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Health Care

August 7, 2009

Back in the sixties the auto industry was booming. The seventies rolled around and the government got into the auto business in the way of regulations. You folks really didn’t see this coming? When government starts to regulate something, all is lost. It really is a monument to our auto industry that it lasted this long. Now, if you think health care will be any different send me some. Of course I mean whatever you’re smoking ,because it must be good stuff.

The health care industry is far more frail than the auto industry ever was. It will be lucky to last a year after Obamacare. They have already been beaten down by the judicial system in the form of malpractice, which tied in nicely with the insurance industry. I couldn’t have written a more sinister plot. The only part of the trifecta from hell that is missing are the corrupt politicians. Refer to “The Big Three” May 20,2009.  Hello.

A solution? Government clinics. Government clinics should be their only involvement in health care. If an individual doesn’t have health care doctors should be able to refuse treatment and send them to a government clinic. Sound harsh? Hey, at least I’m trying, what have you got?