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What’s Wrong In Egypt

February 3, 2011

If Hosni Mubarak won’t be running again in September, and the “protestors” wanted him out, why is this still going on? According to the UN (for what that’s worth) world food prices have gone to record highs. Some believe that this is the thing causing the trouble. See that here. I think not. Apparently Kenneth Cole, a fashion designer, thinks they are rioting over his spring collection. See that here. There could be something to this as the Egyptian peasants are a stylish bunch, but I think we may want to delve deeper still.

Limbaugh has been Johnny-on-the-spot here. He keeps questioning why the signs the “protestors” are holding all seem to be in English. He too, wonders why the “protestors” continue on if they have already achieved their goal. What do you think? Are they after more? Are they just looting? Is it the price of corn? Greg Palkot and Olaf Wiig of FOX News were beaten as well as that gay guy from CNN, but an ABC News crew had an offer of beheading. See that here. Is there a hidden agenda that we are not being shown?

Is there something going on here that we are not being told? Who would keep such a thing from the world? Who…is the muslim brotherhood? Ah. We have struck a chord. Here‘s the cleaned up version from the gubmint scrubbed internet. Here‘s their official website. I don’t know, seems pretty docile. So what’s with all the rioting? What’s with this Egypt/Israeli peace deal?

Next order of business. Why is Chairman Zero so adamant about being a Christian all of the sudden. 147,000 results on that in my search engine today. Why so many? Could he be trying to live down that mooslim day thing at the White House? Why would this be important to him at all? How could being a mooslim possibly damage him any more than he is? You know, he never really has warmed up to being POTUS. Do you think he has a plan to become like Leonardo? King of the world? Does he have a Mooslim Brotherhood Official Membership Card? I don’t know. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Supreme Court Power

July 30, 2009

With all the libs on the court now what chance do decent people have anymore? I have talked to people like this and they are convinced that they are right and just. That’s the scariest part. They really think they are doing good and nothing could be farther from the truth. Legislating from the bench is extremely scary because it’s creating an oligarchy. These clowns are supposed to apply the law of the Constitution, Period. Not make federal law for the states. Not even one little law. No legislation. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. The Constitution clearly states the powers given to the feds and all else is reserved for the states and the people. Period. How hard is that to understand.

The solution? Overturn Rowe v. Wade and all similar decisions and leave these things to the states as the Constitution says. Any decision regarding something that the individual states should be regulating (i.e.: alcohol, tobacco, firearms, drugs, health care, automobiles, business, education, etc…) is null and void according to the Constitution. THE CONSTITUTION. Not a suggestion from the media. Not a newspaper. Not a novel. The Constitution, based on the Bible, not the koran.

That’s right, this country was founded on Christian principles. Not Islam or Muslim. If they don’t like that they should just go back to their “beautiful homeland”. What did they come here for if they just want to change it? OH! Wait a minute. I think we’ve hit on something here. Could this be an invasion? Sounds like it, huh?