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Tort Reform

March 1, 2010

You hear a lot about tort reform. A lot of people are claiming that it’s all we need to reduce the cost of health care. As if malpractice suits and insurance are all that’s driving up health care costs. I can see their point but there are so many other problems with it. I’ve lived in some rural areas, and as I am fond of saying, these doctors aren’t working here because they placed in the top of their class. I think some of them may be here because it’s the only place they haven’t been sued yet. And when they do screw up there should be an avenue to pursue it, so tort reform alone is not going to fix the problem.

I think insurance companies themselves play a big role in driving up costs and I have written on this before, The Solution, Sept. 2, 2009. Then there’s the big drugs contribution that I wrote about Feb. 22, 2010, Prescriptions. And of course I’m sure unions have a hand in this, the AMA for example. But if you’re dead set on tort reform let me lay out my plan.

It’s painfully simple. The loser of the case pays all costs. That’s it. Is that sick or what? I think if a guy is going to sue McDonald’s because he spilled the coffee in his lap, and he loses, he should pay the $22,000.00 court costs and the $3.2 million dollar defense fee for McDonald’s as well as a couple of million to his own law dog. I think we will be seeing the end of nuisance suits. And it certainly won’t be the get rich quick scheme that it is now.

Now, on the other side it wouldn’t be a bad idea to outlaw malpractice insurance. Why do we have it anyway? So they can pay off and the quack can go right on practicing. Personally I don’t want the guy practicing any more. I want him vacuuming out ashtrays at the car wash. Any way, that’s my plan. Do with it as you will and as always, until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Solution

September 2, 2009

I’ve got it. After seconds, maybe minutes of deep and careful concentration and thought I have the solution for the health care crisis. But, you’re not going to like it. Outlaw insurance. Outlaw all insurance. It’s brilliant yet simple. Is there a fine line there? Am I brilliant or simple? While we’re at it let’s do as Shakespeare suggested and “kill all the lawyers, kill them tonight.”

Well, not so much kill them as make them work for a living again. No more ambulance chasing. It’ll be like breaking a dog of chasing cars, but we can do it. Then they can go back to practicing real law and maybe learn how so they don’t have to practice anymore. Really it won’t be as hard as you think because if there are no more insurance companies they won’t be able to sue McDonalds because some idiot burned his peepee with hot coffee.

Limbaugh was bragging the other day about not using insurance and paying cash for health care. Point was that they figured it up and not having to deal with insurance companies they were able to give him about forty percent off. I forget the actual figures but it was something like $6,000.00 for a $16,000.00 procedure.

Let’s go back to paying cash.

The Big Three

May 20, 2009

You are fifteen years old. Let’s make a bet, one thousand dollars and I’ll give you one hundred to one odds that you don’t die this year. Pretty good odds, huh? If you die I give you one hundred thousand dollars.

When you pay me after the first year I go to the mayor and give him fifty so he makes it a law that you have to make this bet year after year or else you can’t come out of your house. Still OK with the bet?

The next year I give him another fifty to make it a law that you have to pay up front.  How are you liking the bet now? Is it still OK or is it getting sticky?

The following year I give the mayor fifty and have him make it a law that everybody has to make this bet or they can’t come out of their house. He does it but he can see where there is a lot of money to be made and he wants his brother in on it. The law doesn’t say who they have to make the bet with so his brother begins taking these bets as well as me and others.

We make so much money that we give the mayor ten thousand and all he has to do is make it a law that you and the rest of the people have to eat healthy and get a check up once a month. Hey, it’s a good idea for your health and safety anyway so he does it. Another ten thousand and he makes a law that you have to be in a neon orange Kevlar bio-bubble every time you leave the house, he’s in so deep now he just takes his money and does what we tell him.

When you turn sixty-five I stop making the bet with you and you can’t find anyone else who will make the bet with you, but the law says you have to so you get a guy to help you take me to court. He says he will help you if you give him fifty percent of what he is able to get from me. You agree and you get a liberal judge who grants you the original fifty thousand you paid me. But you have to give the guy who helped you half. You end up with half what you paid me but I am still making the bet with your children and their children and so on.

It may sound simplified and twisted but now we have just covered corrupt politicians, insurance companies and the judicail system. Pretty much the big three at screwing things up. It seems that every time I get tangled up with one of these I end up more screwed than when I started. Sometimes I think if I went to court dead it would somehow get worse while I was there.