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The Media

November 6, 2009

FOX News is the good guy as I understand it? The rest are slanted to the left, is that right? Talk radio is the only fair place for real news, is that how it is? These are things I hear over and over from self-respecting conservatives. Yet I hear these same people talking about this and that on the very channels they are condemning. How funny “Two And A Half Men” is. How good the movie was the other night. How bad Anderson Cooper was last night. WTF?

Where I live you have to get cable if you want the internet. I don’t have fast internet. Why you ask? Glad you did. I don’t like the left leaning liberal media. I don’t like that they got Chairman Zero elected. I don’t like that they are dumbing down America. I don’t like that they are erroding our morality. Therefore I don’t support them. For now I have basic cable for the internet but I am working to get more than three channels with the broadcast TV and I am always searching for an alternative to cable internet. I have even looked into becoming my own Internet Service Provider (ISP). Not cheap. Also not simple.

Yes, I pay for BASIC cable. Just for the internet. I watch two and a half hours of TV a week. Jeopardy, that’s it. And I don’t always watch that. You can’t pay me to watch that damn celebrity tournament. I don’t want to call it hypocracy but what is it when you complain about something and then turn right around and shell out hard earned money to support it?

I’m not here to call names or start any movements. What I am trying to do is shine a light on a problem that exists. As long as you keep pumping money to these jackals they think they are giving you what you want. That’s it, it’s just that simple to these people. If the money stops coming in the BS will quit going out. In these tough times when you are looking for someplace to save a few dollars a month you might look at cutting back to basic cable. See if that don’t send a message?

Net Neutral

October 22, 2009

What does net neutrality mean? Does anybody really know? I read several articles about it and I still am not sure. From what I read internet service providers (ISP’s) are intentionally slowing down our service. DUH! I thought if you paid for the high speed stuff you got the high speed stuff but if you were like me and went as cheap as possible you got the Yugo of service. I have the nine dollar a month special from my cable company and still it’s quite quick.

At any rate the net neutrality law will make this stop as near as I can figure. Also the ISP’s are directing our traffic to their services instead of the ones we choose. That don’t sound right. It almost makes me want to become a hacker or something so I can run all over the internet doing whatever I please.

Here’s the thing. For most of us our ISP is pretty much a monopoly like the utility companies. You have one choice and maybe one or two half baked alternatives. For this reason any regulation of their activities will probably be a good thing. But, as we all know, when the gubmint gets involved with anything it goes right down the toilet.

One thing puzzles me though, it seems to apply to ISP’s more than anybody else and some of them are for it and some of them are against it.This always leads me to suspect trouble. If anything is so complicated that nobody really seems to understand it, is it really something we want to do without reading the 1,250 page bill first? (number fabricated for purposes of this article)

For a pretty good break down check this link