all farting animals?

Then he went on with some sound bite from someone he called “Swifty” who sounded like the pompous ass on “South Park”. Turned out to be John Kerry, or as I like to call him Lurch. Anyway Lurch was on a roll about some twisted crap that I couldn’t even believe and he’s saying it in this pompous ass tone and it occurs to me.

Earlier I was listening to something Bawney Fwank was spewing and then Chairman Zero talking about the war like it was a scorecard between him and Bush. And it all made sense. This is what you get when you are not Godly. When you don’t believe in the “nice little fairy tale”, as they like to call it.

God created this planet to function exactly as it is and they actually think they are better than all that and they can “make a difference” with all their BS because they are heathens. They just don’t get it, and they probably won’t until they are burning in hell. Somebody once said, I think it was Franklin or one of his buddies, “All that is needed for evil to suceed is for good men to do nothing.” I think we’ve been doing nothing for quite some time. Just vote them out.

Warmis Are Heating Up

September 29, 2009

Well the Senate Environmental and Public Works committee (that’s sure a commie sounding name) has produced a master piece of legislative engineering co-sponsored by the best and brightest the socialist party has to offer, Lurch (John Kerry) and Boxer. It has provisions that would reduce the cost of emissions permits for utilities and “other major greenhouse gas producers”. Besides this gap in specific language it has many other gaps that the socialists are saying demonstrates how much they are willing to negotiate to pass this bill.

Well that’s darn swell of them but again, we breath in the air and breath out the carbon dioxide and the trees breath in the carbon dioxide and breath out the air. Perfect set up designed by God. No need for socialists to regulate it. You see my major objection to all the “regulating” that the federal gubmint is doing is that they have no authority to do it, the individual States are responsible for this. The same for health care and the auto industry, get out and stay out.

Now, if that doesn’t get your thong in a wad, the Republicans are cozying up to this. Yeah, it has some provisions that they find exciting. It offers new incentives for nuclear power plant construction. David Doniger, the climate policy director for the Natural Resources Defense Council called it a “green flag” and said that there is still time for the Senate to get something done this year. WTF is the Natural Resources Defense Council? I looked it up. It’s another one of those parasitic “non profits”. But it sure sounds impressive, huh? I envision David as one of those old hippies with thinning hair and a scraggly pony tail in one of those awful tweed jackets with the gay patches on the elbows reaking of his compost pile. But I could be wrong. At any rate it appears we have to start nagging our clowns in DC again or we’ll be paying through the nose for worthless regulation of a non problem.