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The Wall

November 10, 2009

I did not like Reagan. I did not like most of his policies. And yet, I freely admit, Ronald Reagan and his policies brought about the demise of the Berlin wall. For those of you too young to remember, the Berlin wall was an actual wall, a physical structure, heavily fortified. East Berlin was communist and West Berlin was free. The fortification was not to keep West Berliners out, it was to keep East Berliners from escaping. No one was ever killed trying to get into East Berlin but between one and two hundred were killed trying to get to West Berlin.

I am writing this for the youngsters out there. You will not be taught this in government schools or college. Go now, while you still can and search the web for information on this. Know the truth and spread it. Here is the historic speech where Reagan called for the destruction of the wall, which symbolised communism. It symbolized the “Iron Curtain”, search that while you still can. 

Here is the Wikipedia entry

Uplifting Video

July 28, 2009

I was feeling pretty bad the other day so I searched the internet for something to cheer me up. I found this . Not the most inspiring video, but for some reason it gave me hope. I brightened up just knowing that there were other people out there who knew what I know. Even though TV won’t give it to them it can be found. What’s going on? The internet and talk radio seem to be the only place you can get the truth anymore and half of that is crazy. Is this how they felt behind the iron curtain. Algore hadn’t invented the internet for them yet, how awful.

 I recall my Grandma saying something when I was about four or five years old and it stuck with me. You see this is why I say communicate, young and old. She doesn’t even remember it, but she said that she heard the Russians say that they would beat us with words and not force. Words. Not force. What is happening right now? She is not even a political person so this is that much more of an enigma. Am I supposed to impart this knowledge to one of you to make some sort of difference. I don’t know but here it is.